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EVE Online: My Journey

This story is to simply tell the story of my EVE life so far.

Author: Darkson321

EVE Online: My Journey

Posted by Darkson321 Friday October 12 2012 at 11:59AM
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EVE Online: My Journey

This story is based of a game called EVE, if you do not know what EVE is or not a big fan of video games then you should leave. Also this story is based off the best of my memory so things may not be in direct order and sorry to those that I cannot remember there names or those who are not mentioned and sorry for any misspelled words. Plus this story is to just tell my story in EVE, im not gonna use big ol fancy words, im just going to tell the story, lets begin.

Chapter One: New Eden

  As I was creating my new account and customizing the appearance of my character and choosing my race (Minmatar), i was wondering what my name should be. At the time I was eating a grilled cheese sandwich, in wich i decided to name my character. And so Grilled CheeseSandwich was born and ready to explore the mass region of New Eden. Once my journey began and i was in space, i received 100 million ISK (ISK is like the money in the game) from an old friend of mine name Mr. Welsh. I didn't know what do with 100 million ISK that i spent most of it within 2 days.

  Weeks after I created my new account, I met a guy ( I cannot remember his name ) who wanted to 1v1 me, so we battled and I won, though I dont think he was even trying, he told me he will buy me any ship I wanted as long as that I have the skills to use it. After taking some time searching different ships I eventually chose the thrasher. I never heard from him again though. Anyways, after a few more days I got a job in which i would have to mine ores and I will be paid, first I had to move to a new station, a station in which was 30+ jumps away from where I was at the time ( 30 jumps can take quit a while)

  After about a couple of days I was heading to a station to sell some ores I had mined. I was babbling in the chat on how one day I shall take over New Eden (the universe) and enslave everyone (this was just a joke of course). One girl whom for the life of me I can not remember her name, so im just gonna call her Kat. Kat was saying how she would rebel and assassinate me once I take over New Eden and then claim control of the universe, her and I became good friends.

  I left the job of me mining and I joined Kat in which her and I did missions and had some 1v1 with each others in our rifters (type of ship). Anyways weeks after doing missions with Kat, one day when she was logged off, I met a fellow named Kil1erClown. I was admiring his Gallente (Gallente is 1 of the four races) battleship and that one day I will have one of my own. Kil1er asked me if I wanted to run some level 3 missions (missions are separated in levels which is like difficulties, level 5 where the hardest missions there where), I said yes. After finishing the mission, Kil1er gave me 7 million ISK and then logged off, I never heard from him again.

Chapter Two: Chrome Legion 

  Kat and I where heading to a station, I think it was called Rens but I could be wrong, anyways we where heading to a station to restock on ammo. Once again I was babbling about how one day I would take over New Eden. That is when I met Sem and Molls, plus a few other people. Anyways I made friends with them. Slowly Kat was becoming less active since we met Sem and Molls, and when she was online we didnt do much. Sem was saying how he wanted to create his own corporation (a corporation is sort of like a clan). Eventually he decided to create one and he called it, Chrome Legion and invited Molls, Okami (A girl in the chat at the time who is to become a good friend of mine), Vi (This guy is great with money he could make millions within days), and a few other people (sorry to those I did not mention I can barely remember any of this). Days after joining the corporation, Kat wasn't logging on anymore, and I never heard from her ever again from then on, but I know she is still out there. 


  Months after being in Chrome Legion, another corporation in which I will not name, declared war on us. One day one of them entered our area in Jel (a system). We decided to go after him, but it was a trap, more of them warped in and it was a slaughter, sadly I was the only survivor of the battle. Several weeks later, I was transporting my stuff from Jel to Dod (another system). I had some very expensive stuff I was transporting, plus a Megathron (a Gallente battleship) blueprint in which I worked hard to get and almost had all the materials to build one. Anyways, one of the members of the corporation we where at war with caught me, his name was Skyler Hawke who is my worst enemy, he destroyed my ship, took all my stuff (especially the Megathron blueprint) and then invited me to a chat and laughed at me. I swore that one day I will hunt him down.

Chapter Three: Parting of Ways

  After being in Chrome Legion for months, Molls was telling us that Sem was not a good leader and that he was leaving the corporation. Shortly after Molls left, Okami left and the corporation soon started to become inactive. I wasn't sure if I wanted to stay or leave, Okami was telling me that she wanted me to come with her and to join the corporation that she was in called, Mostly Harmless Miners, so I did as she said and joined. Days after being in MHM, I was bored of mining, I told Okami that im just not the mining person and that I wanted to leave, she said that she understood and that it was ok.

The Patwa Ka (Dont know how to spell it)

  After I left MHM I joined many other corporations the next few days in which I soon afterwards left. I just couldnt find the right corp. Molls said that I should try R1ften. I dont know who R1ften was but apparently they where big. So I challenged a R1ften member for a 1v1, I lost though but he said that I was brave and that he wanted me to join R1ften. He gave me a few days to think about it. After making up my mind, I decided not join R1ften, I told him that I just wasnt a big PVP person (at the time I wasn't). Molls told me that he met a guy named Shock Fist in his corporation and that he had an Abaddon (My dream ship) and that I should meet him, so I did. The next day, Shock and Molls invited me to join there corporation called The Patwa Ka, I said yes.

Chapter Four: Dreams Do Come True

  After weeks and weeks of training for an Abaddon, I finally finished my skills to use one. And as Molls promised, he will buy the Abaddon for me (he said that if I get the skills to use the abaddon that he will buy one for me). God..I was soo happy. I couldn't wait to snap on some lasers and do some missions and blow sh*t up. I usually in missions when I am targeted by enemy ships, I tend to panic and start freaking out and dont know what to do. Molls decided to help me with that, so we went missioning and he taught me to be calm when in situations, like being targeted by every enemy.


  One day, Shock, Starkiller (another corp member), and I where testing out our ship. Starkiller was shooting me but couldn't do major damage to me. Star then told me to shoot at him, so I did. I then lost connection, when I logged back in Shock and Star where telling me that I blew up Starkiller, but the where not mad, Starkiller actually laughed about it. One day, Shock wanted to test out his Tech 2 Armageddon on me. I told him he can test it on an old Thorax of mine from when I was back in Chrome Legion. So I flew to Jel, got my Thorax, and met Shock in Dod where he tested his Armageddon on my Thorax. After he blew up my Thorax and I was in a pod, we started to mess around, Shock still had me targeted...yea you can guess how this end..Anyways at that time, Okami logged on and Shock wanted to say hi, but he pressed the wrong button and instead he accidentally destroyed my pod.. I lost a clone and 5 days worth of training and couldnt use my Abaddon until I re-train the skill I lost, but I wasn't angry. Boy was Pacal (corporation leader) mad, he told us that we shouldnt be screwing around like that.

Chapter Five: Drunk Missioning

  Weeks after the incident with Shock and I. Molls, Starkiller, and I decided to go do some missions, I should have known that things where not going to end well knowing that Molls was not entirely sober..Anyways, so we warped near an acceleration gate. We jumped through the gate and we came to a new area, on the left side was another acceleration gate and on the right was another acceleration gate, ahead of us was some enemies, Molls and Starkiller where in ships much faster then my Abaddon so they where pretty far by then. 

  I was complaining how far away I was and Molls told me to warp to them, but it would let me warp to them, he said that I had to go through the acceleration gate first, I had no idea what he was talking about so I just jumped through the right right acceleration gate. I came into a new area and boy was I fu*ked...enemies where all around me and I started to be targeted by every single one of them. I tried to warp out but they warp scrambled me so I couldn't. I began taking some damage, I tried to fight back and started shooting but I knew it was no use. My shields where now about gone. I started taking some armor damage, and im talking about MAJOR damage. I started to freak out. During all this mayhem, me and Molls where arguing about why I jumped to the next area. I told him that told me to, and that Molls was saying that he never told me to jump into the next area. Starkiller though was saying that he did in fact told me to jump. My ship was burning up, beeping noises indicating that I was taking major damage started to rang, and then.....a bright light, a bright blue light, the light of the explosion of my ship, slowly dimming and the fire fading away. All that was left was myself in the escape pod, in the center of the ruins of my precious Abaddon.

 The next day me and Molls where trying to figure out what the hell happened that day. Apparently, Molls wasn't paying attention and that he didn't notice me behind him, he thought I was still at the first acceleration gate that we warped in, thats why he was telling me to jump through the acceleration gate. Soon after that, Molls insisted that he bought me a new Abaddon, and so Abachips 2.0 was born! (my old abaddon was named Abachips) Shock helped me refit the Abachips for long range shooting. 

Chapter Six: Inferno

  The new update for EVE was around the corner with the launch of Inferno. Our corporation was excited and where ready. Unfortunately my subscription to EVE was ending weeks after the launch. Shock eventually bought me a PLEX (Pilot License Extension) so I can stay a bit longer.

Inferno was finally out and we began to do alot of stuf, such as missioning, PVP, wormhole stuff (to be honest I dont know what we can to in a wormhole). We eventually got a POS (Player Owned Station) which was a big thing for our corporation. Weeks later I was telling Shock how I never got my first TRUE PVP kill and that it is my goal to get that kill before the end of my subscription to EVE.

Journeys End we are, the end of the adventure. I never really got to say bye to Shock, Molls, Starkiller, Okami, Trii, Skreth, Pacal, Vi, and Sem. I never got that first kill, my subscription ended earlier then I thought. But dont worry, I'll be back, if anything....the adventure is beginning.

My name is Deion Garcia and I hope you enjoyed this story of my EVE life, look me up on EVE, Grilled CheeseSandwich. Liked this story? check up once in a while if I make a new blog about my next journey, if you didnt like this story i dont care. ( '-')7