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Release Notes for Sandbox build

Author: DJXeon

Potbs - Australians to join the SOE/FLS servers with a free character transfer

Posted by DJXeon Friday November 7 2008 at 3:40AM
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FLS are canceling its Aussie contract with BigPond & opening a new server " Defiant" with character transfers being enabled as soon as next Monday. The Invincible server will remain open until January 2009.

Russell Williams CEO of FLS announced:

"Today I sent out notice to Bigpond that we will not be renewing our partnership with them. I enjoyed meeting and working with the people of Bigpond, and I wish them and the company well in all its future endeavors."

This heralds the end of a frustrating time for FLS & the Aussie players who lagged behind the world by having late updates & no access to the test server. All players including those on existing servers will have one free character transfer to go to any another server that has port battles scheduled to co-inside with their playtimes. Players wanting to transfer will have to open a subscriber SOE account that comes with one months free play included. 

This cosmetic exercise is to align all servers under the SOE/FLS umbrella for control of upgrades etc which will enable Australians to become part of the existing community & play on testbed.
This is a good for the players but marks a failure for the FLS Bigpond venture as their server populations fell to unsustainable levels. It is understood that FLS became unhappy with the level of promotion Bigpond were expected to do.

FLS are doing the reverse in Russia & are hoping that their latest Potbs venture into that country with a third party publisher will be more successful, in the meantime they are increasing advertising in the Asian/pacific region to give the new server a boost with port battles scheduled for that region.

In reality FLS have experienced a heavy loss of populations across all their 5 servers with only one "Antigua" currently holding at playable design levels due to a previous server transfer action. They are hoping that the current re-vamp of Avcom (avatar-melee combat) will bring back populations.

Players have left Potbs for a variety of reasons which include wanting the balance of in-game systems, less red circle ganking & a more vibrant open economy. 

Update Nov 2008

Posted by DJXeon Monday November 3 2008 at 1:05AM
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Quote Aether the FLS community support manager:
"In the Pipeline
The following topics have been considered valuable features for inclusion in future milestones, and we have begun the process of measuring the work required to complete them and establishing the priority in which they will be addressed:

  • Meaningful rewards for participating in Port Battles
  • Incentives encouraging the inclusion of lower level players in battle
  • Adjusting the Lineship Bundle mechanism to be more interesting and useful to our players
  • Adjusting the MoV Drop Loot tables to reflect insurance value, versus ship level

Issues Requiring More Feedback

The following items require additional information from our community. Each topic below is a link to a forum thread where we have asked a series of question in order to gather additional details from our community.

New Group Skirmish System
While we’ve kept quiet regarding the work we’ve done thus far on the Skirmish System, now is as good a time as any to announce that we are actively working on this system now. We are still very early in the process, and thus unable to share specific information on this feature, but Rusty will be publishing a Devlog with a small portion devoted to our progress on this task. Stay tuned for more information.

Increasing the Number of Unique Daily Missions
This is an ongoing task for our Content Team, with new daily missions being added every milestone. Their work in this area will address the concerns around mission farming, as well as provide additional content opportunities for both individuals and groups with a focus on assuring that this content is spread throughout the Caribbean."

These are all worthwhile planned improvements along with current commitment to re-vamp AVCOM which SOE has commented on in their own survey as being one of the most important features needing attention.

There are are still more pressing needs for changes in the economy & PVP to create a more sandbox design that will significantly reduce the time needed to recover from PvP loss plus other changes to stimulate production.

Will keep you posted.