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Roleplaying Right

I am an avid player of the MUD, Achaea. If you are looking for a roleplay environment, with politics, combat, sailing, and more included, please consider joining Achaea. Seek me out if you have any questions or want help getting started! - Corbeaux

Author: Corbeau-x

Achaean Series: Tattoos and their importance

Posted by Corbeau-x Monday September 17 2012 at 11:01PM
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Ever wanted to become a tattoo artist? In IRE's MUD of Achaea, you can do just that! Unlike our world, within Achaea, tattoos are not just beautiful works of art. No, they are an outright necessity for combat, hunting, and safety. There are many different tattoos one can get, most of which are not permanent (though they can be made permanent through another process). Each tattoo holds a special power, some of which are always activated, and some which need to be activated.

No needles needed here! In Achaea, the art of tattooing is an old one, practiced by ancient Tsol'aa. Using dried powders formed from various berries and roots, a tattoo artist can swirl the inks and imprint them upon any body part that you wish. With training, more spots on the body can be imprinted with tattoos, and an adventurer can learn to tattoo their own body!

So, what are the kinds of tattoos available? Let's take a look:

HELP TATTOO lists these:

  • Firefly             Light up your surroundings.
  • Moss                Automatically reduce your bleeding.
  • Feather             Attain the lightness of a feather and levitate.
  • Shield              Protect yourself from most attacks.
  • Mindseye            See while blind, hear while deaf.
  • Hammer              Shatter another's shield.
  • Cloak               Protect yourself from summonings.
  • Bell                Be warned when there are those spying on you.
  • Crystal             Heal yourself of all your wounds.
  • Moon                Regeneration of mana through the power of light.
  • Starburst           The power of the stars provides immediate resurrection.
  • Boar                Feel the noble blood of the Black Boar beat in your veins.
  • Web                 Snare another in a sticky web.
  • Tentacle            Call the tentacles of Shimite to rip someone from the sky.
  • Hourglass           Send the sands of time to put your victim to sleep.
  • Brazier             Summon another to you.
  • Prism               Walk on prismatic shards of light.
  • Tree                Heal yourself with the tree of life.
  • Megalith            Partake of the determination of the megalith.
  • Ox                  Endurance flows through the spirit of the Ox.
  • Chameleon           Change your identity to the casual observer.
  • Superscribe         Hold two tattoos on each body part.
Some tattoos, like the boar, cause health regeneration in an adventurer. The moon tattoo functions similarly, only regenerating mana instead. Those that wish to stay alive, even in death, would want the starburst tattoo inked upon them. Assassins and serpents might find the chameleon tattoo to their liking, allowing them to change their identity to someone else and remain unseen. Shield tattoos are important in combat to protect against damage, and web tattoos can be used offensively to hinder an opponent. Ever wanted to teleport yourself to another being? A prism tattoo will do the trick. Or how about bringing them to you? Try a brazier tattoo!
As you can see, tattoos have special powers that can be used offensively, defensively, or to make one's life easier all around.  If you'd like to find out more, or dream about being a tattoo artist, or want to experience their powers yourself, create a character in Achaea from Iron Realms and come join us!