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Aion-Living in their own fantasy

There is no doubt that Aion is a beautiful game. But is it perfect? Of course not, so why does it seem like the official sources have nothing negative to say?

Author: Dagonyat

Aion-Living in their own fantasy 1.

Posted by Dagonyat Wednesday October 21 2009 at 10:53PM
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Ever played Aion? It's not so bad. The character creation is fun, the landscapes are beautiful and varied, and the clothing is phenomenal looking. Flying sure isn't that bad either.

But of course, who blogs about how good things are going? Aion has been highly criticized for promising flight, and then not giving us as much of it as we would desire. There are some downsides to limited flight time, but it also keeps players from escaping into the high air or avoiding all the mobs that aren't essential to quests. Not much exploration needed if you were able to combine the location feature and endless flight.

But those things are minor to the biggest gripe players have...the repetitive quests and rampant grinding. All sadly leading to a lack of replayability. But again, this mmo has only been out in the West for a few months. Even though it has been out in the East, it's a Korean style game that was played by Korean players. They do grind, so there was no reason to change it yet. n time, I'm sure they might consider adding more vaied quest styles for us later.

Except...there's been no word of new content yet and players are already reaching endgame levels. We know vaguely that the endgame itself hasn't been implemented yet, but if the content so far has been grindy, why should expect the second half of their launch to be different? So far, mobs have all be nearly identical, either doing ranged damage or melee. Not too many tricks or anything new, not even from the bosses of the scant instances Aion has to offer.

But again...they have time to change all this! However, Aion doesn't seem to realize, or just doesn't want to admit, that their game isn't perfect. Huge queue problems? Read the latest Q&A from Mmorpg. They actually blamed US, the players, saying that it was our fault because when the servers with our characters on them got full, we didn't just switch to lighter servers. Why would I want to switch servers every time I want to change characters? Not exactly a quick process (not that it takes TOO much time either.) And what was their solution in the end? Nothing. They just waited for the initial rush to end, so the queues disappeared.

But wait a second? I though the launch went really well and that players were "still playing." If players are still playing, how did the queue's magically shrink? Because they aren't. I'm not saying that everyone gave up on the game, but it's not a small number of people quitting. NCSOFT dazzled us with another pretty game with great character customization and promises of innovative play (cough*CoH/CoV*cough*) that didn't match up. Once you make your character, they pretty much all look the same. Flight turned out to be  a bust, especially since we know that they can do better! Gameplay was classic and content was utterly vapid and superficial. The trade between Asmodian quest stories being better and Aion costumes being better is sort of fair, but not exactly a win/win choice for either players or NCSoft. That's not even mentioning all the bugs that have been around so long that there are guides around them or how to work through them and nonstop complaining in the chat (I'm not even going to start on the chat feature in Aion. You just have to play to level five to see the mess that is). And what about the complaints that PvP was basically a group dynamic and not very soloable? While I will give it to Aion that some classes are clearly better at solo than others, to the point that some simply cannot do certain quests or kill certain mos while others can work several levels over the recommended, I will not condone the officials response that it can be done...That's not exactly much of an answer. Sounds more like a denial again to me.

It is not a bad game! I'm not saying don't play, I'm not saying don't buy it. But it isn't perfect and the officials need to start fixing it. Instead of denying faults, blaming players, wagging their fingers a goldspammers, and posting endless updates on their website about how all these reviews love them (all conveniently reduced to only the positive feedback). Something is fishy, very fishy. aren't Enron, AIG, or OJ, you don't need to deny your way out of problems. We won't sue. Just admit them or fix them. Heck, at this point, I'd just take an admission.