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MMORPG - our Virtual Worlds are under attack. Log in and fight dammit!

Our genera is under fire by a generation of gamers for whom the term MMORPG represents an extension of Animal Crossing or Battlefield 2. Writers are telling gamers to buy buffs from people who control the need for them. I hope it's just a Secret World ARG

Author: Cyberdeck7

Just buy the Green Lantern DLC

Posted by Cyberdeck7 Monday August 1 2011 at 7:07PM
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First some facts. Everyone is parroting - they broke their promise! they broke their promise! about monthly content releases. Well, that's crap unless you think they should have released when they found out that everything got hacked (waaay before it hit the news) or when we were all locked out because of the hack.

In order to figure out what is actually going on and make up your own mind on whether or not to pay $10 for a crapload of content, consider the following.

DCUO was released in Jan

Feb - Catwoman, Batcave, Valentines thing

March - Two Face Instance, Two-Face in Legends, Batcave 3 raid

Apr 12th - Sony hacked (if they didn't hedge on the date). I'd assume all projects were halted. Who'd fund pushing out content when they were facing the extinction of their gaming community?

April 27th - Public announcement and the beginning of subscription losses - yeah, we were locked out of cancelling but were reimbursed in full + free service + digital crap

May - Servers down for 12 days - between that loss, free game time, subscriber loss and paying for everyone's ID protection they lost $3.6 Billion ($260 billion yen) 


Fun fact: If you stacked 3.6 billion 1 dollar bills, the stack would be 244.44 MILES high.

this is not true.---> That is further then the distance between the center of the earth and the center of the moon.<--- but it has to stay for posterity. (Thanks Deathtrip)


A quick lesson in corporate finance before we move on. Sony is not just a big blob of money. Corporations are divided into something similar to divisions, departments, large projects and contributing projects. Everyone from the smallest dev team who wants to get their special move implemented to the entire entertainment division fights for a budget and receives less of an allocation then they ask for.

June - July : Well, Sony didn't lose $3.6 Billion, Sony's gaming division lost the $3.6 billion. Every project would have been looked over. We lost SWG because of it and we lost the upcoming Spy shooter thing. We probably lost crap we never heard of and if you don't think a low performing game like DCUO didn't take a budget hit you're nuts. The reason Sony doesn't come clean about these layoffs and cancellations is that no one at Sony is allowed to mutter the word hack - they don't want to freaking remind us of it, do they? MMO players have an even longer memory than voters.

The item shop was a surprise announcement in July and it is a half-assed thing they threw up to sell the Green Lantern content. The content was never intended as DLC; it was going to be released with the movie along with a TV commercial blitz stressing the relation between the game and the movie. They'd then ramp up content production with the money from the box sales and then maybe satisfy all of us yammering morons.

Look, if you really take a 10,000 foot view of the situation the game is going to be cut unless they can pull in some cash. Plain and Simple. 

If you like to see this game continue, help fund it - give them their $10. It's like two Starbucks for crying out loud. It's probably the closest you'll ever get to the much ballyhooed "speak with your wallet"... ever.

If you hate it, go find a game you like and talk about that.