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Dreamer's log

Hey guess what? This is a gamers blog, I know shocking! I also take part in vlogging which is like blogging but with a webcam. :)

Author: Cynthe

FF14 anounced at E3 and Square fans everywhere lose their minds.

Posted by Cynthe Thursday June 4 2009 at 12:19PM
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YESSSSSSSSSSS! As a long time Square fan, previously Squaresoft and now Square Enix, I am just as madly excited about this announcement as everyone in the SE sphere is. Maybe more so then the average because it has been a long 3 years for me in the MMO universe. Not one title has held my interest for as long and as well as the first final fantasy online, FF 11. The mmos that may have come close are Everquest 2 and Lord of the Rings Online but in the end both of those simply lack the magic that the Final Fantasy titles have for me .

I'm not sure what it is, from the character and armor design, robust party gameplay to great story telling there is just something about these games that I cannot replace with anything else. So while it may mystify gamers looking from the outside in that we're all losing our heads at a simple trailer, a title and a few scraps of information it is in our experience with Square that whatever it is that have in store for this new title will be made with quality in mind and will even introduce new mechanics and systems to the mmo world that has either not been seen yet or has not been done so well.

I've seen the comment that sequels are often not as great as the previous, however for one this isn't really a sequel more like a reinvention, it's true any Final Fantasy sequel is not as good as the first title. For example take FF10 and 10-2, the sequel was basically fan service (mostly girls) and lack the depth of the first.
Kingdom Hearts, enjoyed the first one but I still have never finished the second one, to me it just wasn't as compelling or maybe I'm just too old for that title now, not really sure. In contrast FF games in themselves while being similar to previous titles are never the same and always introduce something a little different or polish what was done before. This is the promise of FF14 Online to many, not so much that's yet another Final Fantasy but it that but much better then it was previously.

There is still so much more to find out about this brand new MMO and I look forwards to this new year with hope renewed for my online enjoyment. With Aion on the brink of release and FF14 coming after I no longer fear the wasteland of endless MMO hoping and wandering.

Peace at last! ^_^

Go to FFXIV's official site for the trailer and basic info: Final Fantasy XIV

Here's the transcript of yesterday's E3 Square Enix conference: Gamespot's Live Blog

The Zam network has some exclusiveQ&A: Zam! FF14 Q&A

IGN also has an exclusion interview: IGN Q&A





DeViLmAn0 writes:

i too am lookin quite forward to this upon hearing about it, FFXI was probably my first real p2p mmo. ive been in several throughout the years . i find a little somethin in each one that i like. but since FFXI was the first it still holds a good spot of memories for me, i just slowly grew turned off by the char creation  plus the ability to do stuff on ur own, yes mmos are group games, but some of us like to adventure in large mmo worlds alone. FFXI wasnt the kindest in that area LOL, still i wont say ne thing about it bad since its still a solid mmo i think ill be keepin tabs on FF14 for sure, and like u, ill also be looking into Aion upon release

Thu Jun 04 2009 3:47PM Report
cukimunga writes:

Im the exact same way , Ive played almost every P2P game and a ton of F2P games and nothing had that Magic and kept me coming back for more as long as FFXI did.   I will be playing at launch for sure and for a long time as well. SE games always keep me addicted.

Thu Jun 04 2009 6:32PM Report writes:
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