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My first blog on this site

Its a look into the world of gaming or an mmo that I used to love from a fed up player.

Author: Darkmaiden16

A sad day

Posted by Darkmaiden16 Saturday August 8 2009 at 6:11PM
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I really have been trying to take a break from gaming deal with my real life issues. Right now I really want to lose myself in a fantasy world.  Lost a good friend and didnt know about it till today.  He was actually my best friends father but we had a lot in common and I considered him one of the most genuinely nice people Ive ever met.  Times like this I wish there really were things like resurrection and the things we take for granted in games.  Sure it may sound immature right now comparing real life and death to a game but I am finding it hard to express my sadness any other way right now.  A good man is a rare find and when he passes his loss is felt by many.


On a rainny day its fun to read the forums..

Posted by Darkmaiden16 Monday August 3 2009 at 1:54PM
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On a rainny day trying to find things to do.  Find myself trolling forums wondering why I enjoy debating in them so much.  Its not always a negative thing I do love a heated discussion though.  Since I do not get to  game as much as I used to and writing comes in spurts, I find reading the forums and participating in discussions fun.  But I also enjoy reading the train wrecks that some posters start as well.


I guess when you look at it some people enjoy soap opera's for drama.  Others will go to the internet and read that. You always have the one who starts threads like "My opinion is law you all suck if you dont agree." Albeit without the decent spelling.  Its always funny to read the posts of people getting bent out of shape.  Ive had my own internet arguments after which ive felt foolish but it was fun at the time.  I wonder if they will coin a phrase for this nerd rage? I dont know.  Just know im stuck inside and probably gonna read more things in forums and hope something juicy to read pops up. :)

Looking on the inside themind of a fangurl

Posted by Darkmaiden16 Sunday August 2 2009 at 3:32PM
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Its funny thing about being a fangurl or boi as the terms are.  When I used to defend the game I liked playing I never thought I was so blinded by faith in the company that I attacked anyone who didnt. But I went back seen some of my old posts in forums especially the recent months before the inital let down Turbine put its customers threw and wonder why did I feel the need to champion so hard?  Sure I got satisfaction out of the product but was really being so vehement with others debating anything they said negative against the company worth it?


Or was it my sub conscious mind fighting the boredom that was creeping up. The signing on to run the same content watching the guilds I was in shrink due to others being too bored to play? I guess I wanted to fight the good fight and prove I wasnt wasting my time with my gaming habits.  I cant say I wont be one of those "rabid fans" again. Im a gamer and a geek pure and simple.  I can say I wont go blindly into a game again and it will take awhile I think before I find another online game to call home.  Many friends have been suggesting other mmo's think I may play the real life game for a little though.  Enjoy what life has to offer.  Ive taken breaks from gaming before after having my son taking care of his needs came before anything else and still does. Hes not as needing of me now but I can still spend more of the time I did gaming with him.  Comraderie asside ive spent too much time on my rump in front of a pc and not enough time in the outdoors.  Im hoping to change that and wish all my friends who are still "fighting the good fight" for the games they love to enjoy themselves.

more thoughts to come as I have them...scary I know :)

Dungeons and Dragons online- a sad goodbye from a former loyal player

Posted by Darkmaiden16 Saturday August 1 2009 at 11:56AM
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This is my first mmo blog.  I dont want it to deteriorate into a ranting mess.  But I do feel the need to vent a little.  I played what I considered to be a quality mmo for 2 years, that may not seem long to some. May seem like a complete waste of a life to others.  My personal situation made gaming a good outlet to turn to.  Being a mother my day involved the care of my child. But when I had free time at night especially I got to enjoy a fantastic world with friends.  Slowly though threw bad buisness decisions that fun has come to an end.


This is a warning to those who are seeing the hype Turbine is trying with their new model.  I wont slander the company but I will say their latest announcement broke a lot of their playerbases spirits yet again.  We the rabid fans who went toe to toe with other gamers in an online contest in March now feel like the fools they were calling us for continually supporting Turbine. 


It started with "Vast and Mysterious" then small crumbs thrown at us to let us know an update was coming.  Then 7 months down the pike we get a release date. Many of us re upped our subscriptions thinking finally we will see new content.  Some have been in the game longer then I many of us had several capped characters that could do nothing but run the same raids over and over. Or try to roll up new lowbies on other servers..once again to run the same thing over and over.  A vicious cycle of repetitivness.  Needless to say the original announced release date finally gave us hope that our collective geek hopes wanted.  Now after many of us had our cards charged they announce they messed up yet again and once again the release is bumped a month. But to people who have heard the song and dance for months now can we really believe they will get it right? When the only beta testing they do is on a preview server? Ive lost faith they will deliver even in a months time. They just are not going about "stress testing" in a decent way.  They expected a test sever that many had problems even downloading would gauge the amount of stress their true playerbase would cause...that in itself proves that many of us who are fed up and have cancelled are justified in doing so.


Well they manged to get some of us some for only a month (Myself) others for a few months due to a deal they signed up with. Those unfortunate folks will continue to pay till the late fall.  And will this elusive mod ever see light? Considering it was supposed to come months ago Im having my doubts.  They pulled the rug out of many of their player's feet with this latest fiasco.  And I hope others who have realized they wasted years of their lives playing the game will finally walk away.  Its not an easy thing to do but its necessary unless you really dont mind throwing money away for a game thats become stagnant.


It may seem im writing this out of anger. Honestly im not,  im sad its like the end of a story bittersweet end to something that had become apart of my life.  I just wish it had ended on a high note instead of leaving a bitter taste in my mouth. I used to hate mmo's and then changed my mind. Now I am unsure if I will play another after this.  2 years is a long time to game on one game.  And if the level of treatment this company gives to its customers is the norm then I definitely do not wish to waste any more of my life with another one. Just felt the need to get this off my chest their forums are a firekeg right now with those who are just as upset to those who mock calling people who are upset pathetic.  Fine I'll accept that title from anyone reading this who says "its a game get over it." Your right it was a game a game that pulls you in allows you to escape the world that may not be the bright place it is for others. To make friends with others who like you need just a little escape every now and again. It was a haven for me for when times got bad and now its gone.  And thats the reason behind my blog pure and simple im just a sad gamer who threw the mis-management of what I once considered a top game is now displaced.  Agree disagree mock it doesnt matter. I needed to get this maybe now I can truly walk away and not look back.