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Danshir's Blog *Where I rest after I stop my stabbin*

To talk about a large variety of MMORPGs honestly with no prejudice. Also to simply talk about the insane, funny, or just plain outrageous MMO experiences we as players have had.

Author: Danshir

MMORPGs are Evil, and they teach our children to be evil! *Note, Satire*

Posted by Danshir Thursday December 18 2008 at 3:40PM
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Are MMORPGs evil? The answer may surprise you.

With the recent articles about torture in World of Warcraft(read here) I have decided to investigate what other vices MMORPGs indulge themselves in. If MMORPGs can stoop so low as to have you torture a fellow virtual human being, than I doubt there is no low that the developers will have us sink to. Probably for their own nefarious plot of "world-takeover" proportions. I haven't got any proof yet, so until then I can only show what proof I DO have.


First I'll start off with one of the more tamer vices, Drinking. I don't mean drinking water or kool-aid, which is all well and good, but liquor! Beer, ale, whiskey, and other intoxicating drinks are everywhere! Especially Ironforge, the city of the Dwarves in World of Warcraft. Apparently this entire "race" of people are nothing but drunks. Why would Blizzard design a game for our children that has an ENTIRE race of potential AA members? They even joke about it with the little quip..

/silly "I don't have a drinking problem. I drink, I fall down, No problem!"

THEN these games actually SHOW your character drinking and the effects of intoxication. The screen gets blurry, and your character starts to weave back and forth. Even your characters speech becomes slurred to where you can't ever understand what someone is saying. This is completely and utterly unacceptable. Yet I wish this was the largest problem I had with my experiences in games like WoW, EQ, EQ2, WAR, and a whole large list of vile, evil, malicious games!

If a whole race of midget drunks didn't throw you off and ban your children from ever touching a "PC" again, this may ban your child from even saying the words "Exp". The entire game revolves around one fact. To get anywhere, to "level" up or whatever, is you have to KILL other people! These games encourage violence. It teaches them positive psychological reinforcement that if you kill someone you can take their clothes and their money. It doesn't have to be people either. My son, Billy, was smashing a squirrel in the face with his "staff of jordan" saying that he could sell the squirrel's teeth to a "merchant" for a couple of bucks. I'm scared to walk my little fluffy wuffy Mittens down the road, afraid someone will maul him for his paws or whatever body part is lucrative that week.

There are other subjects too, like racism. These games were MADE to PROMOTE racism! What are our children to think when they are playing a game that tells them " You must kill all the Night elves you see because their Alliance! "? You are encouraged to kill other people JUST because of race. How can video game companies get away with such obviously misguided and twisted views and encourage our children to think the same? I know that immediately after writing this warning letter I'm going to write to my congressmen about all this. You shouldn't kill gnomes just because they are short! or Night elves because their eyes glow differently than a Blood elf's.

So please, keep your children away from these games! The more they play it, the more likely they will start thinking since your a human, your filthy alliance, and you have to die. Then they will take your clothing and money, and sell your ears to some "merchant"! These games, and ALL games, are evil. If there were no video games we wouldn't have violence! Before television we were a perfect society!

Author's note for the stupid - This is a satire. Enjoy it or Hate it. Post comments if you want, Just me expressing some rage over recent news about yet another human being blaming Video Games/Television/Movies/Music because they cannot take responsibility for their own filth. We need to stop pointing fingers at everything but those who are to blame when we take such horrible actions.


Edit - Please read here for this post with some pictures and to just show bloody support. Thanks.

Tails1 writes:

oh and dont forget, these games teach our kids that if u kill someone, they'll respawn in a few minutes, and then, these games do the worst thing EVER! They teach our kids to SPEAK IMPROPER ENGLISH!

Thu Dec 18 2008 4:01PM Report
WeaponX writes:

It's callen parenting. Heaven forbid you should have to do your job as a parent and teach your child right from wrong.

I play mmo's with my child and I make sure she understands that this is just a game and there is right from wrong so give us all a break and go take a parenting class and spend some time with your child. The computer is not a babysitter DO YOUR JOB..

Thu Dec 18 2008 4:38PM Report
xbellx777 writes:

lol good post

Thu Dec 18 2008 4:44PM Report
xbellx777 writes:

weaponX it was a joke gow blind can u be?

Thu Dec 18 2008 4:45PM Report
Azmaria writes:

I'd like to point out that the internet itself teaches most everyone to not speak proper English, or spell well, or even correct their mistakes.  Not to be taken negatively, but the OP and commenters made me cry with their spelling and grammatical errors. 

OP has a point though.  Video games are responsible for one thing primarily: entertainment.  Anything that happens because of them can be considered an effect caused primarily by the personality and tendancies of the end user, who then assume responsiblity for the act(s). 

Also, xbellx777, I think WeaponX got it...and was putting in their opinion on the matter.  The 'you' they used was not necessarily directed that the OP, but perhaps at the general public who use video games in such a manner.

Thu Dec 18 2008 5:03PM Report
Danshir writes:

Thank you for your comments.

Azmaria - I left my normal human errors in there on purpose. Normally I try to correct any spelling/grammatical errors that I create willy nilly, however with this one I just posted it as it came out of my head, and I wanted to keep it that way for the most part. Thank you however for your comment.

Thu Dec 18 2008 5:24PM Report
checkmate25 writes:

"If there were no video games we wouldn't have violence! Before television we were a perfect society!"

haha this made me laugh, this shows how naive you really are, im not insulting you but voilence decreased as the era of video games and tv began, population rose, medical treatment became better, thats why there are alsmot 10 billion people in the world already. video merely potrays the stuff we do in real life, like a parody of our own wrong doings. plus its all entertainment and money.

Thu Dec 18 2008 8:34PM Report
freejackmack writes:

George Bush and the corupt Federal Reserve sysem does the samething. War is money in the hands of the international bankers.

Thu Dec 18 2008 8:36PM Report
Danshir writes:

Please tell me you're being sarcastic, checkmate25, otherwise I suggest you look up the meaning of the word satire.

Thu Dec 18 2008 10:17PM Report
caemsg writes:

Dont for get that videogames encrouge devil worship and satanisim by makeing our children believe that summoning deamons will help you more evil videogame lies and all those who play and make video games are just as evil as the video games them selves and all should be sentanced to 10 years of complusory church service every day


that was a good read was a good laugh thank you

Thu Dec 18 2008 10:37PM Report
Pelagato writes:


Fri Dec 19 2008 12:02AM Report
TrueWarrior1 writes:

OP your completely right. Where do games get off with all this violence pshh its disgusting. Well im off to play some Grand Theft Auto IV

Fri Dec 19 2008 12:28AM Report
WeaponX writes:

Thank you Azmaria for understanding where I am coming from in my post =)

And yes I understand it is a joke but there are so many out there that do beleave this that I had to say it the way I did =)

Fri Dec 19 2008 9:36AM Report
Danshir writes:

I appreciated you playing along, WeaponX =).

I think I'll post stories akin to this in the future.


Fri Dec 19 2008 2:48PM Report
CrypticRebel writes:

"If there were no video games we wouldn't have violence! Before television we were a perfect society!"


Sure Ever Here of Jack the Ripper!!

Sat Dec 20 2008 9:25AM Report
Danshir writes:

Satire. Look it up.

Sat Dec 20 2008 8:00PM Report
Ziboo writes:

 Gaming is evil, so is Harry Potter and all the wicked things people think and do now 'adays!  Goodness knows witches, vampires, demons have only emerged in the past what 10 years or so . . . before that it was a perfect utopia society where everyone got along and lived in candy land.   No slavery, muders, racism, evil, demonolgy or mass killing or wars existed.  No one swore, had sex, children never died, heck cancer and serious illness was a myth!

/sigh the good ole days.  LOL  

Sun Dec 21 2008 8:47PM Report
Calint writes:

nah, lies, im not planning on drinking in the future, i play world of warcraft, i do like to kill the weird races, but in real life i dont hate any race, and my grammar is great, i dont see the problem, theyre games, everyone plays them, i have never killed, this is some bull shit stupid christians overeact about, harry potter is good, it has morals, just because theres magic doesnt mean its bad, u people are stupid

Wed Jun 09 2010 8:18PM Report writes:
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