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Crystal Saga Developer Blog

Information on recent, upcoming, and future updates, events, and announcements in Crystal Saga

Author: CrystalSaga

Bot usage allowed in Crystal Saga?

Posted by CrystalSaga Wednesday December 14 2011 at 7:51AM
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So a lot of players have questioned the use of bots in any MMO.    Some players are against the usage of bots while others don't mind it.  Others complain about bots but end up not playing the game anyways.  So what about Crystal Saga?  What does Crystal Saga do about bots?

Crystal Saga is currently offering players AFK bot cards for the price of $0.45 for one hour.  Now a lot of players might become upset that Crystal Saga is actually allowing players to purchase bot cards to use in game, specially since the bot cards are mainly used for autoleveling.  This would certainly give players who work hard for their levels a reason to complain about unfair leveling.  However, more research into the AFK bot cards shows that these cards can be an advantage for players but it can also be a huge disadvantage and even a risk for players.  Crystal Saga GMs say the bots are used mainly for fighting monsters and autoleveling while the player goes afk but if no monsters are near the player, this bot card is useless.  Also if the player loses health, the bot doesn't do anything and lets the player die.  So the bot is basically an autoattacker, killing all nearby monsters automatically while the player is afk but not doing anything else.  This is a hue disadvantage, however the price for a 1 hour bot card clearly shows what the bot card can offer, which is not much at all.  45 cents just to autoattack nearby monster for one hour? Sounds pretty simple and cheap to me but I'm just a blogger.

If this bot is simply an autofighter, there's not much to complain about.  You can gain experience by killing monsters lower level than you and gaining small amounts of experience over time and make sure you don't die.  Players who work hard for their leveling will wander by killing bosses and challenging themselves to monsters who can give them really good experience.  Overall, the 1 hour afk bot card is nothing but a small supplement to a player's gaming experience.  Players can still outlevel a botter if they work hard enough.  The only advantage is if the botter fights monsters that are lower level but gives really good experience, however it all depends on the scenario.  If the lower level monster gives really good experience but gives out higher damage, then the botter has to watch out.  Various settings can factor in to whether or not the botter is in for a good 1 hour of autofighting or a boring 1 hour of accumulating small amounts of experience.

Unless you ask the players themselves, no one knows what players use the bot cards for or how often they use the bot cards.  Crystal Saga's marketing team says that a good number of players purchase and use the cards so it can be assumed players enjoy using the bot as a supplement to their gaming experience.  Players can choose if they want to play the game using the bot card or choose to play the game without using the bot card.  Some players can play and ignore botters.  It all depends.  We know that one thing is for sure: everyone has their own way of having fun in an MMO.  There's no defined way to have fun.  To some players, the bot card is part of the fun but I'm sure Crystal Saga provides a lot more features in its game than a bot card.

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