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My first blog on this site

Its a look into the world of gaming or an mmo that I used to love from a fed up player.

Author: Darkmaiden16

Looking on the inside themind of a fangurl

Posted by Darkmaiden16 Sunday August 2 2009 at 2:32PM
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Its funny thing about being a fangurl or boi as the terms are.  When I used to defend the game I liked playing I never thought I was so blinded by faith in the company that I attacked anyone who didnt. But I went back seen some of my old posts in forums especially the recent months before the inital let down Turbine put its customers threw and wonder why did I feel the need to champion so hard?  Sure I got satisfaction out of the product but was really being so vehement with others debating anything they said negative against the company worth it?


Or was it my sub conscious mind fighting the boredom that was creeping up. The signing on to run the same content watching the guilds I was in shrink due to others being too bored to play? I guess I wanted to fight the good fight and prove I wasnt wasting my time with my gaming habits.  I cant say I wont be one of those "rabid fans" again. Im a gamer and a geek pure and simple.  I can say I wont go blindly into a game again and it will take awhile I think before I find another online game to call home.  Many friends have been suggesting other mmo's think I may play the real life game for a little though.  Enjoy what life has to offer.  Ive taken breaks from gaming before after having my son taking care of his needs came before anything else and still does. Hes not as needing of me now but I can still spend more of the time I did gaming with him.  Comraderie asside ive spent too much time on my rump in front of a pc and not enough time in the outdoors.  Im hoping to change that and wish all my friends who are still "fighting the good fight" for the games they love to enjoy themselves.

more thoughts to come as I have them...scary I know :)

Zyllos writes:

The sub conscious is a powerful thing. I have found myself defending a game only because I knew I was bored and wanted myself to continue but already knew I was going to quit.


Sun Aug 02 2009 8:28PM Report
Darkmaiden16 writes:

Yes I think that was my issue to. I knew I was getting bored and unhappy with the direction of the game. But it being one of the "non popular" mmo's out there I felt the need to staunchly defend it. DDO reminds me so much of the underdog something many of us have been. Trying hard to show its worth but constantly put down in the face of games with "bring me 10 pelts." It was very easy to defend its uniqueness even after I personally got bored because of that. But the rose colored glasses broke from my face dont think I can patch them up this time.

Mon Aug 03 2009 12:57PM Report
Trucidation writes:

Play enough games and you grow out of it. It just takes a little perspective.

Tue Aug 04 2009 8:37AM Report
Rokurgepta writes:

One of my big issues with DDO was the claim from the lead producer a couple of years ago that Turbine was happy with DDOs status as a niche game. The fanboys trotted that out as proof that a huge population was not Turbine goal and that DDO would not suffer because of its niche status. Well once again things Turbine has said turned out to be dishonest in the end.

I am thinking it could be a catagory one day on Jeopardy, "Things Turbine said that Fanboys defended that turned out to be lies later on". I will take that for 2000 please.

It is unique and it was not for the masses, but now Turbine wants to try for mass appeal and if they are serious about that then DDO will see huge changes in the near future. If not then this change is to test the store on a dying game to iron out the wrinkles for their next big MMO. Harry Potter come on down.

Wed Aug 05 2009 8:20PM Report
Darkmaiden16 writes:

The sad thing is I never asked anyone who still believes in Turbine to not do it. Yet if I say how I feel they treat their customers the fanboys come out to attack. *Shrugs* let them hurl words I know how I feel and unless they change things I dont feel EU will save the game.

Sat Aug 08 2009 5:13PM Report writes:
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