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Dreamer's log

Hey guess what? This is a gamers blog, I know shocking! I also take part in vlogging which is like blogging but with a webcam. :)

Author: Cynthe

Fit for the Wii: 2 weeks later

Posted by Cynthe Thursday January 8 2009 at 1:40PM
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I have been steadily training on my wonderful christmas gift, the wii fit, well almost steadily! My goal was to follow a bit of the program at least everyday with a few more intense days. In 2 weeks I've managed to go for 60 mins only twice, the rest of the days I pulled 34-38 minutes of yoga, strength and some aerobics. I've also failed to train for 4 days. :(

There was one day after my second 60 minute workout that I had to take the next day off because my calves were very sore and hard as rock. As I said before my legs build up muscle very easily and even though I refrain from lunges and such exercises that focus on them there are still a number of yoga and strength moves that will tone those areas. Which is fine, as long as I don't ever use weights or resistance.

Graph time? Have I lost any actual weight? This is the burning question isn't it? ^_^

This is my chart for my body mass index or BMI's progress over the last 2 weeks. As you can see my goal in one month was to get to 23.07 which translates as 135 lbs for me. With two weeks to go this goal which seemed totally realistic now doesn't look so good. I have managed to gain 3 pounds, from 137lbs to 140lbs.

For someone that just does not exercise and certainly never strength train, I think this is a very positive turn. I have been building up muscle tone and let me tell you it does actually show. I have noticed my lower arms, ankles, calves, thighs and hips looking more sleek and toned, I fit better in my pants and even my shirts seem to hang a tad better. It is not a dramatic effect but in so short a time it's a little bit exciting.

Wii fit's main feature is not to actually lose weight or build significant muscle mass but it is to train your balance and posture. And they remind you like every five freaking seconds too! And yes in fact I have noticed that my posture has been a bit better, I am more aware of standing on both feet or even sitting on both my buns equally. I feel stronger and more steady and I don't tend to trip or smack into low tables as much. That may sound funny but I am a naturally clumsy person, tripping and running into solid objects is nothing new.. ^^:; I've only counted one black bruise on a thigh this week, yay!

So now I have another 2 weeks to go before the end of my first goal. I'm sure my Wii Fit will love to lecture me when I fail to get to it, but that's ok. I find that they have some nice tips for people to keep in mind. A lot of them seem like common sense but when you think about it, how often do we actually act on this common sense?

Well that's it for now, laters.