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Aika online- game review

Posted by Cupy Sunday June 20 2010 at 9:19AM
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Review- Aika online
Aika online is a fantasy MMORPG published by Gala-Net ( Flyff, Rappelz, Allods online) and produced by JoyImpact( Neo Steam).
When you first log in to the game it will lead you to the character creation, which is gender locked- I didn’t like this at all because i wanted to play a female mage..~.~  but now I think its just good- (Through Aika i found out i'm more the cleric type;). yaay).
You can choose between:
Dual gunner
There are 5 different hair/face types and hair colours for each class.
Possible roles :  Melee DPS (AoE, Burst), Off-Tank
Armor Type: metal
Primary attributes : Strength, Constitution
Secondary attributes: Physical attack
Weaknesses : Intelligence, Magic defense, Magic attack
Possible roles: Long-range DPS (Burst), Disabler, Stealth
Armor Type: Leather
Primary attributes: Agility
Secondary attributes: Physical attack
Weaknesses: Magic attack, Luck
Possible roles: Long-range DPS, Nuker, Crowd controller
Armor Type: Cloth (Robe)
Primary attributes: Magic attack, Magic defense, Intelligence
Secondary attributes: Luck
Weaknesses: Strength, Constitution, Physical Defense
Possible roles: Main Tank, Hybrid DPS/Healer, Buffer (self)
Armor Type: Metal
Primary attributes: Strength, Physical defense
Secondary attributes: Constitution
Weaknesses: Intelligence, Magic attack
Possible roles: Mid-range DPS (DoTs), Stealth, Invader
Armor Type: Leather
Primary attributes: Physical attack
Secondary attributes: Agility
Weaknesses: Magic attack, Physical defense
Possible roles: Healer, Buffer, Cleanser
Armor Type: Cloth (Dress)
Primary attributes: Magic attack, intelligence
Secondary attributes: Magic defense, Luck
Weaknesses: Strength, Physical defense
Graphics and sound
The Graphics are just beautiful and in my opinion not usual for Free2play.
The sound is nice and fits well to the ambience.  Some samples I found on
..amazing huh? :)
Nice thing on Aika is that there is a voice system. Your Pran (more about this later) talks to you just like the Npcs when you click on them. And also your character is talking when you use Skills (for example when you use Bless (Clerics Buff skill) she says “It’s a happy feeling” or just “Bless!”) or emotes. There are some different options for each skill.
At first glance Aikas Gameplay seems not different to others but after a while there are some possibilities that make the game interesting and special. One of those is the daughter/Pran system.
Daughter system
 The evolution of your Pran. Fairy-->child-->teenager-->Adult ( question mark because no one got Pran too adult so far.)
While other MMORPGs may make you wait dozens of levels before earning access to signature things in the game, Aika gets the ball rolling early. You only gain a few levels before you are sent off to meet your Pran(also known as your “daughter”). The first part of getting your Pran is to find three drops of three enemies found outside the city within an hour.
Next is choosing the type of Pran you want. Fire, Water or Air.
More about the elements at
Your Pran will first appear as a little fairy flying around you but at higher levels she will evolve to child, teenager and adult. When your Pran reaches level 20 (teenager) she will get one of the following personalities: Cute, smart, sexy, fallen, though, hyper. The personality will just change her appearance and behaviour.( My Pran is still cute T_T..want her to become hyper!:D).
Pran voices and behavior.
a good motivation to keep on with lvling^.^!!
Hyper Pran<3
Not only do you get your Pran early on, you don’t have to wait long for dungeons/grouping, either.  If I’m right you receive the first quest even before you hit level ten. It says you need to check out a new area via teleporter. Dungeons come with few modes. Normal, Hard, Elite and Hell (50+)
Aika won’t disappoint PVP lovers out there! There are several types of PVP events that can host thousand of players in massive raids. There are also Battlegrounds- organized arena team plays. The matches are created by players and can range from teams of 6 to teams of 24. When creating a battleground players have full choice as to team size, time limits, game modes and the winning score criteria.
There are two other types of PVP: Castle Sieges and Nation wars.
Castle Sieges are events where guilds of players vying for the chance to capture the flag of an enemy castle. Winners become rulers of the defeated nation and the leader of the guild who contributed the most to the win becomes Lord Marshal.
Nations (of which there are five) can also fight against each other, invading territories or destroying guardian stones. They also compete for control of relics, locked away in temples. Relics give nation-wide buffs.
Normal quests in Aika are quite easy. Kill X to get Y. Or you just need to kill an amount of enemies, collect items or kill minibosses ( which are honestly easy..even if it says "Partyquest") There are also group/raid or country quests.
Yay! Aika has mounts*-*!When you reach lvl 40 you'll be able to get the mountquest. You have to decide whether you pay 2m. gold or do a long quest to receive it. ( I did the need to do some dungeon/group quests for it..only thing that could be hard is to find a group. The other quests arent that hard..but annoyingxD. Kill monsters..get items.
 Warlocks mount. :O
Aika online is definitely worth a try!
PVP is great and the Pran system motivates you to keep on with lvling. It is not the most originally game on the market but for me one of the best, since we have to keep in mind its free2play.
Oh and by the way the new major expansion "Ashes of Betrayal" is now live!!
New areas, new nation systems, class evolutions and more*-*!
The Arcanist! Warlocks evolution
The Saint! Clerics evolution ( great armor huh*-*)
The Sniper! Riflemens evolution!
 The Pistoleer! Dual Gunners evolution
The Conqueror! Warriors evolution
The Templar! Paladins evolution!
for further information and download visit:


 Great game! Thaaanks=D