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Dreamer's log

Hey guess what? This is a gamers blog, I know shocking! I also take part in vlogging which is like blogging but with a webcam. :)

Author: Cynthe

Vidcast 6: West vs Eastern Art in MMOs

Posted by Cynthe Wednesday April 29 2009 at 5:52PM
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While the internet was down this morning I felt like making a video about why I prefer eastern or Asian over western or American graphics, specifically character models.

If you are wondering why I keep switching over video hosts it's because both Vloggerheads and Wegame have a 10 minute limit of video length allowed and my vlogs are usually 23 minutes long or so. Viddler was far better but it often gives me errors when I try to upload so I got fed up and just went with Vimeo which is what I should have gone with the first place... *cough*

**Also to note the volume should be better in this cast, let me know otherwise**


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Dream Bytes: Vidcast 5

Posted by Cynthe Monday April 27 2009 at 6:03PM
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Dream Bytes numero 5 is a follow up of the last vidcast, still talking about Fallout 3 and it's ending, "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy, and some WoW bunnies. :D This video is dark because I covered my computer screen with a cloth to kill the reflection of the screen in my glasses, unfortunately I didn't realize the monitor was such a source of lighting. :(

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I played WoW....... And I liked it o.o

Posted by Cynthe Monday April 20 2009 at 11:54AM
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And for some reason I felt like taking a shower. Like actually liking World of Warcraft is some kind of crime against mmos you should most certainly be ashamed of.
And why is that? I guess it might be because I played MMOs before WoW and have heard for 5 years how bloody awful the community is, how it is so easy your grandma and 3 year olds everywhere can play it to max level no problem. And the worst complaints of all have been in the last 2 years when new MMORPGs came out and seem to be using the same easy button concepts, what we know as WoW copies. So now it has ruined the entire genre, has crapped all over your level time sinks and sense of exploration and it even dares to use lightweight cartoon like graphics and not even try to be somewhat realistic. And worst yet! The game doesn't actually takes itself seriously, the devs constantly poke fun at fantasy and themselves. Oh noes! How dare they?

I have to say I have spent too many years actually buying into this, playing every other mmo out there except this one actually made me feel like I was a superior entity, I am worth more then WoW, I am intelligent and don't mind to spend a little time to get things done! WoW is for chumps and chimps! I will not play it! Honestly how utterly ridiculous is that. It's a game made for enjoyment, it has changed the basic mechanics of what an MMO is yes but really I keep wondering if people who really love old style grinders and open worlds why are they not playing more F2P asian mmos? That's exactly what they are, are the graphics that bad of a detriment? What about Ryzom, you'd think with all the old school people crying they'll never play another MMO because they are not what they used to be you'd think The Saga of Ryzom would be more popular right now...I'm thinking that's proof people only know part of what they want and miss from the good old days, and it's not always what they think it is. But anyway back to WoW.

Now this wasn't the first time I had downloaded the WoW 10 day free trial, I did just that last year but unfortunately the race I really wanted to try the blood elf is not available for the original trial. To be able to test anything in the Burning Crusade you have to already own the base and original game. Blizzard is making so much dough with WoW they really don't need to do anything special to sell it to anyone. However after 5 years you would think it would make sense to bundle the original game with the Burning Crusade considering the two races added to the first expansion, the draenei and blood elves are crazy cool and it seems a shame to not let brand new people try them.

I remember my first time in this mmo I had rolled a night elf and I had found immediately that the world and environment while highly colored and comic book like blended so very well with every other element. The first time I died and realized there was a corpse run I was disappointed, I mean how archaic who does corpse runs anymore? For an MMO that supposedly pushed the genre to new bounds that was a surprise. But fortunately the run is speedy and kinda neat as you are in spirit form in a black and white other reality. Then there was my first group in WoW and yes it was just as annoying and dysfunctional as you would expect. In fact I do believe that's when I decided not to get the game after all. Though what could have swayed my decision would have been;

a) as I said the ability to create a blood elf without buying anything
b) housing

Why in the name of all that is RPG doesn't WoW have any type of housing yet? Browsing the official forums I can take a guess, the large majority of Warcraft players are new to massively multiplayer online role playing games. Why would you care about some seemingly silly feature if you have never been exposed to it? It's kinda like my initial reaction to fishing video games or bowling online: LOL Whut?
But that's supposing Blizzard actually takes into account what is being said on the forums, I tend to think they do their own thing according to what they want, and I wouldn't want it any other way personally, and they just happen to think that housing isn't of immediate importance.
Which is sad as it seems to me Blizzard is more concerned about the game play in itself and how accessible it is. It would be about time they consider other aspects of the MMORPG realm or I do foresee a decline in interest. Especially as other games come out and the WoW player starts to wander other pastures their tastes will change and evolve, it would be in the best interest of Blizzard to start pumping out new features to flesh out their world. As far as I know their last expansion was only moderately satisfying for a large number of players.

Now to the things about the game I really do like, the animation, it's been said many times to seemingly unbelieving readers but one thing Blizzard does exceedingly well is animate their models. The motions are just fluid and last an appropriate amount of time. I found myself sucked into the city atmosphere in Silvermoon as I watched a few scenes actually take place in front of me. Unlike many mmos and recent ones at that, NPCs move and some walk about and talk to each other. Even the ones who just stand around look like they should be just standing around. The world is constructed very intelligently, no they are no doors on buildings, but there are no loading screens either or frame rate hiccups. The areas are large enough that I was a little lost after coming out of the newbie zone, while it's supposed to be linear you can freely walk about anywhere and if you stick to the roads you actually miss out on quest NPCs. So exploration is not something that I feel is missing at all. I am playing a hunter and I'm only level 10 so there not a whole lot I know firsthand about the game just yet, this is basically initial impression and thoughts on why I've cheated myself out of this game for so long. So at level 10 my hunter gets to learn how to tame pets, very useful actually makes the hunter class very powerful for solo. What tickled me though was when I realized I had to keep my pet happy by feeding it so it's attack percentage would not decrease. I mean they could have called it anything, but they chose to say you're pet is content, unhappy ect.. How is this shallow and unimmersive? It seems every time I find do something new I always find some small neat detail that Blizzard chose to put there, that just makes you go: "That's pretty cool!"

And maybe that's why it's hard to play other games after WoW, it's not so much that you've been spoiled with how easy it is to gain levels or other things one would work for, but that WoW does a few key things so very well it's tough to change to a new game and find that those things are not done so well. I think once you are used to something being a certain way it is very difficult to adjust to what is different and special in a new spin of things. That comment goes for both old school UO, EQ ect playes and newer WoW players. Before I go I have one other observation, I have heard recently that Blizzard keeps making things easier all the time, leveling, arenas, getting epic gear in one tier, getting epic mounts, and my thoughts though they may be wrong is that they do so with what they consider old content, basically whatever the newest expansion offers is what should be the challenge and the older content is made easier so new people and alts can access the newest content earlier. Is that bad? Is that good? I'm not really sure it's either, it's a decision only the player can decide for themselves and one that Blizzard may believe in.

And now to enjoy some pastel colored questing. :D

Vidcast 4: Fallout 3 and Books

Posted by Cynthe Friday April 17 2009 at 10:31AM
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Speaking was not my forte today but I managed to ramble on and on anyway. :) Fallout 3 and the books I'm currently reading or about to read are the topics of this video.

Vicast 4: Fallout 3 & Books

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Dream Bytes Vlog: Community And I Don't Like This Anymore.

Posted by Cynthe Wednesday April 1 2009 at 11:00PM
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A few thoughts on rage quitting communities in online gaming, blogging, vlogging, foruming or whatever it is that you are into and getting angry or stressed out about the behavior of others.


Dream Bytes Vlog 03

Dream Bytes: building air castles one cloud at a time.