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MMOWTF: Behind the Madness

Just in case you can't get enough of my weekly published trash you can read all about the crap that never got it's own article. Enough the blog.

Author: Danmann

When in doubt...Copy Me!

Posted by Danmann Saturday June 16 2007 at 1:13AM
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In addition to the usual recap of this week's topic I thought I'd share sometihng that pissed me off. When I started my MMOWTF column in October last year I wasn't sure if I could keep the title until the first one was published. Lo and Behold, in January some dude registers and proceeds to start his own cookie cutter blog. Even better is that the MMO News feed on the right hand side usually shows my column in the links!


Keep the Blog bro, but at least give me credit for the name...


As far as this week's article goes I'd like to clarify a few of the points I made and perhaps explain the choice of title a bit.


- There was no real practical reason for the use if the Lovecraftian theme, but I worked better than "OMG NERF!!1" or some other inane title, plus I figured a few of the Call of Cthulhu junkies that frequent would get a kick out of it. If you haven't read the collected works of H.P. Lovecraft...please do. You'll thank me after you buy that toupee.


While Balance in an MMO is a pipe dream based on subjectivity, the goal of the peice was to  point out that the solution to everyday problems in games (and in life) are not always easy to fix. Obviously a player will always assume that he can play his class worth a shit and will never take the blame for his failure in the game and it's just one of those random equations involved in the balancing process.


At least some attempt must be made to constantly strive to provide the most viable options for the most people since the alternive is just to force anyone with the slightest compititive bone into the current uber skillset. At least in a Rock-Paper-Sissors setup there are some kind of checks to overpowered characters.


Seeingas I'm usually the one putting the blame square on the Devs shoulders I figured I throw em a curveball this week...Check back in a couple days for the next Recap...