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Dreamer's log

Hey guess what? This is a gamers blog, I know shocking! I also take part in vlogging which is like blogging but with a webcam. :)

Author: Cynthe

I played WoW....... And I liked it o.o

Posted by Cynthe Monday April 20 2009 at 11:54AM
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And for some reason I felt like taking a shower. Like actually liking World of Warcraft is some kind of crime against mmos you should most certainly be ashamed of.
And why is that? I guess it might be because I played MMOs before WoW and have heard for 5 years how bloody awful the community is, how it is so easy your grandma and 3 year olds everywhere can play it to max level no problem. And the worst complaints of all have been in the last 2 years when new MMORPGs came out and seem to be using the same easy button concepts, what we know as WoW copies. So now it has ruined the entire genre, has crapped all over your level time sinks and sense of exploration and it even dares to use lightweight cartoon like graphics and not even try to be somewhat realistic. And worst yet! The game doesn't actually takes itself seriously, the devs constantly poke fun at fantasy and themselves. Oh noes! How dare they?

I have to say I have spent too many years actually buying into this, playing every other mmo out there except this one actually made me feel like I was a superior entity, I am worth more then WoW, I am intelligent and don't mind to spend a little time to get things done! WoW is for chumps and chimps! I will not play it! Honestly how utterly ridiculous is that. It's a game made for enjoyment, it has changed the basic mechanics of what an MMO is yes but really I keep wondering if people who really love old style grinders and open worlds why are they not playing more F2P asian mmos? That's exactly what they are, are the graphics that bad of a detriment? What about Ryzom, you'd think with all the old school people crying they'll never play another MMO because they are not what they used to be you'd think The Saga of Ryzom would be more popular right now...I'm thinking that's proof people only know part of what they want and miss from the good old days, and it's not always what they think it is. But anyway back to WoW.

Now this wasn't the first time I had downloaded the WoW 10 day free trial, I did just that last year but unfortunately the race I really wanted to try the blood elf is not available for the original trial. To be able to test anything in the Burning Crusade you have to already own the base and original game. Blizzard is making so much dough with WoW they really don't need to do anything special to sell it to anyone. However after 5 years you would think it would make sense to bundle the original game with the Burning Crusade considering the two races added to the first expansion, the draenei and blood elves are crazy cool and it seems a shame to not let brand new people try them.

I remember my first time in this mmo I had rolled a night elf and I had found immediately that the world and environment while highly colored and comic book like blended so very well with every other element. The first time I died and realized there was a corpse run I was disappointed, I mean how archaic who does corpse runs anymore? For an MMO that supposedly pushed the genre to new bounds that was a surprise. But fortunately the run is speedy and kinda neat as you are in spirit form in a black and white other reality. Then there was my first group in WoW and yes it was just as annoying and dysfunctional as you would expect. In fact I do believe that's when I decided not to get the game after all. Though what could have swayed my decision would have been;

a) as I said the ability to create a blood elf without buying anything
b) housing

Why in the name of all that is RPG doesn't WoW have any type of housing yet? Browsing the official forums I can take a guess, the large majority of Warcraft players are new to massively multiplayer online role playing games. Why would you care about some seemingly silly feature if you have never been exposed to it? It's kinda like my initial reaction to fishing video games or bowling online: LOL Whut?
But that's supposing Blizzard actually takes into account what is being said on the forums, I tend to think they do their own thing according to what they want, and I wouldn't want it any other way personally, and they just happen to think that housing isn't of immediate importance.
Which is sad as it seems to me Blizzard is more concerned about the game play in itself and how accessible it is. It would be about time they consider other aspects of the MMORPG realm or I do foresee a decline in interest. Especially as other games come out and the WoW player starts to wander other pastures their tastes will change and evolve, it would be in the best interest of Blizzard to start pumping out new features to flesh out their world. As far as I know their last expansion was only moderately satisfying for a large number of players.

Now to the things about the game I really do like, the animation, it's been said many times to seemingly unbelieving readers but one thing Blizzard does exceedingly well is animate their models. The motions are just fluid and last an appropriate amount of time. I found myself sucked into the city atmosphere in Silvermoon as I watched a few scenes actually take place in front of me. Unlike many mmos and recent ones at that, NPCs move and some walk about and talk to each other. Even the ones who just stand around look like they should be just standing around. The world is constructed very intelligently, no they are no doors on buildings, but there are no loading screens either or frame rate hiccups. The areas are large enough that I was a little lost after coming out of the newbie zone, while it's supposed to be linear you can freely walk about anywhere and if you stick to the roads you actually miss out on quest NPCs. So exploration is not something that I feel is missing at all. I am playing a hunter and I'm only level 10 so there not a whole lot I know firsthand about the game just yet, this is basically initial impression and thoughts on why I've cheated myself out of this game for so long. So at level 10 my hunter gets to learn how to tame pets, very useful actually makes the hunter class very powerful for solo. What tickled me though was when I realized I had to keep my pet happy by feeding it so it's attack percentage would not decrease. I mean they could have called it anything, but they chose to say you're pet is content, unhappy ect.. How is this shallow and unimmersive? It seems every time I find do something new I always find some small neat detail that Blizzard chose to put there, that just makes you go: "That's pretty cool!"

And maybe that's why it's hard to play other games after WoW, it's not so much that you've been spoiled with how easy it is to gain levels or other things one would work for, but that WoW does a few key things so very well it's tough to change to a new game and find that those things are not done so well. I think once you are used to something being a certain way it is very difficult to adjust to what is different and special in a new spin of things. That comment goes for both old school UO, EQ ect playes and newer WoW players. Before I go I have one other observation, I have heard recently that Blizzard keeps making things easier all the time, leveling, arenas, getting epic gear in one tier, getting epic mounts, and my thoughts though they may be wrong is that they do so with what they consider old content, basically whatever the newest expansion offers is what should be the challenge and the older content is made easier so new people and alts can access the newest content earlier. Is that bad? Is that good? I'm not really sure it's either, it's a decision only the player can decide for themselves and one that Blizzard may believe in.

And now to enjoy some pastel colored questing. :D

Ephimero writes:

Im still stubborn enough :P

Mon Apr 20 2009 12:28PM Report
Cynthe writes:

lol! I was thinking to myself, I have played probably every mmo out there but never gave WoW a fair shot, and now it's fairly cheap to get up to the Burning Crusade, so I should maybe do that. ;) Not going to say it's the best mmo ever, but it has it's merits.

Mon Apr 20 2009 12:47PM Report
Ephimero writes:

Im sure it does, I've been attracted to at least try it out, but the pride of saying "i've not played wow" on these forums is still stronger haha :)

Mon Apr 20 2009 12:48PM Report
I_play_wow writes:

I have to laugh whenever I see garbage like this. Congrats on proving that you are indeed braindead like everyone else who thinks WoW is good...unless your a kid, WoW is garbage. You might as well play hello kitty online.

The only reason why you think it is good is because you have no idea what you SHOULD be playing. You list asian MMO's as the alternative. Ever play EVE online? Darkfall? Have you looked at the website for Mortal Online? Face of Mankind? WoW is garbage because your expereince is handed to you and you are pidgeon-holed into thinking you are getting a quality game....just like every class/level based MMO out there.  The problem isn't so much WoW as it is unwillingness by developers to take risks and cater to niche markets.

I am sure Darkfall will not have record numbers, EVE certainly doesn't, but then again, EVE has done nothing but grow in population from day one. That is a better measure of success in my book, than being able to cater to EVERYONE. WoW is garbage because it is watered down, and presents the same thing most of us have done for years...some of us are tired of doing the same thing.

If you like having an artificial world and being herded into playing a certain way...then fine.  Enjoy your monotony....I myself live every day in games like EVE, Darkfall, and Mortal Online defining my identity and making my mark on a virtual world.  Enjoy your fantastic carebear monotony carebear fake plastic world....I prefer something a bit more advanced.

Mon Apr 20 2009 1:22PM Report
Dargok writes:

I_play_wow obviously got butt-hurt from WoW and is now going around crying about it.

"Dargok soothes you. There there... everything will be okay."

Mon Apr 20 2009 1:33PM Report
Cynthe writes:

@ I play WoW, I hope you just made this account because you felt compelled to comment on my blog and I hope it is your first and  not some lame atl account to mask your identity. People should stand by what they say.

I have played all of those games except Darkfall and that's because they don't have a trial yet, but I will play it once they have one.

It's exactly this superiority complex that you are an example of that does a disservice to enjoying a fun game. I don't play WoW is like some badge of honor for some and it's my discovery that's just BS.


Mon Apr 20 2009 1:51PM Report
Locklain writes:

WoW is a fun game, however, after ignoring all of the idiots with their mindless banter you might as well play a single player game.

Once you get to endgame the decent raiders are very unforgiving and will often not let you raid until you are better geared. To get better geared you need people to raid with. Well due to the ignoring of morons that leaves pugs out and people with any semblance of intelligence will not accept new players. So here I am, bitter and cynical and hoping the WoW crowd stays out of future releases. :)


Mon Apr 20 2009 3:12PM Report
DopSillypant writes:

Bitter and cynical are good attributes to have :P  As long as you don't let them ruin rational judgement.

I can't debate with I_play_wow, as he obviously sees sandbox gameplay a superior form over directed gameplay.  Without providing any actual points to support the view, don't expect people to see your view.

I played WoW for a good 3-4 years, on and off.  Dabbling in new MMOs as they come out.  I was never a fan of the art style, I felt every race was ugly except the Draenei and Blood Elves.  However I liked the "easy" gameplay so I kept with it.

Last year I finally burned out and couldn't enjoy it anymore as I had done the same format of gameplay for 3-4 years, and that was my limit.

I get the sense that a lot of players who "burned out" as I have, refuse to admit that they had a good time, only recalling the terrible players and directed gameplay, or whatever else annoyed them.

I still have friends playing WoW, and I have never once asked them to move to another MMO with me.  Why?  I hated daily quests, they love it.  I hated raiding, they don't mind it.  I disliked how Blizzard twisted the lore, they don't care about lore.  I disliked the character and gear art style, they don't see anything wrong with it.  Who am I to tell them to stop playing a game they still like?

Play what you like, let others play what they like.

Mon Apr 20 2009 4:13PM Report
Cynthe writes:

@ Locklain, I have found similar grievances with FFXI which ultimately tainted the game for me. I found one RP server which seems to have better community then the average as well and if I were to play for a long time I know who to contact to have people to play with. :)

That said I think I'm becoming more tolerant of so-called morons as well. The game is so huge in terms of community it would be hard NOT to find people to play with.

But I just like questing and wandering around anyway so I'm bound never to face any of the problems with itemization.

Thanks Scorpchen those are great comments :P

Also I Play WoW or whoever they are, missed the main point of this blog. It's not because you play WoW that you are a retard and should accept this view, it's perfectly possible and even healthy to like a simple (on the surface) colorful game and also enjoy EVE, Ryzom or whatever other sandbox title. Diversity being the spice of life and all.

A game should provide entertainment if it does that then everything else is personal opinion and preference.

Mon Apr 20 2009 5:12PM Report
Druz writes:

"For an MMO that supposedly pushed the genre to new bounds that was a surprise."  I've never heard anyone describe WoW as pushing the genre to new bounds - only that it took AC2's UI and made sure all the games "features" worked.

You say you've been listening to all the haters of WoW and then fail to recognize that people who dislike WoW today have most likely played wow way passed level 10. I'm glad you had fun playing for an hour and all but don't be so quick to make a huge blog post about how the haters have it wrong. Some may just trash talk it *just because* but the majority of haters DO have a point -

Grinding quests is(arguably) not fun, playing in a theme park where there are cheap thrills is not rewarding. Some people look for real "adventure" in what is suppose to be a massive *world* - they want to be rewarded for exploring and not just exploring 10 seconds in one direction before you hit a wall.

You can accuse us haters as wanting a Korean MMO grind kill fest as oppose to WoWs Quest grind fest, when the POINT of our prefered MMORPGs is not to level up - the ALTERNATE to WoWs grind fest is NOT a Korean MMO's Grind fest, they are the same beast. Leveling up should be the last thing you think about, exploring a world and finding something no one else has should be the first.

You can enjoy WoW all you want, but don't try to explain why we dislike WoW without actually understanding why, being so successful that it spawns a million clones of a clone is only the beginning.

Mon Apr 20 2009 5:44PM Report
Cynthe writes:

I played for 17 hours on two realms but whatever. :P I did not go from one quest to another rather I went and ran around quite a bit as that's what I like to do. I didn't find any of these walls you speak of, or at least they didn't break anything for me.

No one forces you to level or grind in any game, but people do it anyway, grind is often associated with 'challenge' when in fact that's just an illusion, a time sink is not a challenge. I suggested asian mmos because they are huge time sinks and have usually a rather big world to play in. So does Ryzom and EVE, Lineage ect...

Mon Apr 20 2009 5:57PM Report
A.Blackloch writes:

Lol, saying "I like WoW" in public is almost as coming out of closet. People are so cautious when they talk about it. Glad you finally tried the game Cynthe and liked it. Just don't get too hooked or I might have to come pull you out of there. :)

Mon Apr 20 2009 5:58PM Report
toddze writes:

I have never played WoW, I am still proud of that. Has the thought ever crossed your mind that its fun because its "new" to you? Will that feeling wear off after a while? The "new" feeling is extremely dangerous, that is why I do not really bother reading gamer reviews. Come back in aprox. 2 months with a follow up blog. I will be more interested in what you have to say then.  

The problem with the F2P asian games is not the gameplay or style(in some cases). I actually like some of them but what kills it for me is it turns out to be pay-to-win and I know you know that. I just cant play a game where its so easy to buy your way to the top.  I know that RMT is infested in the P2P model to, but atleast its a bannable action. Sometimes the content is also lacking as well in F2P.

Mon Apr 20 2009 6:52PM Report
Cynthe writes:

"Has the thought ever crossed your mind that its fun because its "new" to you? Will that feeling wear off after a while? "

Of course it has, I already commented earlier I'll probably get a summer out of WoW and be done with it, when Aion comes out. :P That's all the fun I expect out of it but it will be worth it I can already tell. But you know I had this much fun in LotrO for the first 10 levels and played that for 200 some hours, same with EQ2 and FFXI. So while people may not think the first 10 levels to be worth anything in my experience it usually means it's a game that is going to stay in memory for a long time. Other MMOs I've played I've had to get to 20 or 30 before really having a good time if I hadn't given up by then.

Content was pretty lacking in old style mmos too, this is another reason I find them similar. Yes I don't count cash shops in my example.

I will probably post another one of these WoW commentaries in 2-3 months and see where I ended up. So people can either say I told you so, or really? :P Though I expect to see just as much negative or not so sure feedback.

Mon Apr 20 2009 8:12PM Report
Dargok writes:

I have played WoW since beta and though the game has taken many turns for the worst (lore raping, blood elves, the not really draenei but still called draenei spacegoats who crashed an interstellar space ship but still use medieval weapons, totally makes sense, and incredible ease of WoW) the game can still be enjoyable to play. While I admit I have tried many other games with still playing WoW, I have still not found a game that is as playable as it is. Though some games fall to some odd funk with my network, most are deleted from just being unenjoyable games.

So to you WoW haters, show me a game that doesn't turn into crap once it becomes popular, I dare you.

Mon Apr 20 2009 9:29PM Report
Daedalus732 writes:

Maybe this will help put things into perspective. Take it with a grain of salt.

I bought WoW when it first came out and played it for less than a month. Boring would be the word for it, particularly after I played games like Jumpgate and Star Wars Galaxies, which at that time, was still going strong and had a bright future...potentially.

Over the next few years, I tried WoW again and again, usually about once every three to six months I would re-sub for a month and try to get back into it. My brother and a good friend play it, so I had people in high places willing to help when they could. I never got beyond level 40 no matter how much I tried to like the game. After about a month, I just could no longer deal with the community, the lack of things to do, and the feeling that I was just a monkey hitting buttons. What really infuriated me was playing with people who obviously had no skill in WoW. Seriously. How could you suck at a pug in WoW? I found those people and finally just stopped thinking anything of it.

I just wasn't willing to bite my lower lip and charge to max level for the endless grind of PVP and raiding, particularly as I heard that it was becoming easier and easier.

Honestly though, the two primary factors in my leaving every time were: The community, and the unchanging landscape. We all know the atrociousness of the community, but I really wanted to see something in WoW where you could actually capture territory, build guild cities, and add those major features that we all know Blizzard could add if they wanted to. I would have also liked player housing, which although "fluff", is still fun and can really contribute to the immersion, which is sorely missing in WoW.

I take my gaming seriously. I get into the lore and really try to dive in. I read the quest dialog and all that jazz.

If Blizzard added a server that was 21+, along with actual world PVP objectives and guild cities, I would be all over WoW. I need those longer term goals and "fluff" items to make me feel part of the world and ultimately retain my attention. That's what's missing for me and why I just could never get into WoW.

Mon Apr 20 2009 10:27PM Report
VirgoThree writes:

I enjoyed WoW for a acouple years, but it was only because I had friends player it. The first time I tried it I absolutely hated it. The second time I was able to stand it because I had about 12-15 friends playing it.

For me personally the game couldn't stand on it's own two feet with out my RL friends and my friends playing it was just not enough to keep me going. So inevitably I grew tired of it, loathed it, and just flat out do not care for it anymore. In the end I just became even more of a jaded oldschool MMO gamer. That is just my own experience.

Don't get me wrong though, it's cool that you are having fun and you should enjoy yourself if you like it. I respect others opinions if they have atleast given the game an actually chance. I may not like the game at all anymore but I will not force my perspective onto others.

Tue Apr 21 2009 2:20AM Report
banie writes:


I do find it interesting, for a game so many people hate, there sure is a constant buzz going around. Hats off to the gents at blizz. It really tells you something about a game if it gets so much coverage.
I do agree with most of you, warcraft is not perfect, but then again, no game is.

I play it, because my wife plays it. Feeble are my attempts to get her going at anything else, but then again, we aren’t hardcore gamers at all.

More of a casual Sunday afternoon type gamers, and honestly for that, wow keeps us more than entertained.

Perhaps one day when I’m rich and famous I’ll be able to spend more than a few hours a week gaming, but for now, wow does the trick.


Tue Apr 21 2009 3:02AM Report
maniacfox writes:

I played WOW almost since launch but I'm not playing it much now, I had a spin on Warhammer and now I am playing Age of Conan.

In defence of WOW I'm only not playing because it got boring playing the same game for so long.

Despite this, I still think WOW is the best MMO on the market. I'd love to be able to turn back the clock and start again as a newb!

Tue Apr 21 2009 7:01AM Report
Rhaycen writes:

I played the original WoW and found it somewhat lacking so after a while I stopped playing it and switched to EVE. When Burning Crusade came out I went back to WOW, not because WOW is a better game then EVE but because of the time required to play it right. I can hop into WOW for a few hours every day after work and play some and still be a good player. I don't have to dedicate my life to a game to belong to the good guys.


Is WOW the perfect game, absolutely not ... is it the best MMO out there; I think so. It has the fewest issues, the highest playability, and if you get into the right guild for you, a very nice social experience.

Is it the game for everyone, I hope not ... that would kind of kill the MMO development, and for a while the absolute success of WoW did kill MMO development, since everyone was making crappy WoW clones, or trying to make WoW-Killers, rather then just focusing on making a good MMO.

Tue Apr 21 2009 8:07AM Report
Cynthe writes:

Thanks for all the comments guys! A few thoughts:

Bear in mind this is just me blogging about a game, not trying to create a buzz or advocate for anything and if I am it's always the same thing: tolerance and balance of perspective.

Crappy WoW clones /sigh, I wish people were more specific when they said that because if they mean going back to level grind and such it's never going to happen, ever. We need to move forward not backward. :)

I do agree newer games would be more of an actual world if they were not designed so linear and hopefully that'll come eventually.

Tue Apr 21 2009 12:30PM Report
daltanious writes:

Yep, Mercedes, Bmw, RR, Toyota, ... are all very bad cars. And that because they are to easy to drive, because they have ABS, air bags, they are reliable, have - what a terrible thing! - air conditioners, ... etc etc. All this makes them bad cars so people stay away from them. :-)

Tue Apr 21 2009 2:26PM Report
Frostbite05 writes:

Ok what i don't really understand is why people take video games so damn seriously. WoW's a great game with enough endgame to keep anyone content for quite some time as well as continually adding more. I don't think its the best mmo because that is just ones own opinion. However, it is the most popular. Also to all those who hate the community just get the F@#@ over it. Its a game where people log in to enjoy themselves and say things they wouldn't normally. It's just as childish to trash them for doing so. These games are ment for recreation not a second life where you have to be mature. So to all the haters please shut up and go on enjoying your own games.

Tue Apr 21 2009 11:48PM Report
DopSillypant writes:

Glad that you've found something to occupy yourself,

I am enjoying Aion IMMENSELY, and I've loved MMOs in both ends of the grind spectrum.  See you in Aion whenever the NA release comes :)

Wed Apr 22 2009 12:40AM Report
Patternizer writes:

./bump on this entry. Been away from the community these days , guess why? I am playing wow and i like it too :P ( at least until CO gets released)

Wed Apr 22 2009 3:02AM Report
Vexe writes:

I've been playing WoW on and off since launch.

It' I really only play with my friend. It's really too repetetive otherwise for me.

And they won't add housing because WoW really isn't about the community or simulating a real life experience. It's really about combat and being the best the best the best the best! All of the warcraft games after combat-focused with heroes and such, so it wouldn't make any sense to have the online warcraft game any different. They are hooking you purely with combat and combat content. That's it. They aren't interested in anything else.

Also, all that stuff that's really exciting the first time you see it, gets really repetetive and oring really quickly. I often can't level past twenty. Too much repetetive questing.

Wed Apr 22 2009 6:57AM Report
Vexe writes:

And I know there are people who say that the end-game is everything. I don't disagree or anything, but I just can't get there. I can't get to level 80.

Wed Apr 22 2009 7:00AM Report
SupaMutant writes:

 trying to get an old school mmo'er to play wow is like trying to teach a 90 year old how to use an Iphone...

srsly... you old geeks are just out dated...

Wed Apr 22 2009 9:16AM Report
Cynthe writes:

LOL @ Froz, I was kinda thinking that maybe it was a generation gap sorta thing, but not too sure. :P

Taking games seriously, I agree we are gamers because this is what we do to have fun in our pass times, and there's more then one way to have fun. Sometimes harder challenges are great, but they can their toll, so a bit of easier candy comes in and then you can go back to the harder stuff. There just needs to be more variety.


Wed Apr 22 2009 10:04AM Report
kingtommyboy writes:

well, I played wow

and I'm PROUD of it

WOW is a GREAT game! I loved it

But also for me there is a time to move on

I'm going to another mmo, don't know wich one yet.

And maby I return to wow some day

Wed Apr 22 2009 3:24PM Report
Locklain writes:

@ Fr0z1nDuDe

You are one year younger than I so I hardly think it has anything to do with age.  Playing WoW just reminds me of high school and all the immaturity that went along with it.

Wed Apr 22 2009 3:24PM Report
firesnake77 writes:

WoW is an exceptionally well-made game.  Blizzard doesn't make bad games.  I played it for a long time, and loved it.  Eventually, I left, and I will certainly not play it again.  It is very much not for me, not anymore.  I understand that it is not for many people.  But it can't be called a bad game.  That's just nonsense.  From a neutral, broad-perspective, professional-game-critic sort of viewpoint, it's a top-notch game that deserves the success it has enjoyed.

I personally simply grew tired of it after I had milked all of the personal enjoyment I felt it had to offer me.  It caters most especially to a certain type of player, a certain subset or two of its player base, and as I do not choose to be part of that group, the game does not have anything to keep my long-term, continued interest.

But it's still a GOOD game.  No one who makes games for a living, or studies game design, or reviews games professionally, would reasonably make a claim otherwise.  There's a big difference between something being "not what I like" and being "a bad game".  I wish more of the people who incessantly and blindly bash WoW would realize that.

Have fun with it!

Wed Apr 22 2009 5:18PM Report
beauturkey writes:

 WoW has always been..let me spell it out...F U N.

 Nothing wrong with that! :)

 Make a character on Perenolde, let Leala know you're in, and we'll shower you with cashola! :)





Wed Apr 22 2009 7:11PM Report
logohere writes:

My friends got me to play WoW with them. It was very fun playing with a large group of friends and talking over a Ventrilo server. After playing it like crack like I do most MMO's (First time playing made it to lvl 40 in 1.5 weeks)  I quit playing. WoW is only good because it is EASY. Everything is basically spelled out for you. Youre basically playing a linear game. At x level go to y dungeon or do z quest list to get <insert class> gear. Then do it again and again. There werent many bugs and the graphics were actually subpar but the game appeals to people who are playing on PC's made when the internet came out. So the reason it became so successful is because it could appeal to a very large range of people from young children to adults. And with the system req's being what they were, anyone with something that could open a web browser could play.

People who don't like this game most likely want to be challenged, want to have DIFFERENT gear than everyone else, want to make use of their overclocked PC they just built, want to play something that everyone else isnt playing, want to play a less linear MMO, want to play something that doesn't have 10 year olds in it (barrens chat). 

Yes its a good game. But just because so many people play it does not by any means make it the best.

Thu Apr 23 2009 12:03AM Report
eagle_204 writes:

WoW bashers are Funny and more entertaining than any game!

I like many have tried WoW, alot of my friends played it and it was cool and interesting, but as many have said and mnay will continoue to say it gets boring. quest quest quest quest quest..... If you like that all the power to you.. i guess, but isnt the whole point of games to kill things? MMos and all other games(GTA!)? It is for me.

I played Dark Age of Camelot and loved the PvP. untill mythic decided to just go away from the pvp side and add more exploration and what now. That started the death of the game. Well that and the ever increasing easymode "my guy can do what it took 5 others to do before" classes. The expansions brough out classes that didnt fit the roles of older ones, such as Tank, Caster, Healer,DPS etc. So now there was a class that could do damage, heal itself and fly to the moon, all by itself, but to heal, do damage for other clases youd need more than one person.. But WoW srtarted with all the classes being "independant" and stuck with it. So bravo Blizzard.

Now ive played a few different MMOs, and now play WAR, for the simple reasong that it has what i like, PvP. its a game that minimizes the GRIND. You level off of PvP and/or PvE if you like PvE you can do it all the way, and if you HATE IT, like myself, then you get to max level by killing people. A godly MMO would be solid codeing and gameplay of WoW with the PvP of WAR. seriously i log on grp with a friend or some1 in thw worls, make a lvl 1 character and go do what i love, PvP. no need to "get gear", you get that as you go.

That brings me to my last though, the reason WoW is so bland for most, is because IT IS a item driven game. a person with skill and no gear will have a hard time killing a person with the l33test items and some knowledge of the game. This is garbage, so to have fun u have to grind... because math proves it: Winning = FUN  and Winning=Grinding  and  Griding != FUN (!= is "no equal" btw) ... hmmm what went wrong there... this is bad math for PvPers. But WAR start a character and with skill you can over come the slight advantage another player might have with better gear. a Godly game would be the core of WoW with upgraded graphics with WAR PvP system thrown in. That way no matter what you like, youve got it, so common Blizzard merge with Mythic and silence the Bashers for ever.

my 2 somewhat mayb useless cents.

Thu Apr 23 2009 12:12AM Report
vasilcho writes:

Well ofc you gonna like WoW when u play to llevel 10 lol, in fact you will like almost any game the first few days. And most of the games are very polished the first few levels, but things can get downhill pretty fast after that. AoC launch anyone?:)

To continue - WoW is full of content at the early levels, heck its been around for years, it should be 'complete'. Once you get to max level things change, grinding the same bgs every day is B O R I N G, being forced to do the same raid over and over again just to get 1 item is beyond boring, Too bad WAR followed the same dumb model, only now when most of their playerbase left they introduced the token system. A game doesnt have to be sandbox to offer interesting endgame, but it shouldnt limit you asmuch as wow/war either

Thu Apr 23 2009 5:15AM Report
Zakane writes:

I played it I liked it, but its boring now and no matter what sprinkles of frosting Blizzard puts on top - it still boring for me.

Don't get me wrong as I said its a great game, but really waiting for the next big thing. What ever that may be.

Thu Apr 23 2009 9:38AM Report
Cynthe writes:

IMO Limitations are also on the part of the player, the game may suggest you do something in a certain way that doesn't mean you have to do it that way. The game is made to be convenient but ultimately the decision wether to go to point B, skip to point C or make up your own letter is up to you.

That is what seperates an online game from a single player experience to me. I don't enjoy mob grind much, but I do love, love quest grind. EQ2 is no different when it comes to this and I love it so I'm unlikely to get bored with that.

Looking at the recent comments I can safely say we don't all enjoy the same things in games and not in the same way. Something that may really get on one person's nerves may be wonderful to another.

Thanks again for the feedback!! 


Thu Apr 23 2009 9:41AM Report
Kaynos1972 writes:

Ignore the haters, WOW is a great game, more than 11 millions peoples pay a monthly fee for it.  So saying that all those peoples are idiots is ridiculous.

Thu Apr 23 2009 9:43AM Report
SupaMutant writes:


It's a Metaphor... I am NOT an old school mmo'er... therefore I am 10 years old... you ARE an old school mmo'er... therefore you are 90 years old... I play WoW just like 10 year olds use Iphone... I can't show you how great WoW is just like you can't show any 90 year olds how great an Iphone is...


M e t a p h o r

Thu Apr 23 2009 2:19PM Report
Ichmen writes:

interesting blog read, interesting responces ... lol.

my self. im fenced on wow. i hate it for the fact its a rip of the old school warhammer game (not mmo actual game) and the annoying fan boys who spam every bloody place about great it is, or how X game is clone of it when X game is like say auto assault.. some how its a clone.. but w/e... stupid people do stupid crap.

its nice that you enjoy it. my buddies did to. until they finally quit lolol. my self i toyed with it (lowbie under lv 15 human mage..was bored drinking.. anyway) but it never really grasped me found it lacking. fun killing small woodland creatures tho. but meh. as an mmo its very cookie cutter. many elements from older games in it. just retooled and such...


personally i wont play wow simply because im more for realistic skin tones and envioments and less for cartoonish games. granted graphics mean squat in a game but still. wow doesnt turn my crank it barely boils in my mmo kettle. one day it will die off like all giants and the fan boys will go away too lol.

but do enjoy the game eh. give the population numbers wow must be able to attact some players anyway. so its not a total waste. just not for everyone.

Fri Apr 24 2009 3:06AM Report
kevingaily writes:

I agree with the OP. After leaving WOW, which I played for four years, I am unable to find one that is personally a successful replacement for it. I tried LOTRO for several months, as well as EQ2, SWG, and C of X. I played GW for a few years, did the trials for vanguard, warhammer, and tried out around a half dozen F2P games. None quite did it for me. Thus I wait for Star Wars TOR (and guild wars 2)in hopes it will do it for me.

/shrug I can't complain about a game that gave me years of fun - but to each his/her own.

I had to quit WOW as it was like crack. I played it too much (and enjoyed it) and it was hurting RL commitments. It was hard to do, but needful.

I do admitt that WOW was by far best before the expansions. I hated how BC made the original world barren as everyone left to go to shat and hang out there. Heck, in world PvP died then for the most part. So realize most of my nostalgia(sp?) is from the first years.  I quit a few months before WOTLK came out so no knowlwedge there of it.

Sat Apr 25 2009 3:55PM Report
alastor44 writes:

Honestly, what game does not get boring after some time? What game does not have repetition? What game is everyone going to love? I personally find WOW perfect for someone with not a whole lot of time. I agree some people love to devote their lives to a game, and I will agree WOW is not for that person. For me, WOW is perfect to play a couple hours here and there and feel like I have progressed somewhere. It is a game that is not going away anytime soon. So if you do not play WOW , great, if you play WOW, that is great also. I will continue to play because the girlfriend loves it and it leads to some interesting, fun filled nights.

Sat Apr 25 2009 11:12PM Report
jeff2032 writes:

I personally dislike WoW, but I have played it and greatly admire it. The devs did a amazing and very in-depth work, it appeals to a large number of people and is likely the best themepark / loot driven mmo to date.

The only problem I have with WoW is in actuality a problem with other development companies; they view WoW as a standard and create "WoW clones". I'm still waiting for a non-indie sandbox style mmo with a strong crafting economy as well as a livable fight system. One of these days I'm going to have a hell of a laugh when blizzard decides to be the one who creates it.

Sun Apr 26 2009 4:44PM Report
Cynthe writes:

"One of these days I'm going to have a hell of a laugh when blizzard decides to be the one who creates it."

Somehow I wouldn't put it past them.. :D lol

Sun Apr 26 2009 7:00PM Report
_Seeker writes:

I Love WoW its a great single player gaym. But this is an MMORPG site and i think this is OT.


P.S. All games have been casual since the save game feature was invented.

Sun Apr 26 2009 7:52PM Report
snap3231 writes:

When u played it, IT IS ONLY BEGINNING

Mon Apr 27 2009 6:10PM Report writes:
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