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Come join the bloodshed in the dark world of Helea where the weak perish and the strong devours all. DarkEden is a Free-2-Pay MMORPG that combines both the old and new elements of the mmorpg experience!

Author: Dark_Eden

The Fiends of Helea are Preparing Their Armies as We Speak!!

Posted by Dark_Eden Friday February 17 2012 at 3:00PM
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Good evening Heleans,

[GM]Mizuki here~

What a week it has been Heleans. The Valentine's Day Chocolate event, Valentine's Day Card and now the Monster Invasion!!!

Prepare thyself for a complete blood bath of your race and monster alike. This will be the biggest Monster Invasion Helea has ever seen before.



As I approached the bloodied, vile and secluded cave in Lake Timor, I came across a large collection of Fiends.  I catch an odd glimpse of a figure within the large swarm, standing tall as a moutain, I've notice the creature is an unfamiliar being. The power emitting from it made cold sweat run down my brow. 

"What is this being whom sends shivers down my spine?" I thought to myself.

I count not one nor hundred but over thousands fiends gather around this creature as if they are worshipping a deity. Dancing, chanting and occasionally offering a blood sacrifice to the massive creature, the fiends speak of its name. A forbidden tongue I presumed for I could not decipher its true meaning. Then suddenly the monster speaks,

"These lowly races of Helea have stolen what was rightly yours, my minions. They shall pay for their crimes with their lives," the creature hisses through its sharp fangs. 

I dash out of the secluded cave in Lake Timor with a constant and only thought in my head.

"I must warn all of Helea! The time has come to put aside our differences and come together to thwart off this new threat that has emerged from the darkest of abysses."

My mind and body detects a sudden change in the air. Sharply I turn, pivoting on my foot across the slippery snow and like a flash of light my blade slices through the air. Two distinct sounds of liquid-like substances splash behind me. I turn my head slightly to check what I have just cut in two. My eyes fall upon two large stains of blood covering the beautiful snow. The whiteness of the snow makes the blood glow furiously.

"A blood nail..." The thought flashes through my mind. 

My hands and feet slowly become numb. Was it the cold or the snowy mountain that is causing my numbness? No, I answer myself. My eyes slowly trace upwards towards the where the blood nail originated. Yes, I think to myself, it is the sight that stands before me that is causing this feeling of terror and dread.

The earth shakes violently from the marching of over thousand Fiends of Helea. I stand there, blade drawn, but alas... the thought of my survival slips out of my mind like a single water drop from the stalactites dropping down onto the bloodied snow.

In my last attempt to warn Helea, I begin to chant a small spell. 

With a great flash of light, a blue beam soars high into the sky and shoots towards the directions of Perona. I only pray my message is seen in time.

I turn back to the massive swarm of fiends. Tightening the grip on my blade once more; trying to regain my composure. 

Until all of Helea is informed... I shall push back these monsters. Suddenly, I noticed two dark auras emitting around two smaller figures...

"Hmph... I guess it is only right to see you two here..." I speak towards the two powerful fiends, my voice dripping with anger.

The soft voice of the dark woman caresses me, "You are far too late Helean... for in two days time, there will be no Helea to save". Her voice emits into my mind like silk but the tenderness of it does not mask the evil promise she made.

"Damn succubus... Return to whence you came!" I point the tip of my blade towards the evil creature. "This will be my last stand. I shall hold off you all even if it costs me my life!" 

A gentle breeze dances across the snowy hilltops of Lake Timor. My grip tightens and I close my eyes softly.

A dew drips on the ice below. My eyes flash open violently and I charge towards the swarm.

Please Heleans.... heed this warning... come together and protect what is rightfully yours...


Mizuki (Celes)