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Weekly EVE Online Diary

dont mind my grammatical error and missing . and , because im somply to lazy for those things, here i will write a weekly diary of my adventures in EVE Online i hope some of you will like it

Author: DJDizzy

1st Week

Posted by DJDizzy Saturday September 15 2007 at 9:12PM
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Dear diary, this week i lost 4 ships and 2 pods. first my vexor died while en route to a fleet ops rally point, killed and podded by a gatecamping vagabond, stupid fastlocking hardhitting minmatar ships, my little vexor didnt stand a chance.

the second ship i lost was my T2 fitted incursus on its way to my corps safe POS in 0.0, also killed in a gatecamp this time by russians,

the third ship was a rookie ship lost to camping NPCs because some as*hole in the alliance had put a large warp disruptor up on the gate.

the fourth and last ship i lost was also a rookie ship lost to station campers i 0.0... stupid war


atleast some good came out of that, i got my first BS a dominix and my second BS kill :), incase you are wondering my dominix are sniper fittet with a locking range of 155 km and optimal range of 108 km, but only 2 guns :( and i havent bought any drones, yeah i know im weird, but hey it works


se you next week for more of my adventures in EVE and 0.0


(EDIT: please no ''NOOB'' spam, funny comments showing how wierd i am is ok, thank you)

Sarge994 writes:

sniper dommy with no drones and 2 guns??

Sun Sep 16 2007 8:58AM Report
DJDizzy writes:

yep i know, its weird

Sun Sep 16 2007 12:09PM Report
Jowen writes:

Sounds like a blast.

I hope you have gained more during the week than lost :)

Sun Sep 16 2007 7:41PM Report
Jessonater writes:

Hey bro, welcome to the community. I've really noticed your attention to detail of your stories and its appreciated. However, as I am sure you've got lots to learn you can send me evemail anytime to Jessonater with any questions or help you need.


   Talk to you soon,

 welcome again.

Thu Sep 27 2007 1:04PM Report writes:
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