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Release Notes for Sandbox build

Author: DJXeon

Last chance for FLS with the Pirates of the Burning Sea?

Posted by DJXeon Sunday March 14 2010 at 12:21AM
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In my opinion the main issues at Flying Lab Software have always been the slow speed of development & how to make PVP more sustainable in what was promoted a PVP game.
Most of the issues have come about by designing a PVP/RVR centric game with a budget ganking mentality & pathetic rewards. "Waiting for the next big failure" as Isildur the ex-lead design once put it, he knew what was going to happen so jumped his sinking ship.
The producer & lead design are the ones ultimately responsible, it was never a good idea to let devco set the priorities.
Rewarding high risk PVP has never been FLS's strong point, when they realised their mistake they introduced insurance & dailies plus halved the labour time but that still did not have the desired effect. By that time more than half the population had left.
It is still a game where closed eco-players rule & PVP is not very sustainable imo.
Grinding for treasure needs to be just that, a very rare opportunity to obtain real wealth. YAR! rare individual rewards of over a million dbls should not be ruled out.
You will be surprised at what players will do to get their hands on that!
Daily grinding the same missions was never the answer, nor was it meant to be imo.
The end game economy has become a zerg as to which closed econ-society can build the most bundleships often only obtainable with multi-accounts. This has the effect of excluding a vast amount of single account holders or forces them into a closed eco society with a waiting list for top end ships. Making them more rare wont stop it either, all that would do is force more boring daily grind.
FLS know about many players unfavourable views about LSB's but still have not let on what they intend to do. The next 3-4 months are critical that they make some difficult economic changes that are bound to upset some players. It will be too late to do it after P&P.
Can the game be saved? YES but not without a lot of QQing.
If they are going to make the seas burn, it must be NOW not after the Power & Prestige expansion is released.

So what does FLS need to focus on:

  • End game PVP would still be expensive even if ships were almost free as there are other expensive costs like permanent fittings loss, repair patches & bronze or explosive shot that are not covered by insurance, as one PvP player recently said after quitting "Insurance didn't pay for my bundleships brass fittings!"
  • Costly bundleships cause force players into closed econ & multi-accounts so the average single account casual player is usually always the last on the societies waiting list for top end ships.
  • Making LSB's & bundleships more rare would force more daily grind so they need to be made common or cheaper more like vanilla ships or got rid of altogether.
  • PVP needs to be made more sustainable which is what FLS are trying to do, they are the cause of the main eco-sink so that is where the rewards need to be.
  • More in game tools need to be applied for fast navigation.
  • Lower levels & many high level risk adverse players need an alternative lower risk but rewarding method of PVP.
  • The need to balance numbers in Port Battles perhaps by extending invitations to non-contention point holders.
  • Newbie reserved ports with level restricted PVP & Port Battles.
  • Fast teleport grouping option (skirmish style) for epic missions or getting allies into red circle PVP instances to counter ganking.
  • Increase the favorable current pick up areas in the O/S to facilitate faster hauling.
  • A displayable LFG option & invalid flag indicator in the ship menu.
  • Reduce AH listing fees for top end ship deeds.
  • Add additional option to teleport to between warehouses at harbor master.
  • Society warehouses.
  • Reduce ganking & spiking by overpowered failboat demasting.
  • More depth to the end-game with the promised Power & Prestige expansion.

I like Potbs & find it exciting so want it to succeed however time is running short, let's hope P&P is beyond our expectations. writes:
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