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MMORPG - our Virtual Worlds are under attack. Log in and fight dammit!

Our genera is under fire by a generation of gamers for whom the term MMORPG represents an extension of Animal Crossing or Battlefield 2. Writers are telling gamers to buy buffs from people who control the need for them. I hope it's just a Secret World ARG

Author: Cyberdeck7

Just buy the Green Lantern DLC

Posted by Cyberdeck7 Monday August 1 2011 at 6:07PM
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First some facts. Everyone is parroting - they broke their promise! they broke their promise! about monthly content releases. Well, that's crap unless you think they should have released when they found out that everything got hacked (waaay before it hit the news) or when we were all locked out because of the hack.

In order to figure out what is actually going on and make up your own mind on whether or not to pay $10 for a crapload of content, consider the following.

DCUO was released in Jan

Feb - Catwoman, Batcave, Valentines thing

March - Two Face Instance, Two-Face in Legends, Batcave 3 raid

Apr 12th - Sony hacked (if they didn't hedge on the date). I'd assume all projects were halted. Who'd fund pushing out content when they were facing the extinction of their gaming community?

April 27th - Public announcement and the beginning of subscription losses - yeah, we were locked out of cancelling but were reimbursed in full + free service + digital crap

May - Servers down for 12 days - between that loss, free game time, subscriber loss and paying for everyone's ID protection they lost $3.6 Billion ($260 billion yen) 


Fun fact: If you stacked 3.6 billion 1 dollar bills, the stack would be 244.44 MILES high.

this is not true.---> That is further then the distance between the center of the earth and the center of the moon.<--- but it has to stay for posterity. (Thanks Deathtrip)


A quick lesson in corporate finance before we move on. Sony is not just a big blob of money. Corporations are divided into something similar to divisions, departments, large projects and contributing projects. Everyone from the smallest dev team who wants to get their special move implemented to the entire entertainment division fights for a budget and receives less of an allocation then they ask for.

June - July : Well, Sony didn't lose $3.6 Billion, Sony's gaming division lost the $3.6 billion. Every project would have been looked over. We lost SWG because of it and we lost the upcoming Spy shooter thing. We probably lost crap we never heard of and if you don't think a low performing game like DCUO didn't take a budget hit you're nuts. The reason Sony doesn't come clean about these layoffs and cancellations is that no one at Sony is allowed to mutter the word hack - they don't want to freaking remind us of it, do they? MMO players have an even longer memory than voters.

The item shop was a surprise announcement in July and it is a half-assed thing they threw up to sell the Green Lantern content. The content was never intended as DLC; it was going to be released with the movie along with a TV commercial blitz stressing the relation between the game and the movie. They'd then ramp up content production with the money from the box sales and then maybe satisfy all of us yammering morons.

Look, if you really take a 10,000 foot view of the situation the game is going to be cut unless they can pull in some cash. Plain and Simple. 

If you like to see this game continue, help fund it - give them their $10. It's like two Starbucks for crying out loud. It's probably the closest you'll ever get to the much ballyhooed "speak with your wallet"... ever.

If you hate it, go find a game you like and talk about that.

Kothoses writes:

The Patching issue and the content patch schedule is not what killed this game. 


I point you to my video blog  for the reasons why and how SoE basically killed this game.  I am a lifetime subscriber I have 2000 Station cash from that in the bank and still I will not be buying the Green Lantern DLC. 


You dont get my money for expansion mini or otherwise while your base game is still failing.  Certainly I do not feel obliged to "help them out" just because they are hitting hard times, they did it to them selves and perhaps enough big failures and people like Smedly and Cao will be removed from this company for good and maybe then the games will actually take the direction of trying to retain customers rather than replace them

Mon Aug 01 2011 7:46PM Report
Cyberdeck7 writes:

First of all, nice ad for your presentation.

Please consider that "the base game failing" is an opinion. I'm having fun right now. I made a friend the second night I was back on and on a PvP server no less (I'm more PvP fodder than anything).

Also, I only tried to lay out what I think is going on so that people who actually like the game could grab the DLC, keep their game afloat, and have some fun while getting past the pack of screaming monkeys by using some common sense.

It's a different opinion than yours, sure but this post isn't about Smedley or Sony's Corporate structure, or even how they've screwed up so far. It is about the stark reality that if we don't purchase the DLC, the game will probably die. 

Ok, so you're not buying and have all this station cash sitting there to prove what? That you're so mad at Sony that you're going to let them earn interest on your money longer?

I'm not sure why people make missions out of hating games. I get it, you're disappointed. How much energy do you spend trying to convert people who like the game to hating it?

For the record - I've never purchased a lifetime account no matter how whipped up the cut scenes spiked the hype meter. I've also never purchased a car without driving it first either, even if the salesman tells me the deal ends in 10 minutes. Make of that what you will.

Mon Aug 01 2011 11:08PM Report
DeathTripp writes:

Here's some Lunar Science for Kids for you mate. The average distance from the center of the Earth to the center of the Moon is 384,403 km (238,857 miles). I'm really not sure that your "Fun Fact" is much of a fact at all. I just thought I would point that out. Hah...

Mon Aug 01 2011 11:26PM Report
Cyberdeck7 writes:

lol - it didn't seem quite right to me either.

It's out there now, maybe by the time we reach Idiocracy it'll be true

Mon Aug 01 2011 11:31PM Report
Cyberdeck7 writes:


That was a cheap shot I made at linking your blog. Though in my opinion it's not completely relevant to my post, you make some very good points. I'd encourage people to watch.

Mon Aug 01 2011 11:47PM Report
Kothoses writes:

The only reason I linked it was because it sums up my feelings towards how SoE mismanaged DC Universe into the oblivion its currently in.


I bought the life time sub because I really REALLY enjoyed the gameplay but when it came to trying to get other people involved I feel they truley let me and everyone else down.  I would LOVE to go back to DCU but it just feels so lifeless and empty and I put the blame for that squarely at Sonys feet.


As for "cheap shot" no it was not a cheap shot at all, I can understand how it may have looked that way at first and to be honest I was dubious about linking it this way.  It did however seem more purdent than just copy pasting word for word what I felt. 


I want to love DCU Because at its heart it is a fun game, but I spent weeks try to get going with the group content in that game, and every step of the way the game fought against me.


Rather than basically covering the lost subscription costs with a paid content patch Sony should be working harder to promote the game and to entice players back with more emphasis on evolving the game play especially for level 30 chars.


At the very least they could and should release more quest content and raise the level cap even if it means spacing out ability points more.

Tue Aug 02 2011 12:34AM Report
Cyberdeck7 writes:

Well if you ever decide to come back I'm on Death and Glory, but would be more than happy to re-roll on a PvE server if it meant being able to play with someone with maturity and intelligence regularly. 

I have nothing at all against our younger bretheren but I usually feel uncomfortable and out of place in guild situations etc. Or maybe my jokes are stupid and everyone has really high voices - the jury is still out on that one.

Tue Aug 02 2011 12:38PM Report
Kothoses writes:

If I get the urge I will definately hit you up mate, in the mean time if you are planning to play SWToR in the EU you are more than welcome to join the guild I am in, theres quite a few people who are all good sorts that I have met in various games and places.


Throw me a PM if you want details :) and keep up the good work with the blogs, the free to play one especially was one of the best ones I have read recently.


I would be interested to read something from you about the Diablo 3 Auction house situation and where you think that will lead for MMOS too.

Tue Aug 02 2011 2:31PM Report
Kothoses writes:

By free to play I mean the Marketing Vs Developer gold button one you did,


that one

Tue Aug 02 2011 4:41PM Report writes:
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