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Dreamer's log

Hey guess what? This is a gamers blog, I know shocking! I also take part in vlogging which is like blogging but with a webcam. :)

Author: Cynthe

Do it MY way

Posted by Cynthe Friday September 11 2009 at 3:10PM
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The world of online gaming is composed of many personalities colliding together in various ways, sometimes we band up and work together toward a certain goal, sometime we pit each other against one another for points and rewards and sometimes some of us want to take part in activities others simply do not understand.

Which really is to be expected, online worlds are no longer places where the same type of people gather to play and generally have the same point of view, with how popular these games have become we have grown in numbers, in range of ages and personal backgrounds. We've formed groups over the years in which we love to clump each other, like PvP players, PvE players, RP players and so on. Some of us belong to more then one group but generally these groups tend to clash and want certain things out of a game that the other group could get less about.

Which leads me to my point, whenever a new game is being developed or about to be patched even, you always have great suggestions of all kinds get seriously shot down by community members who don't value these suggestions. And I wonder why we have to be so competitive all the time for the dev's attentions. Ultimately it doesn't matter what we scream at them, they will do what they think fits their game the best. We tend to come off as hungry children hopping up and down in front of mommy and daddy flailing our arms around trying to get a cookie.


I'm not saying you shouldn't voice your opinion, but I would ask to actually consider what the suggestion is and even if you don't think you'd be into it try to see what it could bring to the game and whether generally if it would create a better gaming experience and if it fits with the goals of a virtual world. Another trend I've seen is for people to judge players based on their gaming backgrounds, for example if you are fresh out of Warhammer or WoW you suck at PvP so don't even bother playing against me. Say what? And who exactly are you to judge anyone's ability if you haven't given these people a fair chance. Even if someone does stink initially, aren't we all here to learn get better and have fun at the games that interest us? Isn't that the point of gaming in general?

Opinions and tastes change over time, and while we may have dislikes for some features now it could be that down the road these will be our favorite things, I sure never thought I'd take any liking to PvP but be damned if I don't get slightly competitive. :P All I'm trying to say is don't think because you enjoy a game a certain way that that's the way it's got to be played or that it's the best way. Fun comes in way too many colors and flavors to be tied down to one group's view of it.