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I am a current student at Virginia Common Wealth University. I am a double major in Information Systems and History. Currently, I am working on a book and have developed several small ORPGs in the past. I am working on a new ORPG and want your help!

Author: Crusix221

Guild Wars 2; Arrogant and Unreasonable Customer Service

Posted by Crusix221 Tuesday August 6 2013 at 3:52PM
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                 I recently had the unfortunate pleasure of having to deal with Guild Wars 2 customer service and I cannot believe their arrogance and complete lack of ability to logically resolve an issue. With that being said, let me explain the situation.

                Back in May I attempted to log on to GW2 for the first time in a few weeks only to find my password and email had been changed and that my account had been comprised. To customer services credit, I went through them to have my account restored using my product key and was able to get my account back. Upon logging on I found all of my characters deleted and replaced by one level 80 which looked as if it was being used for gold farming. Angry, but rolling with the punches, I took what little gems and gold that were left in my bank and on that character and re-rolled.

                Fast forward two months, I go to log onto GW2 only this time find that my account has been suspended for use of third-party programs. Obviously, I was very angry as I had not used any third-party programs and I assumed my account had been hacked again and resulted in me being banned. As such, I contact customer service and admittedly wrote, an emotionally charged complaint to have my account restored as this is the second time they have failed to insure the security of my account and to add insult to injury they had now pointed the blame at me.

                I soon receive an email from customer support saying that my request has been elevated to Senior Customer Support Representative. Following that email two weeks pass by and I wrote another stern, yet mature, response to them about their irresponsibility in banning my account and the need for them to restore it or issue me a refund immediately.

                I then receive a response from them claiming that they are confident in their detection methods and that my account will remain closed and refund will be issued. Again, having not used any third party programs and having restored a HACKED ACCOUNT THROUGH THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE prior to this issue I was very upset and responded to them that it was unbelievable and unacceptable that they could not logically follow the audit trail of me having an account compromised previously and for not understand my argument for having used no such programs. Furthermore I assured them that I was not going to roll over on the issue since I was wrongfully accused and they have essentially denied me of services I paid for.

                Their last response to me was that, again they are positive in their methods of detecting third party programs being used by account and that they took place after my account was restored. All of which I have no doubt of, but they still are ignoring the fact they could not secure my account once and that it is highly probable that it was compromised again. Instead of entertaining such an idea, even with evidence and logic available to them; they instead inform me that my account will remain closed and that further service requests will be closed without review.

                Overall, the arrogance, poor customer service, and lack of reasoning demonstrated by this company and its customer service department is unacceptable by today’s standards and has flat out made me feel cheated out of the money I spent to purchase the game and used in the in-game store. As such, I am simply trying to bring awareness to this issue and appeal my case over all mediums and outlets I can because the way they have treated be has been a personal slap in the face.

2D MMORPGs: To little, to late?

Posted by Crusix221 Monday January 5 2009 at 4:23PM
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     As we all know the foundation for RPGs in general was laid out by 2D games. From the first Final Fantasy and Zelda series, to Chrono Trigger and Secert of Mana; these games will never be forgotten. My question is despite their infamy, will their art style ever die? Is immersion no longer possible in a "flat world"? To me, it depends on how creative you are.

    In my belief, 2D games are seeing the end of their time (and have been for a while besides in the mobile market). There are several small ORPGs out there that make due with a small community (I have designed and worked on several myself) but they never get close to seeing a "healthy" or even fair player base. Currently the market is flooded with 3D games most of the pay to play ones sporting passable 3D graphics and some free to play ones are on par as well (Sword of the New World). Besides the exceptions on the free to play side of things the majority of them seem to have very dated 3D graphics. Are they better looking then a well done 2D game (Dofus for example *Which I will note is successful but due to its browser nature)?

    This brings me to my argument; 2D games can be beautiful and sometimes part of the beauty is the fact that 2D games paint half the canvas and then give you the brush and say, "Finish it." A 3D game needs to be top of the line and absolutely sell that world to you. A 2D game gives you that looking glass where you have the basics (depending on budget and art direction of course) but you can see what you want to see. Most of you by now may be thinking "Well that's a shitty game then." but its not , its simply putting the RP back in. This is a whole other argument (Blog to come) but from my experience the community feeling is much more alive in 2D games than in any 3D game I have played. Everyone has there own motives, back stories, conversation (intelligent ones) just seem so much more natural and enjoyable.

    My final question is this: would you over look a MMORPG (even with your dream features and mechanics) if it where 2D (professional looking 2D at that)?