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Discussion of gaming philosophy

This blog is created to discuss what we like in games and how we manifest them. For me, I know what type of games I like due to trial and error and thus based on my own gaming philosophy I should be able to guess what would entertain me.

Author: Cryomatrix

Gaming philosophy:

Posted by Cryomatrix Friday July 10 2009 at 12:08AM
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 My past gaming experiences included the following titles:

Starcraft, Diablo 2, Quake 3, WoW, Lineage 2, and EVE. I'll tell you what core features I loved and hated about the games the most and what my final gaming philosophy is now. 

Quake 3 = I loved the fast pace action and the straight forward competition of 1v1. Moved on to Starcraft. 

Starcraft = I loved the excitement of building a force and using it synergistically with other players to win (3v3), I also loved the straight forward competition of 1v1. Didn't really hate much of it. moved on to diablo 2. 

Diablo 2 = Loved the fact that you could get your character stronger and the challenge of it. I also pk'd and dueled legitimately in Hardcore. The competition was so fierce it was addicting, I guess I love challenges and pking/dueling in HC was it. Your heart was pounding and the adrenaline rush. Furthermore, in the small HC community, you could actually be someone. I've played this game on and off since 2000. I hated how blizzard didn't change some bugs when it was very easy to do . . . town pking and other exploits . . . 

WoW = I liked the story line and I liked how seamless and smooth the game was, truly, a very polished and unbroken game. What killed the game for me was that I came from Diablo 2 HC where everything you did had an intrinsic purpose. I'm going to grind for gear so I can keep my character alive because if I die i'm dead or I need to get items to trade for dueling gear so I don't lose my duelers. In WoW, I always got to the point of . . . okay, I raid to get better equipment to get involved in more dangerous raids to get better equipment and for what purpose. The PvP in WoW was meaningless compared to diablo 2 where it actually mattered what gear you had.  I did love ganking with a Hunter though,  I moved on to Lineage 2. 

Lineage 2 = I loved the graphics and the seamless world and the fact that you could actually influence the world with castle sieges. I hated the grind, the community was awful, full of ebayers and the botters completely ruined the game for me to the point where I will never ever give money to NCsoft again for allowing botters to run rampant in an non-instanced server where they DIRECTLY affect your quality. I moved on to EVE. 

EVE = Loved the robust economy, loved the sandbox feel, loved the fact that there was no level grinding and it never addicted me to keep playing to xp so i don't fall behind. However, there is a money grind in a sense but not really that important. Nonetheless I quit this game in an effort to quit games altogether or else i'd still be playing. However, I hated the lack of graphics in the game.

I also tried: Archlord, Vanguard, Perfectword, and dungeon runners = it's to a point now where if i kill a mob for xp . . . I want to vomit. I don't like grinding for xp to progress my character's skills, I cannot stomach WoW clones anymore, i've evolved as a gamer. 

My gaming philosophy is such: I want a cerebral game where I have to use my brain in order to progress in the world. Success is a function of intellect as much as a function of time. It is not necessary in a game but it is important for me to actually be able to "be someone" in a game. I like to have a game where players can be known for something and it doesn't have to be gear-based. I despise botting/ebaying/cheating and what not as I feel they take away from the whole gaming experience. I guess EVE seems to be the only game that fits that criteria. I only wish a game similar to EVE would come out in a different genre. 

The conceptual points of this long post is that if people recognize what they like then perhaps they will pick the right game that gets their juices flowing. However, the game maker has to be come into play, the game could have everything you want but be poorly implemented and it is a wash. Thanks for reading. 

What are your gaming philosophies?