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Release Notes for Sandbox build

Author: DJXeon

FLS delays fail to ignite a Potbs recovery.

Posted by DJXeon Friday March 26 2010 at 2:16AM
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What you are now seeing in Pirates of the Burning Sea is the inevitable slow down when an mmorpg does not recuperate its development costs.
FLS are not going to throw money or put a full dev team on Potbs unless they are certain of making a future profit.
There was bound to be casualties in staff due to the rapid fall of populations soon after release, much of the reasons were due to over-estimating the amount of servers on release & only patching in temporary solutions that didn't do enough to reverse the trend.

So far the promised & great potential what otherwise would be a great "age of sail" mmorpg has not been released. Many players have either left or many remaining players lost patience with FLS being up to 2 years behind with their own priority list.

It's possible to turn it around, however not many mmos do it after 2 years for a successful second chance. The Power & Prestige expansion scheduled for release later this year will be the last chance.
Luckily FLS are not controlled by investors looking for a fast profit so I think you'll find it will be around for a good few years yet; if anything really bad happened to FLS financing SOE would likely step in the same way as they did with vanguard & run it with a skeleton dev staff.
If that did happen I would expect some serious changes in priorities as to how the game is balanced in any future patches.

FLS tried to convince all its player base that everything in Potbs was PvP, what they got is a very risk adverse national player base with high economic dependancies & disadvantaged Pirates in the RvR conflict. 

PVP means only Player/s vs Player/s as in ship combat.
RVR means Realm vs Realm that includes all methods of warfare eco-bombs or blockading ports included.

Now some details of how to make Potbs appeal to more populations.

This proposal assumes that national Freetraders's & pirate Buccaneers are the main support classes that drive the econ for their respective Privateers, Naval Officers & Cutthroat classes.

Privs & Cutts should be the main  character choices for players that want to PVP so need the least dependancies on econ, they way to achieve this may be achieved by increasing PVP rewards but it would also be sensible to give Privs a chance of scavenging a deed & to let Cutts sail all the ships they can "take command" of within the skill reset time allowance.
FT's & Buccs can still PVP but they are primarily the support or economic classes. NO's can also PVP but are a national prestige & support class with the main advantage of sailing the most powerful ships in-game, often ideal for PvE & port battles.


optional * FT's need to be able to captain one nominated ship in their dockyard of 5 that has "fallback" ship status, meaning that they cannot attack or if attacked the perpetrator gets no Mov's or PVP rewards.

1. Privs & No's should be able to have a small chance to scavenge a vanilla ship deed similar to Buccs imo, most advanced shipwrights are building bundle ships so it would not effect that market. There is only a very small profit for shipwrights to build low level ships in any event.

2. The proposal to make bundleships less gated for all PVP players should be seriously considered.

3. There is an urgent need for better balance in Port battles.
This could be achieved by extending invitations to online lvl50 players without contention points or perhaps reducing some PB's to 12 v 12 to help the weaker nations.

4. Finally there needs to be a method for shallow water or lvl restricted port PVP for newbies, again many suggestions have been made on how to implement this.

Do this FLS and you have got a winning RvR mmorpg, ignor the above & nothing much will ever change.

It is still a good mmorpg well worth the 14 day trial, a refreshing change from the usual hack/slash types but a whole new hype & excitement of expectations for the upcoming expansion needs to be got under way very soon for hope of any population recovery.