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Well to tell the truth I didnt get to close beta WAR but imho I would say that  a beta is for those who want to see the game before they play it or find out what class they will be playing when the game gets released. Ive been playing WAR for a couple of days and ive taken notice on several things this game lacks/bolsters. One thing I want to make clear before i mention these things is for those that are still blatantly ignorant in claiming this is a WoW clone ; just because WoW is the first lolmmo you played doesnt mean everything is based off of it.

World of warcraft was not a bad game all in all it just had this special coolness that dragged you into this immersed land of toony characaters in toony enviroments. You see kids WoW is like that guy that you pay to tell you how to save your money ; its irony at its finest. While i played wow and at one point was a fanboy, I just like many fellow wow fans saw the light at the end of the tunnel. And by light I mean not the greatness of WoW but made the realization of how shitty the whole game was. From levels 1-70 the game allows you to enjoy pvp and pve aspects as good as many but in the end its hard when theres a pvp and a pve spec, making plays make "twinks" which maks me lol. WoW makes you quest grind to 70 while the whole time the only thing you hold on to is the hope of doing raids/dungeons/epic gear. And when you get there the epic gears/raids/dungeons are there, you get your great gear and then Blizzard takes a steamy pile of crap on you. This crap is called expansion = another 10 levels = your gear you worked for for months-year is crap, but dont worry kids you will still be uber. But WAIT!!!! you need to get slightly good gear to go into raiders for slightly better gear (this is where arena comes in which i do think blizz made a good idea but a double edged sword) but arenas are the better alternative, but wait what if you dont like to pvp? Too bad!!!! But wait again you got full arena gear and your uber now, but wait theres a new season fo arena gear and now your not uber anymore? Catch my drift? Players will see the light eventually, just when is the matter.

I do apologize for the rant but back on the matter we were discussing. WAR has gotten one too many bad reviews, good amount of those are players trying to compare this to WoW. Children, WoW wasnt the first MMO, ever hear of DAOC, EQ, UO? Of course not, a good number of you kiddies are in your WoW diapers and so you compare everything to wow. Last time i checked WoW didnt make orcs, elves, and dwarfs; D&D did. There were MMO'S before WoW and no one claims blizz copied them did they? Of course not, and as for the UI being the same, its not for serveral reasons, one of many being its customizable and its whats worked for so long and why not keep it that way?

My imperssions of WAR so far as a whole is a work in progress but in another sense it looks good to me. The graphics arent great but neither are WoW's and thats why ppl play it, ive had many ppl say the reason they play wow is because its the only thing thier computer can handle. Some ppl cant go out and upgrade thier pcs every week and be techies. As for as WAR graphics i respect them wholeheartedly because they portrey and non cartoony more realistic texture, but are not super like AOC so while its a upgrade IF you want to compare it to WoW but its a good one.

Gamplay is great, while things need polish just like any mmo out of beta you need to give it some time to adjust, dont throw your reviews out and make players not want to try this game because of your ignorance. What  mmo didnt get a rocky start? You need to be patient and think and review with a open mind. 

This  is a pvp game so those seeking a PVE game, go play something else. The PVE portions of the game are simply questing, those who say the game lacks PVE hasnt even gotten to city dungeons and bosses, so why are you even commenting about it? While pvp is what im here for i like a quest or a dungeon as well as a PQ to mix stuff up,  but  so far I like the Reknown rank and Player rank system. I like the gear from PVP so you dont have to feel that your gimp for not questing and most importantly i love the games innovation of PVE and PVP = leveling up your char.

There are some things that i dislike as many have stated balance issues with factions and queues can be a tad bit longer that wanted somtimes but these arent long term. I havent tried crafting so dont ask me about that. One other thing that did bother me was that as a pvper you get gear sets, so you have a group of ppl playing the same class around the same level wearing the same gear..... While i like the dyeing idea its still a short term cover. I do want to see a more attack/less def or more def/less attack or maybe a  more crit/lower attck set for the same gearset to mix it up, but hey this can change.

I know this was a messy review and my grammar sucks and i know someone out there can better prove my point cuz i just dont feel like getting too into this cuz i wanna go play WAR ^_^. All in all folks what this long boring thread was to sum up one thing; Make your own opinion and dont listen to others (before        you see it yourself). This will be a great thing for a change, and hell if i get bored of PVP ill go play FFXI for my PVE experience.



Remember all, make the right choices and happy gaming.