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The Disgruntled Pony

Attempting to get his opinions across, one hoof at a time. Not guaranteed to be 100% honest and factual all the time and can be bribed with sugar lumps. Do not stand behind it.

Author: DarkPony

Tera: Hitchhiking the 7 Day Trial Train: 1st Impression

Posted by DarkPony Saturday June 16 2012 at 10:07AM
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After getting wind of Tera's new seven day free trial offer with some additional handy tips from helpfull peoples (1, 2), I jumped right to the chance.

In hindsight I should have named this blog the Freeloading Pony, I guess, considering the two last entries were based on free offers too. But I am not ashamed of being a penny pincher in this age of the Online Gaming Deception. Yeah, go ahead and call me out on that one while I solemnly stare at my plastic bucket and scoop catching dust in the corner of my room.

But let's move on.

Tera has been on and off my radar in its past years of development and porting work. Some aspects looked appealing, others not so much: it was to be another quest based themepark and it had some very obvious anime roots and "AZN" design choices in some of its playable races. Even though its real time aiming and tactical combat managed to interest me, I never really got truly hyped for the game so I very consciously skipped on preordering or jumping in at launch. I reckon that's a stance shared by many in our community.

Anyway, to cut the intro short: I'm very grateful for this opportunity for skeptical fence sitters like me because this game has managed to positively surprise me in more than a few aspects so far and I will tell you why;


The good stuff:

Quality perception:

It is polished like your grandmother's best silverware. They haven't saved a dime on Brasso in Korea.
World design and layout:

The game has wonderful and inspired surroundings; the natury bits but the cities and villages too, scoring high marks on my immersion index. Most of the interiors are a sight to behold as well.
Next to this it seems many zone transitions are seamless and despite the use of restricted teleporting, the real time traveling on Pegasii and mounts helps to preserve a wholeness in your perception of the gameworld. All this more than makes up for the only clear negative in world design I encountered so far: the bleeping invisible walls you will encounter on cliffs here and there. I guess they are very keen on virtual suicide prevention at Bluehole.


The noob island is very sugar-coated like. Later on zones are more realistic.

Client performance:
The 36 gig client is a nimble wonder; my rig is mediocre at best but it doesn't even break a sweat and I can only hear my fans speed up to an annoying level on some of the cut scenes. Something that happens during regular gameplay for me in many other games.
The attention to detail in most of the interiors is a sight to behold.


If graphics were crisps these are about the most crunchy I ever ate. The level of detail is astonishing on just about anything; there's virtually no untouched spots in the game world; everything has been thoroughly designed and the game's award worthy crispness makes sure it stands up to close examination. Also the way the Unreal 3 engine handles distances and fast camera movement are marvels. I'm almost tempted to blurt out "omg next gen garfix!" on this bit.

Lighting, crispy textures and attention to detail are all outstanding.



Like everyone and their chipmunks who got some hands on time with Tera probably already told you: the combat is great. I'll go as far to say that it delivers such a compelling core gameplay that it makes up for the majority of my personal themepark related gripes (!). It simply makes the game fun to play despite its conventional nature in many other aspects. The real time aiming, tactical use of movement and distance in combat and obvious but satisfying strategy in skill rotations really hold up.

I wouldn't mind it at all if other developers would take this system as an example to replace the tab-target, spammy faceroll kind of combat which we might as well put out with the trash as far as I'm concerned.

If I have to single out a negative aspect in Tera's take on combat it would be some of the skills stopping you dead in your tracks when you use them. It's not like no other games do the exact same thing but because of the fluid and free nature of the rest of the combat system, it simply stands out more.


What do you mean, "Are you two related?"


Partial to the combat fun are the care and vision that went in the design of your npc opponents: there are really big, hulky ones that require careful handling and there are masses of grouped critters which are very satisfying to wipe out with AoE abilities which you'll find in many classes. It's pretty clear that this game is an AoE farmer's wet dream. I am actually enjoying a sorceror at the moment, despite my life long preference for melee dps and archer classes (having virtually no downtime as a sorc in Tera helps with that).


The iffy bits:

Character and class design:

The most obvious iffy bit is the typical design flavor of some of the races, armors and gear. You'll either love it or hate it. Personally I found myself having a hard time settling on a class and race combo because each one had at least one aspect which I didn't like so much; the huge weapons from Lancers and Berserkers, the 100% anime look of the Elin, the weird, forward pitched running animation from Castanics, the monochrome color schemes of the Aman, the alien features of Baraka and the "purty boy band member looks" of most of the male versions of the "realistic" races.
I started four characters and ended up settling on a Popori sorceror. I used to play a gnome in WOW so I kind of felt at home with the small, clumsy, runt aspects of this race. The few things I didn't like about it so far were its armor designs and how it giggles like a maniac at each succesful harvesting attempt. Anyway, your mileage may vary in this regard as it is a hugely subjective point.


Me being outraged for getting another romper suit as a quest reward.


The Prequel:
Another iffy bit to me was the "prequel" which you have to play through on your first character: it's short, linear and didn't do much other than confuse me because you'll start out at level 20 with a ton of skills and you feel like you're being tossed right in the deep end of the pool. Thankfully it can be skipped after your first character made it through. Later on people pointed out the benefit of this feature: you get to test most of the skills and animations for the race-class combo you picked. So in hind sight it isn't such a bad thing at all.
Female character art; not a negative in my personal opinion pants.
Themeparky nature:
Tera doesn't hide its themeparky nature. It is a typical quest based mmo so it's back to the good old "not reading pop-ups and hitting accept like a mofo" on this one, at least for me it is.
World pvp mechanics:
Tera has no separate cities and infrastructure for factions: if you play on pvp servers it's pretty much ffa with an added flagging mechanic. Personally I didn't mind getting one shotted as soon as I activated my "outlaw" status for the first time this morning, but it doesn't help you much when trying to get some levels under your belt as a lowbie.
I much prefer WOW's take on world pvp with factions who will generally run into eachother in the middle of zones and don't share hubs. The systems needed to make this factionless design work (flagging + safehavens), make world pvp a bit artificial in my opinion.
On the up-side: there are mechanics in place to declare war on other guilds(!) and you are able to host your own multiplayer death matches anywhere in the world.
I haven't dabled long enough in pvp to truly get the gist of it though and I'm curious about its value at higher levels.
War-decs and gankers, not the only similarities with EVE online.
Wrapping up:
So far for my first impression. I didn't get to the BAM part yet but I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of the first boss fight at the end of the starter island so I have a hunch this will make the pve even more fun than it already was for me. Also apart from harvesting I haven't looked at crafting yet and as previously mentioned my pvp experience was very short and brutal.
All in all my first experience was positive but too short for a final verdict. If real life allows it, I will play it some more in the coming days and maybe do another write up. But it in the meanwhile I can recommend anyone that's even remotely interested in this game to give this trial a go.
Thanks for reading!
stragen001 writes:

Good write up Pony. I managed to get into one of the Beta Weekends for TERA and decided that it wasnt for me.

I think you missed one of the biggest negative points for a lot of people - me included - which is the poor, predictable questing, and its extrememly hub based nature. I just dont enjoy the "goto hub, collect all quests, goto marker on map and kill stuff to complete quest, return to hub for rewards, goto next hub" style anymore......

Sat Jun 16 2012 11:14AM Report
rdrakken writes: I cant get into an MMO with such a generic story like this ones. I dont care what the game looks like or how the combat is...or how big the world is. The game has a story that makes no sense and thus gives me no reason to play. Sure wont do it for end game that has no meaning since the story makes no sense. Sat Jun 16 2012 11:18AM Report
Torval writes:

Another good write up.  The world is definitely beautiful.  There are some deal breakers for me with this game, but I still liked to read the review.  It's nice to hear highlights of what worked and didn't for you.

Sat Jun 16 2012 11:35AM Report
shalhassan writes:

One thing that really bothers me about TERA, that I haven't seen anybody mention is the switch from falling to swimming animation. In the prologue, they have you jump off the bridge into the water, and as soon as you hit the water, you're just immediately swimming on the surface, there's no transition.

Also, climbing ladders is also another gripe of mine. They seem to enjoy putting ladders in their game, but characters climb incredibly slowly up them, and once you're on the top, it takes a second or two for you to do anything, almost like a mini loading screen.

For such a powerful engine, these really stick out for me.

Sat Jun 16 2012 12:46PM Report
Setsun writes:

Fun to read indeed!

Sat Jun 16 2012 3:00PM Report
Digna writes:

A good write up. I see the 'good' bits and the 'iffy' bits (which to me would be 'so-so' and 'could be good, maybe not so much').

I didn't see any 'bad' bits. Is the game that good?

Sat Jun 16 2012 3:10PM Report
DarkPony writes:

Thanks for the compliments guys. Glad some of you liked to read it. <3

@stragen001: I did touch that in the "themeparky nature" bit but only shortly. I also mentioned it indirectly in the "combat" paragraph. It's true though; it is very much an old fashioned quest based game.

@Digna: I tried to be as neutral as I could about it. Some of the iffy bits could be so-so for someone while they could be "bad" for others. If I had to mention the one thing that disappointed me the most it's the world pvp mechanics: I would really prefer multiple factions with their own infrastructure + npc guards so that flagging mechanics and safehavens aren't needed.

As far as themeparks go I still think vanilla WOW did a great job in both mechanics and world layout for world pvp on pvp servers. (Too bad they didn't really ever stimulate it with incentives back then).

Sat Jun 16 2012 3:24PM Report
Coolit writes:

I got my Warrior to 60 and agree with most of what you wrote, the problem I have with TERA that ultimately stopped me from  subscribing was the character design, they just arn't my cup of tea at all. 

Sat Jun 16 2012 3:32PM Report
bazak writes:

honestly, i think the art style quibble is applicable to any game so i wouldnt mark it as a negative, altho i do like anime i tend to dislike any of the art styles that dont come out of japan, so art wise i dislike it too but i dont think it quite qualifys as a negative more of a take it or leave it thing that can be said of EVERY game.


good writeup pony, btw can i have that chunk you bit out of my head when i spiked ur cofee back? or maybe just the bit of brain ?

Sat Jun 16 2012 3:45PM Report
werewood writes:

For me personally, quest log management with traditional boring quests (especially!!!), lenear progreassion and no dynamic events - killed it for me after a week of sub.

Sat Jun 16 2012 3:46PM Report
DarkPony writes:


Sure man, and have some CAPITALS with that too :)

I dunno about your stance on the art style. At the end of the line this is of course a personally opinionated write-up but still I think that the art-style in the case of Tera is more of a decisive factor for many people compared to most other mmorpgs that are published in the western hemisphere. The big weapons and Elin in particular are very distinct design choices that are able to detract or attract people at just a first glimpse.

Sat Jun 16 2012 3:55PM Report
Pivotelite writes:

Gald to see someone who puts their aesthetic preferences aside and actually compliments the graphics properly instead of just saying TERAs graphics are terrible because they are "cutesy anime garbage".


Overall it's a good review and I agree with just about everything, especially Popori armor design, while I love the little guys their armor leaves much to be desired, expecially when you've got Humans and Barakas with such well thought out and intricate armor designs but leave Popori with odd one-piece leather suits or pants that resemble a diaper.


I do however have to disagree with you at least once, I find Popori's maniacal giggle after gathering quite entertaining.

Sat Jun 16 2012 4:28PM Report
Sameer1979 writes:

When pony plays a themepark it never ends well. We all know how this is going to end in a month or so if he continues to play.

I am really surprised though that you even picked up another themepark title. No i am shocked.

Sat Jun 16 2012 4:36PM Report
zellmer writes:

Or you could just play Aion and play the exact same game, just without the cute stuff and ridiculous fanservice.


Sat Jun 16 2012 4:40PM Report
DarkPony writes:

@Sameer. But it was free! That alone is reason enough to overstep some of my personal preferences to check out a new game. And like I wrote ... the combat makes the core gameplay fun enough to not care that much about all the pop-up, quest based themeparkiness, ... so far.


Sat Jun 16 2012 4:52PM Report
Acornia writes:

My major beef with the game is that you can climb up but not down.  You end up having to jump to get down and end up losing most of your hit points when you hit the ground.

Sat Jun 16 2012 5:52PM Report
Gravarg writes:

There's really two things i can't get past in this game.  The graphics and the story.  The story reads like any other asian MMO.  It lacks immersion,  I get a quest, go do it, and come back to do another without even reading the quest.  The graphics aren't bad, they're just my cup of tea.  Like Pony, the only race I felt comfortable with was the popori.  I have a thing for hamsters, puppies, and lolcats.  All the other races are nothing I'd ever aspire to be.  The combat in the early game can be kind of repetative, especially for ranged characters.  At least in melee you have to dodge and move around, in ranged combat you basically just aim and hold your mouse down until they're dead.  Occasionally you have to use a skill or two, but not enough.  The boss battles is really were this game shines though.  Alot of the bosses later in the game are really fun, and challenging.

Sat Jun 16 2012 7:07PM Report
Yunique writes:

Kind of wish this 7 Day trial was around a few weeks ago when  I paid for the damned game, and was frustrated with how fast it became boring.

Sat Jun 16 2012 7:28PM Report
marcust writes:

Good writeup Ponyboy, look forward to your impressions at the end of the trial period.

My perspective: the combat has ruined all tab target mmo's for me. The reason I'm writing this and not playing the 2nd day of TSW beta is because Tera's combat makes TSW feel very "last generation"

"I wouldn't mind it at all if other developers would take this system as an example to replace the tab-target, spammy faceroll kind of combat which we might as well put out with the trash as far as I'm concerned."

Absolutely spot on.

I must say though, I have a 3 month sub, and a level 50 beserker and plan to return to Darkfall when they drop the purchase price and lower Darkfall's monthly sub at the end of June.

DF is the compromise between an immersive world and an immersive combat model, but I digress.


Sat Jun 16 2012 8:35PM Report
Inktomi writes:

Great read Pony. I think that you have got something here. Tera was interesting, I am just so sick of the sword/sorcery/elves/pandas and fluffybunny fantasy faire. I am in TSW beta 3 and loving it so far. Give it a roll, if you haven't already, you might like it.


Sat Jun 16 2012 10:01PM Report
excalibur40 writes:

I been playing Tera as well. The major issue I feel is, reguardless of what race/class you choose. You start in the same area. Follow the same path. Everything is the same. Just your race/class is different. 

So rolling an alt almost feels pointless. Since you will be doing the same quests, visiting the same cities, same the same order as your first time. Only difference is your skill set. Just kinda lacks any excitement of rolling a different race.

Sat Jun 16 2012 10:16PM Report
Cannyone writes:

@zellmer - if you pass on Tera in favor of Aion you then miss the best thing about Tera... The combat system.  Then again I completely understand that some people don't want a system that's even partially "skill based".  It really defates the 'e-peen' when you can't get the timing down right in the first 5 seconds, so it must suck... right?

So... Pony, I honestly did enjoy your article even though some of my opinions differ.  You at least have a fairly open mind.  Though I question things like the criticism of the questing system.  Namely that I don't what a viable alternative is supposed to be?  And without that it would turn into a total grind... and you'd complain about that!

Sat Jun 16 2012 10:24PM Report
itchmon writes:

you're pretty much spot-on DP... one thing that really bothered me that you didnt get a chance to experience (yet) is that the leveling grind really amps up to 11 at about level 36.


one thing you didnt get to see yet that i really like, are the dungeons.


the dungeons are really spectacular with just the right amount of legions of runts to squish and big bad bosses whose attacks you are to avoid at all peril.


i'm on the fence overall with tera though simply because the XP really feels like it ground to a screeching halt.

Sat Jun 16 2012 11:23PM Report
bazak writes:

 u r giving me citys and my brain :O !!!!! bargainz!! ....... how did u get the governments to give up those capitals...... i asume it has something to do with liquer .... beware ponyzilla!!

Sat Jun 16 2012 11:30PM Report
bazak writes:

sry for double post, but i immediatly spotted and cant find an edit to fix assume and liquor.

Sat Jun 16 2012 11:31PM Report
Trionicus writes:

+1 Bump up dude. Glad to see you're a bit guarded after the swtor dissappointment lol. Also, nice rundown very well written, it even got me interested in Tera and I had planned to avoid it completely, you in PR?


Unrelated: What are your machines specs?

Sat Jun 16 2012 11:36PM Report
Terranah writes:

I think you cover everything pretty well.  I haven't really gotten into the crafting yet.  From conversations I've had in chat, crafting is something you do more at endgame, with the exception of alchemy which is useful for the potions.  But I was leveling so fast and not needing potions, so I've neglected even that.


I will let sub that game with the box purchase run out in July probably because I feel like I will have experienced most of what this game offers by then.  I think it's a good game, solid in many ways, but themepark is not compelling enough to hold my interest.  I can't say that I am disappointed for trying it though.  The art is beautiful, the gameplay/combat is fun, the performance is excellent.  I knew in was themepark when I bought it and knew I would probably only be staying a month.


I think the devs should be proud of themselves though.  It's a great basis for themepark, they just need time to add stuff to end game.  But they are talented in many ways.

Sat Jun 16 2012 11:42PM Report
gastonslashx writes:

Nice write pony , i have been a tera player since i got into it in beta 2 (after it i preordered the colector edition and everything) , and you pretty much nailed the experience in the island of dawn with this preview , and you should really try to get to your first bam at least , the only cons i can find in this game are the grind (so much of it , but at least you actualy have to hit things and dodge to survive ,used to be a wow player so im used to grind by now) and the LFG chat , its slowly turning into a barrens chat,  but its not quite there yet , there should be a way to silence it , but i couldn't find none , anyway nice preview.

Sun Jun 17 2012 12:38AM Report
DarkPony writes:

Thanks for the replies everyone. They help to give some insight to Tera beyond the first 12 levels. Hoping I can get to play some more the coming days to nail some BAM's but I'll be very busy I'm afraid.

@ Trionicus:

Win 7, Pk5 Mother Board, Dual Intel 2.66 Gh, 4 GB Ram, Ati Radeon HD 5800, no SS drive yet.

Pretty crappy I reckon? The game it struggles with most on my pc is Skyrim I think. Any suggestions which component I should replace first?

p.s. I'm not in pr but I do think up marketing campaigns for a living now and then, next to do doing graphic and web design. Nothing game related though.

Sun Jun 17 2012 2:23AM Report
Qahlel writes:

One of the best reviews I have read about TERA so far. Most of reviewers and commenters are fixated on some unimportant smallest thingies that you don't even notice playing.

Who cares about swimming really? There's nothing to do about swimming in the game -except some very little walking through it-. This is not atlantis :D

Calling tera's storyline generic than other mmo's is overkill. Just because you didn't read the quests doesn't make them generic. The game helps you by showing what to do in quests. This doesn't mean it has no story. Story makes sense, if you bother to read it.

I don't get it. If you don't like the char design why level it till 60?

At the moment, only rift has dynamic events in questing. All other MMOs like WoW, Swtor, Aion and AoC (last 2 are F2P) doesn't even have any dynamic questing. TERA end-game has nexus and Nexus is a dynamic event.

Saying Aion is the exact same game as Tera is same as calling Eve online is the same gamer as Wow. Just because the devs are from the same country, doesn't mean anything is same at all.

I agree with that. I would love to climb down the way I can climb up. But one good point is fall damage doesn't kill you at least but leaves you with 1 HP :D

I agree completely. I can't play any tab-targeting game ever since with pleasure after TERA.

If there were 2 factions, there will be 2 storylines instead of 1 and it would mean for your logic that only 1 alt would suffice (??!). Each class feels completely different from each other while playing. That's why people roll alts: to experience what the others have been experiencing :D

my 2 cents:
Until they implement all the PVP (battlegrounds and vanarchy through pvp), the game will feel incomplete. I like to PVP. That's why I bought the game but I can't farm the same dungeons over and over again with the hope that they will bring PVP "soon".

PVP should be brought now. If they are late in this matter, the game will have ghost servers soon.

Sun Jun 17 2012 2:42AM Report
Lonzo writes:

Why do you test it again?! We all know that this is not for us western people.

The story and setting is so cheesy noone in their right mind could consider this generic setting to be our new main game...

Sun Jun 17 2012 3:58AM Report
Lord.Bachus writes:

first download, and then put in the code, gives you more playing time.

Sun Jun 17 2012 4:26AM Report
Lord.Bachus writes:

The download hardly reaches 2mbit on my 50 mbit connection, and in contrary to my proposal, you can only do it while logged in.

Sun Jun 17 2012 4:59AM Report
Lord.Bachus writes:

Its a fracking 16 hours download

Sun Jun 17 2012 5:09AM Report
DarkPony writes:

@Lonzo. Maybe I hadn't played it before? Maybe I waited for a trial offer like this to give it a spin? Don't knock it until you tried it, rite?

@Lord B. Yup, it's a big client. Took me around 12 hours over wireless here. I anticipated that though; just let it run overnight and you can give it a spin tomorrow.

Sun Jun 17 2012 6:31AM Report
Mike-McQueen writes: At around level 45 I grew tired of it all, but with a little friendly guild competition I managed to push through to level 60. After that I didn't log in for two weeks, my sub renewed and I realized I will likely never log in again. So I pulled the plug on it. Graphics are nice, not exactly my ideal look but A+ quality nonetheless. The combat is fun for awhile and at least a nice change up from the normal tab target. It was the world however that completely lacked. The IP just wasnt that good all in all. I didn't enjoy the story but I never really do because I'm a firm believer in creating my own, but the games depth, especially at end game was just shallow. If this game came out three years ago it would've had a huge following and ample time to build, patch, and drop a much needed exspansion that couldve changed its longevity and player base. Instead it dropped during the hype-rbowl of online gaming and will tank because of it. Sun Jun 17 2012 7:46AM Report
Gorwe writes: Ah, Mr Pony! Good to see you playing in themeparks again. I thought you said that you are through with it(*cough TOR *cough)? Concerning your computer, there is no first component. You need to upgrade it ALL. Just buy a new one. And finally, I just wanted to say that the only MMO/Online games company I trust is NC Soft. They have knack for innovating the standard without ruining the standard feel(Lineage/Aion). They also have knack for totally new kind o games/methods of paying(f2p models of L2/Aion, GW 1/2, B&S). Well, that's my opinion though. Sun Jun 17 2012 8:44AM Report
rt40 writes:

i love this review, cant say i agree 100% on everything you say but hey, its always like that. its just that this review feels like it has been made by a gamer!! not a  reporter, its much more realistic than the other review in my eyes at least.

^worst english ever^

please review more stuff!!! :D




Sun Jun 17 2012 10:35AM Report
Thorkune writes:

I played Raiderz (similar combat style) first, so Tera literally had nothing new for me. I need a good story that draws me in, and Tera did not deliver for me.

Call me a prude, but I found the Elin race disturbing. It might be the fact that I worked in a prison for over 20 years, and I would too often find pedo inmates to have celebrity childrens photos hidden in their cells. I have zero tolerance for exploitation of children, and the Elin race is too close to crossing the line for me.

I found the graphics appealing and the game ran smoothly on my system. Even though the quests were nothing new, they didn't feel like a chore for some unknown reason.



Sun Jun 17 2012 1:55PM Report
ichihaifu writes:

If I wanted to go back to the basic themepark sort of questing with monthly fee, It'd be this title, because on my experience the combat is honestly enought of redeeming factor along with the graphical fidelity over any other P2P games.

Sun Jun 17 2012 2:28PM Report
Digna writes:

Add RAM and swap Video Card you might as well buy a 'less expensive gamer unit' and bump some items over time.

You continuing after the 7 days (or have any ideas as to an inclination in any given direction?)

Sun Jun 17 2012 3:33PM Report
jamesc76 writes:

I really wanted to buy and play tera on usa servers. Since i am an american living in the philippines i play all my games on usa servers to play with family members, but Tera ip bans all asian russian areas because they say they are scammers an hackers.. That was my only forced turnaway from buying the game. Seems like that are losing a huge market to players like myself.

Sun Jun 17 2012 6:11PM Report
Vorch writes:

Read the back of the box for TERA: Over 1700 quests! Sounds awesome.

Start playing though the first dozen;

Sun Jun 17 2012 6:19PM Report
t0nyd writes:

I feel like there is an astonishing lack of options in Tera, to call it a role playing game. Maybe I am just spoiled but when you create a character, I dont expect to be limited to a single weapon choice.  I want to create a lancer, I think I will wield a lance and shield because what other choice do I have?

 I have never seen an mmorpg with such a lack of character/class design options.

Sun Jun 17 2012 7:05PM Report
Zekiah writes:

Looks like just another Skinner Park to me.

Mon Jun 18 2012 1:13AM Report
oubers writes:

been playing it very casualy and still loving it....but then again there where GW2 WE's and diablo 3 so i got alot of variation lately.

once again good write-up horse man :)


Mon Jun 18 2012 4:37AM Report
Azmodai writes:

Great write-up there DP, But man once you experience the PVP some more its just truly amazing. The whole Guild vs guild trend is awesome especially in both small and large scale battles. Also once you start doing the instances (which look amazing) and the Open world Bosses (BAMs) it really starts getting fun to the point where at times I simply ignore the quests and get a group of other players and just kill the bosses.

The great thing about it is the fact that Grinding is not discouraged, you Can solo grind, Group grind or do whatever you want without having a single disadvantage(infact Leveling with a group is usually faster). 

Mon Jun 18 2012 7:42AM Report
Teekay writes:

Haha. Tera is an absolute yawn fest. I know Tera advertise on this site so I can understand why he gave a biased review but please don't be fooled.

It's a grind, followed by a grind with a further grind at the end. There's no reason to pvp, opvp is dead on many a server. The Vanarche system which so many people said would be 'amazing and game changing' has proven to be completely ineffectual as it was in K-tera. Bgs will come out in the summer turning it into a bg grind.

You then see people mentioning 'server vs server' ! which was briefly mentioned in an interview as a possible occurence but never followed up ever and never spoken of again by developers. So it;s not happening.

Oh, and a cash shop from day almost day 1 in a sub game....


Sorry, if you can't see the game for what it is.

Mon Jun 18 2012 9:34AM Report
Meltdown writes:

I think a fairly unbiased take on TERA, good writeup. It's certainly no holy grail, but playing it just feels... good. Also you should really look to fighting BAMs, although as a Sorc I'm not sure if they are as amazing as they are as like a warrior/lancer. 

Mon Jun 18 2012 10:11AM Report
DarkPony writes:


"I know Tera advertise on this site so I can understand why he gave a biased review but please don't be fooled."

Dude ...

I'm just a poster with my own blog, go ahead and make your own:

  You get zilch, nothing, nada, ne rien, niets, for writing these blogs. They are my own experiences and opinions.

Mon Jun 18 2012 10:12AM Report
MikeB writes:

You do get your name in lights, Pony! :P Also sugar lumps and carrot cake.

Mon Jun 18 2012 1:31PM Report
DarkPony writes:

True, Mike.

Mumorpeger Com Carrot Cake is best carrot cake. Just don't lace the sugar lumps with acid to try and make me write E3 blogs anymore :P

Mon Jun 18 2012 5:35PM Report
cat4birth writes: Or you could just play Aion and play the exact same game ;] Tue Jun 25 2013 9:42PM Report writes:
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