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Dreamer's log

Hey guess what? This is a gamers blog, I know shocking! I also take part in vlogging which is like blogging but with a webcam. :)

Author: Cynthe

Dream Bytes Vlog: Why can't you hold me MMO?

Posted by Cynthe Friday March 13 2009 at 11:42AM
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Here's vlog number 2 on MMO hopping and what kind of game package I'm looking for. Excuse my shirt it kept trying to talk over me, how rude. But don't worry the shirt was properly scolded and won't be seen on camera again, along with it's green brother (shirt with the same fabric).

dcostello writes:

From what I heard, or saw, or heard/saw from your vlog (which is something new to me because I didn't know what a vlog was before I clicked on the link) you would have been interested in SWG pre CU (combat upgrade).  It basically had everything that you said/wanted. 

    I would recommend that you check out Mortal Online because it looks like a better version of Darkfall, however since there isn't too much information on the site or out there, it's hard to tell exactly what Mortal Online is going to be like.  I have been jumping from MMO to MMO, so you're certainly not alone in that respect.  MMOs just aren't as innovative today, or at least they don't seem to be...

Fri Mar 13 2009 5:40PM Report
Cynthe writes:

Thanks for the comment :)

I definately agree there's some sort of void somewhere or maybe some of us who have tried several games are getting ever harder to please.

Mortal Online looks somewhat promising, but I think it's FFA PvP not something I'm usually drawn to.

Fri Mar 13 2009 6:37PM Report
solocrono writes:

             I'm kinda in the same boat as you.  I will be honest, WoW was my first official MMORPG.  But after playing that for 3.5 years, I've been aching for something else.  I like having a great balance of great PvE and PvP, unfortunately no one MMO can please those two aspects for me.  

          I've tried every major recent MMO since '06 including PoTBS, EVE, AoC, Vanguard, The Matrix (Umm), D&D (horrible), CoH/CoV, LOTRO, WAR.   All of them had at least ONE thing that I enjoyed about them, but never hit on all cylinders enough to keep me. 

      Recently I've come to the conclusion, until further notice, that I have to have 1 game for PvE, and the other for PvP.  Right now it's LOTRO & WAR.  I just never had alot of fun with WoW's PVP, but it's PvE is great.  WAR's PvP is VERY enjoyable for me, and LOTRO has great PvE like WoW does.   I don't like doing this, but at least I have fun with them.  (this comment is a bit long, sorry...)  All that being said, I've been looking hard to find an unreleased game that could possibly appease both, but haven't spotted it yet.   /sigh  Here's hopin soon.   Thanks for reading.

Sat Mar 14 2009 4:04AM Report
Cynthe writes:

Don't worry about long comments I enjoy reading those most !

Now wouldn't it be fantastic if a game came out with great PvP and PvE? I'm not entirely sure it is possible you either get excellence on one or the other, no company has been able to pull both off equally great. But here's to hoping!


Sat Mar 14 2009 9:43AM Report writes:
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