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Crystal Saga Developer Blog

Information on recent, upcoming, and future updates, events, and announcements in Crystal Saga

Author: CrystalSaga

Comparing Crystal Saga to RuneScape

Posted by CrystalSaga Tuesday December 13 2011 at 2:32AM
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There are dozens and dozens of browser-based MMORPGs that exist online and we all know Runescape is one of, if not, the best browser-based MMORPG.  With dull graphics that can run on any computer with low system requirements, Runescape offers plenty of features that gamers can kill time on.  So why would anyone compare a game like Crystal Saga to RuneScape?

Well both games are similar in that both games have dozens of servers to choose from.  Runescape's servers are combined PvE and PvP but are split between member and non member while Crystal Saga's servers are split between PvE and PvP.  Also, both have a history of bot usage.  Some might agree that bots can destroy the "meaning" of a game while others agree that bots can be ignored and you can play the game with fun and enjoyment.  Crystal Saga allows its players to purchase an afk bot, a bot that does certain things when the player logs out or does something while being away from the keyboard.  Runescape has had many problems with players trying to create programs that will give the player an advantage in the game such as bone collecting, killing monsters, and crafting runes.  Runescape has been trying to stop the usage of bots by enforcing account termination while Crystal Saga permits usage of bots.  But there's a difference.  Runescape's bots are dangerous to the game while Crystal Saga's bots are a beneficial supplement to the game.  Some players may or may not agree to this.  Popular games such as Perfect World uses bots as a supplement to aid players in the game.

True gamers will say that bots are harmful to the game, no excuses.  Gamers who are more relaxed and laid back won't be bothered by bots as long as bots don't give players a huge advantage over others.  Now, players have their own way of enjoying and having fun in an MMO.  One player might enjoy an MMO more or less differently than another player.  I think every gaming developer and publisher can agree that we can't make all players happy nor can we meet players' expectations.  We can only do what's best for players and the company on a long-term basis.

RuneScape is coded in java and has existed for many years.  The game runs very well and allows for a very expanded character customization.  Crystal Saga is different.  Classes are limited and it hasn't been existing for many years, but we can all agree that Crystal Saga has better graphics and does a great job with implementing 3D gameplay features into a browser-based MMO.

Overall, both games are different but are similar in certain ways.  Some might think it's crazy to compare both games against each other but we can say one thing, both games, especially Crystal Saga, has more to offer as the months go by especially during the Christmas season.

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