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r1ft Gaming Blog

A mirror of my gaming blog at The jaded game designer turned corporate lackey. Feedback is always welcome.

Author: Daedren

So Long, And Thanks for All the Rad-X

Posted by Daedren Thursday April 23 2009 at 10:39AM
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It's with a heavy heart that I announce the imminent demise of a beloved game company: one that brought us Fallout 1 & 2, Earthworm Jim and Descent. While their recent accomplishments are nothing more than questionable business deals and becoming a gaming company meme for financial troubles, we have to put in perspective the greatness and enjoyment the ghosts of Interplay past have brought us. It's been living on life-support the last 10 years - and while it's sad to see our old friend go, part of us is happy it's finally being put out of it's misery.

Exciting stuff, this doom and gloom. They've effectively produced nothing but disappointment and false hope for the past 10 years - but really, who are these people? It's not like the guys that actually made the games stuck around in an empty office doing nothing since 2001. They've been long gone. As Interplay was "acquired" by Titus in 1999, and the original CEO of Interplay left in 2001 citing "creative differences" with Titus - we can assume those differences were actually producing games - Interplay, as we know it from 2001-2009, has been a different entity. An impostor, of sorts, and a bad one at that. We have a company that swooped in to a successful game studio and effectively capsized it with "creative differences" - whatever that means. Apparently Interplay has really only persisted through one guy, one Herve Caen, who's name sounds entirely too French and mustache looks entirely too 70's.

Glorious Fallout for Make Wonderful Profits in Industry of MMO's?

Seriously, the mustache is starting to freak me out.

So - Interplay died in 2001 when the original founder and developers left. This shell of a company - Interplay: Reloaded - has been little more than the faint hope of the mustachioed madman who killed it in the first place - AH AH AH. That said, let's not let this be more than it actually is - the death rattle of a once glorious nation- er, company that brought us some damn memorable titles.

In the past few months, between ranting about botting and not having the heart to talk about Darkfall, the Fallout MMO has been my main interest. For a recap on the past few months of excitement, we have:

The Fine Print of the Fallout MMO - Read this if you want to know about the technicalities of the Besthesda/Interplay IP deal.

Fallout and Interplay: You have Three Months to Live - Hey, I was actually right! In January 2009, Interplay had secured a small fraction of the needed $30M to not void the agreement signed with Bethesda.

So, what's been happening since then?

Jason Anderson Leaves Interplay - Remember hearing about those original Fallout guys that went back and started working on the V13 Project with Interplay? It's not a good sign when they start leaving. This was effectively half of the Interplay working force.

Interplay Signs Deal with Masthead - When in trouble, go to Bulgaria. Who needs 30 Million when you can just sign something with a MMO studio? This news was surprising, and led to the inevitable...

Bethesda to Sue Interplay Over Fallout MMO - It's not official yet, but we can assume the legal offices of Bethesda/ZeniMax did a collective "WTF? They can't do that!" at the news of Interplay substituting finance and development progress with a deal written on a cocktail napkin in Bulgaria.

And last but not least, Interplay is about to go bankrupt - again.

That means it's up to ZeniMax/Bethesda to bring us quests to Kill 10 Rad Scorpions. Oh, the humanity. Let's just hope they don't use the same writers from Fallout 3 (I liked the game, don't get me wrong... but, well, let's not go there.)

As for the deal with Masthead - well, I assume production on Earthrise will continue and Herve will probably be never heard from again if he goes back to Bulgaria.

Very nice!

Player_420 writes:

good blog, lots of good info.

but I disagree that the quests weren't written that bad, the voice actors (like oblivion) sucked ass.


Thu Apr 23 2009 12:38PM Report
DiTH writes:

I like in the "interplay is about to go bankrupt" article that in the last paragraph it writes the IP's Interplay has and says that they plan to release sequels.I MEAN WTF??

If they did plan to release sequels to these games they would have done so A LONG LONG LOOOOOOOOONG Time ago.Just bury the company and give the IP's to some companies with the money (AND THE WILL) to create some games.

Thu Apr 23 2009 4:27PM Report
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Mon Apr 27 2009 3:28AM Report
DataDay writes:

Im not sure you understand, Bethesda is a corrupt company..rather I should say Zenimax is, and Bethesda is their tool. That said, they never intended for the Fallout MMO to succeed in Interplays hands. Bethesda/Zenimax already started putting together a mmorpg development branch, they expected to get the fallout mmo back as they never intended on honoring the agreement. Interplay surprised them by getting the proper funding from a company that has already invested in the technology and game engine for a post apocolyptic mmorpg, this means not only do they have a full dev team now, enough funding, but also half of the work is already done for them, which then makes the 4 year development deadline seem like a walk in the park.

Bethesda did not plan on this. They planned on Interplay failing at meeting their rediculous requirements, and now that interplay actually over came those impossible odds... well now they complain and threaten a law suite. Go figure. Bethesda/Zenimax are as corrupt as they get. When Zenimax used Todd Howard to help take over Bethesda and kick its founder out, the rest went through the toilet. They are like a mafia, just one big group out to make an insane ammount of money and nothing will stand in their way. Expect the worst from them.

Tue Apr 28 2009 5:28AM Report
White_Dust writes:

Ah, yes, Bethesda were also smugling boos in the us min the 30s, killed the Kenedys and... well.... uhm.... ohyeah, whas responsible for the financial crises!!!!!!11222threethree


You know how obsain your post sounds?

If I look at the interplay of these days, well.... the re-released the Fallout trilogy in one bundle!!! Made me laugh, fallout 1 and 2 and the awardwinning Fallout Tactics.

After Interplay solled the rights to Bethesda they planned on making an extra buck to sell the rights to a pen and paper version to.  Nah, at this moment Interplay is just like a terminal patient that trys to get every treatment just to live, even if it is risky...

Thu Apr 30 2009 11:18AM Report
DataDay writes:

White_Dust, dont be rediculous. Interplay had leased the IP to Bethesda, not sold the full IP completely, when they leased out the pen and paper version. The only reason anyone knew about it was because Bethesda once obtaining the rights threatened the pnp company to stop, even though the contract was already made.

Interplay re-releases their most popular title in a bundle for money? OMG Interplay wants money? How dare they! Seriously...did you even stop and think what a company just coming out of Bankruptcy would do? Honestly interplay sold the fallout IP for too little, but thats due to the fact that Bethesda ended up having their balls in a vice grip.

Perhaps you dont know the history of Bethesda. You know the guy who owns Zenimax betrayed his business partner, used todd howard, who helped orchastrate the take over of bethesda from Chris Weaver, is also a lawyer who knows how to abuse the system. In fact, hes has quite a few felonies under his name all for corrupt business practices, and helping to take over a bank in the past.  Bethesda was pretty much given to Todd Howard for helping Zenimax take over, though its still does what the "master" says, and guess what... that "master" is what comics would call a "shuper villian", aka hes a bad guy. His record, his history, and his actions back it up. Zenimax wants nothing more than for Interplay to die out again, and they will make sure its permanent. They got what they wanted from the company, now its just a liability to them. They never were going to allow the mmo to be made by interplay anyways.


Sat May 02 2009 3:20AM Report
Wizardry writes:

All i have to say is i enjoyed Interplay games back in the day ,i remember very good games for their time such as Dungeon Master and Stonekeep.

Tue May 05 2009 12:12AM Report
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