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Danky's Totally (Kinda) Un-Biased Review!

Read the title! From Maple Story to EVE online, find out about games before you download them with my totally (Kinda) un-biased reviews.

Author: DankScarver

Pi Story. Math reference lolololol!

Posted by DankScarver Monday March 23 2009 at 5:26AM
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For some reason, while playing this game I felt as if I'lve played it before a long while ago. The loading screen was very familiar and the music was very similiar to another game. Don't ask why, it just seemed this way.

Pi story, is anything but a bad game. The best way to describe it is cute. Even the player information screen is adorable with it's two girls, one with a huge ammount of clevage. Then, it's server names are just adorable with one being "Cherry". Then, the cuteness dosen't stop. You make your character and thats even irrestably huggable. Then, you start the game and you start in a white room, with an angel of some sort in it, also incredibly snuggly.

Okay, enough with how cute this game is. The interface of Pi Story does have a learning curb, but still very easy to learn. There is also an opption to make everybody disapear, I liked this considering my processor sucks. Then, there is an In-game forum which is quite helpful for newbies as there isn't much of a tutorial.

The graphics are very simple in Pi Story. Anime/sidescroller makes this game very easy on a bad computer, everything is very simple in Pi Story. The graphics are aimed to children but the drawings are aimed to Otakus (ie, large breasted women with lots of clevage).

Fighting in Pi story is...diffrent. You have to have certain eggs, that transport (I guess) you to an area with monsters. This is very nice and new but it takes forever to level up this way unless you have a large party that helps you. Then, in most casses everything will be easy, then the boss in that level will be incredibly hard, and it dosen't help that it's mob-bassed fighting, it's almost as if you have to party. 

As mentioned above, I thought that the music in Pi story sounded familliar. I realized that it sounded a whole lot like music from Paper Mario 64 in the Shy Guy area. I actually like that song so this was a plus, but, this was really, the ONLY SONG IN PI STORY! Which got annoying fast. Thankfully I have a MP3 player but still, it could of been better to hear some original tunes.



Graphics 4: Typical anime sidescrollers graphics. Nothing new or interesting, very cute though.

Interface 6: Easy to understand, small learning curb.

Sounds 4: About 2 or 3 songs, one is a total rip off, at least their enjoyable. Bring an MP3 player.

Fighting 7: Very new way of fighting, however, increidbly hard to level, even in the lower levels. When it takes a day of nothing but grinding to get the job class, it kind of gets "Well okay, now what?"

Game play (8): Very new and imaginative, However, their is only one town, and pretty much the same dungeon with diffrent monsters.

Overall (7): While Pi Story game play is overall enjoyable, the music and graphics are bland. And the grinding is rather boring considering you have to do the same dungeon over and over again just to level. I would not call Pi Story a bad game considering what they did was new. it just wasn't good for the game to make the exp for levels so far out. And to only have one town was pretty bad.

Is Pi Story fun? Not exactly. Is Pi Story diffrent? Oh yah. Does Pi Story get old fast? You betcha. writes:
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