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Release Notes for Sandbox build

Author: DJXeon

Rewards are the key to fixing Potbs

Posted by DJXeon Friday January 29 2010 at 4:43AM
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A lot has happened to Pirates of the burning sea over the last year most notably port blockading which has become very popular & players can now list buy orders in the AH Auction Houses.

Players can set up Skirmish for no loss PVP to help newbies or just for fun & there are new port battle maps to enjoy. The game still has lots of un-released potential & FLS are soon to release a free Power & Prestige expansion.

Most things like high risk PVP or merchants going in the red can be encouraged with rewards, ganking can be reduced by less rewards for a 6v1 win. Rewards must be applied in direct relation to the risk!

High risk red zone activity or hard epic missions need high rewards.
Low risk area need low rewards.

Players need to see more individual reasons to risk their ships or enter red zones.

Where PVE players like to grind give them more reasons to do it.
Where PVP players don't like to grind give them more rewards to do it less.

The reward system needs to be set up on the following principles: 

  • All features/missions must have rewards. 
  • PVP loss should be more sustainable on it's own.
  • The higher the risk like PVP or longest time to do PVE epics get the highest rewards.
  • Daily missions are low risk so rewards of no more than 10k dbls/mission.
  • Daily skirmish or pvp bounty should be rewarded the same to benefit PVP education.
  • If a turn-in reward is already available on the AH it should be removed or made into unique item.
  • Where possible reward dbls or movs instead of turn-ins to reduce grind.

Players need to work for a living, if you make everything too easy to buy with free cash handouts players become lazy & bored.
On the contrary if you make it so hard that the best ships are only obtained with LSB's (Line ship Bundles) & spreadsheets it kills the game for the average player.

Rewards & eco-sinks need to take into account everything so must be seen to be fair, balanced or flexible to all play-styles. It is currently the main missing key imo, FLS have so far done a dreadful job in this area.
Players need to see more individual reasons to risk their ships or to go into red zones.

If FLS reward movs routinely to PVE & PVP functions there would be no mov market necessary, The AH & economy is based on dbls as cash.

A mov for cash & cash for mov fixed exchange would save players time of trying to sell them & allow more choice to spend it how they want in the AH or economy.

Instead of free-cash insurance give movs when a ship is sunk with a fixed cash turn-in.

The benefits are many:

  • More reason to PVP with less gated movs.
  • Players would have to turn them in to see & obtain the real insurance value.
  • It gives players alternative access to high level ships or refits.
  • It gives the economy a boost by letting players have immediate cash for things like ammo, patches or lost fittings.
  • More flexible as some players need cash more than movs as others need more movs than cash

The flexible friend :)

By changing the mov exchange rate in patches when required the devs would have a simple powerful tool to control inflation or make more cash available.
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