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Dreamer's log

Hey guess what? This is a gamers blog, I know shocking! I also take part in vlogging which is like blogging but with a webcam. :)

Author: Cynthe

Aion: Atreian Lore

Posted by Cynthe Tuesday January 6 2009 at 9:23PM
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aion banner

Hello MMORPGers! I am re-posting this from my GAX blog to see how the mmorpg blogs fare , I've been on the fence on whether I should start posting here or not so I guess this is a bit of an experiment. Hope you like this piece nonetless.

I had meant to create this post before the holidays as a way to kick off a series of blogs about Aion but I procrastinated and here we are. I was listening to Massively last night and Shawn mentioned Aion's lore and it reminded me what I had planned... ;) Now the following is my opinion based on the lore found on the official site and may not be exactly accurate, feel free to give me your thoughts.

The World of Atreia by NCsoft

At the beginning of time the world of Atreia was created by the god Aion. It was a hollow world supported by a core called the Tower of Eternity which is also Aion's domain. The tower supported all life within and shined it's light on all it's creatures, it was a time of peace where humans were one people and lived in harmony with each other.

But Aion seeing as gods do, that the world may need protection and rule created a race of very powerful beings called the draken. But the draken became very quickly enamored of their power and sought to decimate other intelligent beings and control the world by force. Humans fled before their devastating might and hid within enclaves while other species were wiped out. After having subjugated the warlike races of the Mau and the Krall the draken experienced an evolution, what they call their awakening. They became even stronger and much more intelligent, their physical appearance changed so much that when the humans saw them again they mistook them for a new race, and indeed they were no longer draken but dragons. Five Dragon Lords arose and took power organizing the forces into military ranks and giving their people a new name: the Balaur.

In their ever consuming greed and hunger for power the Balaur soon turned their attention to their creator Aion and the Tower of Eternity. They demanded that they be blessed with godhood, and when Aion refused they attacked the tower itself.

The remaining humans fought bravely to protect the tower and in a desperate attempt at salvation Aion created twelve Empyrean Lords, god like creatures formed in the image of humanity. These divine beings were to be the new guardians of Atreia, to act against the Balaur and restore order and peace to the world. Aion also created a substance called Aether to enable the Empyrean Lords to take flight and receive divine powers in order to fight against the Balaur. A shield made of this same aether was raised around the Tower of Eternity to protect the tower and those taking refuge within and around.

The battle between the Empyrean Lords and the Dragon Lords raged on for a thousand years and is referred to as the Millennium War. Within that time humans now exposed to the new substance aether became affected in an unforeseen way. Some of their number became attuned to aether and could use it's power similarly to the Empyrean Lords. These humans became known as Daeva and were recruited in the Empyrean forces. Daeva born as humans only developed their powers later on in life at differing times, some who were recruited had to leave friends, family and lovers behind. Another adverse effect of becoming a Daeva is that they cannot die by conventional means and age no longer has a hold of them. A distinct advantage in battle but also a fact that separates them from the people they once knew and loved.

Even with the advent of the Daeva, the war still did not relent and foreseeing a never ending battle that would eventually steal their humanity the leader of the Empyrean Lords, Israphel, announced that they should try to seek peace with the Balaur. At the announcement the Empyreans became divided, Lady Ariel approved of the plan and pleaded Israphel's case to one named Lady Siel, whom with Lord Israphel had authority over the twelve. Siel agreed with the proposal for peace and though many disapproved vehemently, the aetheric shied was lowered and the Balaur were invited to the tower.

Now it is not clear as to whether the Balaur attacked of their own will having never even considered peace, or if the Lord Asphel precipitated the attack by killing Lord Vitra of the Balaur. But what is certain is that all out war broke out within the tower. There was no time to raise the aetheric shield back up, so the Empyreans and Daevas went into two camps, one in the south and one in the north to drive out the Balaur and fend off more of their numbers. Alas before long shards were falling all around, the light of the tower extinguished and despite Lady Ariel's efforts in keeping the tower intact, it finally buckled and broke. As it shattered and tore in two, the entire world shuddered along with it and was also broken into two halves. Millions died, Lord Israphel and Lady Siel were also lost in bleeding themselves of all their aether in an attempt to save others. This event is known as the Epic Cataclysm.

In the aftermath, the remaining Empyrean Lords and Daeva found themselves separated and plunged
into two worlds. One of of perpetual darkness and cold and the other of perpetual light and warmth. If you look at the map you can see those who were defending the north side became the Asmodians and those of the south became the Elyos. There is also a sun outside that circles Atreia but it probably circles horizontally so only the south side is ever lighted. I may be slightly off mark there though.

I hope you enjoyed this summary and I urge you to read the official lore as it is told through the eyes of an Elyos and an Asmodian Daeva and is really interesting to see the difference in opinion and why they blame each other for Aion's downfall.

Pelagato writes:

U know something.... u r an AION lover...


Wed Jan 07 2009 12:43AM Report
Scot writes:

Thanks for that, it’s a nice summation. As yet I can find no reason why the two starter races are at war or do not now speak the same language. Apart from a need for PvP that is. :)

Hopefully this will become clear with time.

Wed Jan 07 2009 4:29AM Report
Ayase writes:

Great post Cynthe. :)


@Scot ... We're having a series of lore-related stories on the official website that take you through the history of the world step by step. If you're not alerady following them, you should have a look. :)

Wed Jan 07 2009 5:02AM Report
redrum666er writes:

Thx cynthe!

Wed Jan 07 2009 7:57AM Report
Cynthe writes:

Yay thanks for the replies, verdict is in I'll be posting here from now on :P

 I I have the link up right before the image of Atreia for the official lore, if my summary isn't clear hit that up!!!!

Wed Jan 07 2009 9:51AM Report
thamighty213 writes:

good stuff Cynthe definately come post in the Aion section also be nice to have some more inteligence to outweigh the troll's

Wed Jan 07 2009 1:29PM Report
Razephon writes:

Nice summary :)

Wed Jan 07 2009 1:51PM Report
Cynthe writes:

I do post in the Aion section :O 

I don't know if I'm being intelligent there though.... XD

Wed Jan 07 2009 7:13PM Report writes:
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