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Dreamer's log

Hey guess what? This is a gamers blog, I know shocking! I also take part in vlogging which is like blogging but with a webcam. :)

Author: Cynthe

Wegame: Holy Crap it's pretty cool.

Posted by Cynthe Monday March 30 2009 at 2:46PM
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So I've started to make these videos about games and what not, and my next project is a little something on Fallout 3. I really wanted to record gameplay and do a little montage, I'm also working on a few mods and wanted to show sneak peaks once in a while so there I go downloading the latest Fraps free version, because I'm cheap and 37$ for a game recording seems a little steep. I paid less for my webcam for crying out loud. And it shows you say... Shush!! :P

But unfortunately Fraps only lets you record 15 seconds at a time, or a certain amount of time equally ridiculous. So I looked for an alternative that's either cheaper for a full version or hell how about totally free? Enter Wegame, I was quickly drawn in by the easy and fluid web navigation and general hipness of the site. They have a forum for discussion and help, each member has their own profile page which is pretty standard nowadays, but wegame also has a notification bar at the bottom of the pages that lets you track your friends, upload videos and screenshots and notifies members and site visitors who's logged in at that moment. While I thought all the notifications were an annoyance at first I quickly got used to them and I could see how it would be handy for more hardcore users or people who already use Facebook or various Ning network sites.

After the download and installation I took wegame for a spin in Fallout 3 and recorded a short preview of my housing mod featuring a small underground vault-style bunker. I have to say that regardless of a lack of support for AA it's a rather decent video recorder at high quality. I am very much impressed that I can record to my heart's content, upload videos up to 20 mins long and be assured that this tool is being very well developed and supported with important updates, such as WMV support which they now have. 

I'm going to go ahead and predict that this site is going to be very big in a short while and every gamer that vlogs, podcasts or create machinima are going to find themselves on Wegame sooner or later. I'm looking forwards to watching their development and community grow!


Here's the video I made to try out WeGame, it's also a small preview of a housing mod I am working on for Fallout 3: Trying out WeGame in Fallout 3


demonic87 writes:

I tried WeGame but its only specific games so i still recommend fraps.

Mon Mar 30 2009 4:45PM Report
Cynthe writes:

They are adding games to their list regularly. The reason they do this is because they are testing each one.

But yeah with Fraps you don't get that problem, but you still need to fork moneys over. XD

Mon Mar 30 2009 10:38PM Report
Sargoth writes:

Almost all the time, if you pay money for a professional service, it's going to be better than the free service.  Stop being cheap and fork over the cash. 

Tue Mar 31 2009 9:05AM Report
Cynthe writes:

Well Sargoth that's called common sense. However the point is you don't need to spend it if this service happens to work fine for your needs.

And Wegame is quite good for being free to top it off.

Tue Mar 31 2009 10:21AM Report
demonic87 writes:

Maybe if you were smart and used a coughcrackcough like me you can get fraps free and easy.

Tue Mar 31 2009 2:48PM Report
Cynthe writes:

Cheating a company of their money isn't what I'd consider 'smart'.

I'd rather support people that are trying to push out something great instead. Call it playing within karma.

Thanks for the comments! :p


Tue Mar 31 2009 6:29PM Report writes:
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