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Evony: Age I

My experience with Evony.

Author: DarkQ

Evony: Age I

Posted by DarkQ Saturday August 22 2009 at 3:59PM
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Evony: Age I


You've probably already seen it. The Evony ad where a woman showing lots of cleavage asks you to come 'play'. But, being a busy person, or just because you never click on ads, you didn't pay much attention to it. But
what you didnt know was...behind that ad there lies a world of struggle, battles for resources, powerful alliances, and the much anticipated Fortune Wheel. This, is Evony.

When I first started playing Evony, I was a little skeptical about the game. I had seen the ads, and they didnt interest me. The only thing that had gotten me playing was because my sister had told me about it. So, I made an account, named my lord 'ChaosQasim' and I was automatically zoomed in to the newest server. "I can haz pie?", "How I can mine fish?", "Zomg were teh bewbs!" These are the few of many things being said flooding world chat. I took this time to look through the items I had started with. I soon found that everyone starts with a limited amount of speakers to speak in chat. So, those spamming world chat wouldn't be able to do it forever. They were only temporary, since this was a new server. First good point in my book, apparently the developers saw the problems of spammers beforehand and already figured out a way to solve it.

The game suggests you follow a series of quests, and so I started on my first quest to build a cottage...and it went on from there. A couple of hours later, I was completely immersed in the game. My town was turning into a bustling city, and I was already preparing defenses. I soon joined an alliance named "In$@ni+y" and they required that I move to the state of Romagna. "Everyone starts out with a city teleporter, and you can use it to come here.", they told me. So, I did, and teleported to Romagna. A quick look around my new location told me that all the valleys were taken. I needed those valleys to boost my resources.

Another thing about Evony is this. New players have seven days of Beginner Protection where their cities cant be attacked and they cant attack other players cities. Since this was a new server, everyone on the server started out on the same foot as new players, or rerolls who switched servers. So, technically the world starts off with seven days of peace...or so it would seem. Me and a player right next to me were already battling it out way before the beginner protection was gone. We were battling for valleys. Because of the protection, we couldn't attack each other directly, but our troops could still fight over valleys.

About two days before beginner protection ended, I sent a message to him saying, "Other players are moving in on our turf. How about we forget about these meaningless squabbles and make a truce." This was his reply. "A truce? No. You have attacked my valleys for far too long Chaos. You think I am weak, but I am not weak. I cannot forgive you for the things you have done." I thought about this for a second, and apparently he didnt get the while picture, so I sent him a new message. "Look, we cant go fighting over these small things. As soon as everyones beginner protection ends in two days, everyone will rampage in war. We can let ourselves be weaker than our neighbors because we were fighting each other." His reply was not one I had expected. "You are the only person who has attacked my valleys. When beginner protection ends, I will not be fighting you alone. You have been marked for attack not only by me, but by every player in my alliance!"

I stopped for a moment. 'His alliance?' For some reason it hadnt crossed my mind that he might have asked for help defeating me from his alliance. I guess because I hadn't asked for help from mine. A quick search through the server alliance lists showed that his alliance was much bigger and more powerful than mine. I wouldnt stand a chance against them. But then something crossed my mind. He might not be willing to listen to me, but there are others in his alliance who might. I quickly found a high ranked officer and started chatting with him. Ten minutes later I was promised protection from the alliance as long as I didn't attack any of their members. Ha! I had outsmarted the noob I had been fighting with. The fact that he wasn't willing to work with me, and forced me to talk to the higher ups in his guild was too much though. The player I had been fighting with messaged me and told me that he was going to have a truce with me 'As if I didnt already know' But he went even further saying, "This day you are safe. My alliance doesnt want to start a war with your alliance has certain reasons not to want to fight with you and possibly your alliance. I will not attack and of your valleys, but if you attack mine, I will not show mercy."

That day I marked down the first player I considered an enemy. The first in a soon to be long list of players I called enemies. Since then I have waged war and fought countless battles against many. I have annihilated opponents and at other times narrowly escaped destruction. As many names are crossed off my list as the players lose everything and my armies burn their cities to the ground, one name still marks the top of the list, unscathed. I still have yet to wage complete war against that player. But one patience will end, and there will mark the end of the one I call, my rival.

Lords Name: ChaosQasim
Server: 34