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Roleplaying Right

I am an avid player of the MUD, Achaea. If you are looking for a roleplay environment, with politics, combat, sailing, and more included, please consider joining Achaea. Seek me out if you have any questions or want help getting started! - Corbeaux

Author: Corbeau-x

Achaean Series: Dragons and Dragoncraft

Posted by Corbeau-x Sunday September 16 2012 at 11:06PM
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For some adventurers in the MUD of Achaea, reaching dragonhood is the pinnacle of success. It is a process that involves a person reaching the ninety-ninth level. The challenge is hard, and few will reach such a goal, making it an enticing reward in and of itself. But the benefits for overcoming such a challenge are many. In this Achaean series, we're going to take a brief look at how one becomes a dragon and what the ensuing dragoncraft is like!

Unlike the lesser dragons that roam the continent of Sapience, when an adventurer reaches the level of ninety-nine, they are transformed into that of a greater dragon. Greater dragons retain a spot in the lore and history of Achaea, making it a privileged position. Though bashing (or hunting, as it is termed in game) seems easy, leveling up and progressing does take a considerable amount of time. Knowledge of prime hunting spots, geography, travel, curatives, and a basic knowledge of your class will be needed in order to do so. However, those that take the time to do so will be heavily rewarded!

Once someone has ascended to the rank of a greater dragon, they are given a new class called dragoncraft with the ability to dragonform into a dragon! Plus, they are given a range of benefits, such as a new racial language (Dragon), the ability to fly, an increase in base statistics, a myriad of resistances, and the ability to choose your own dragon color. Each dragon color corresponds to a different power, too. For example, a black-colored dragon has acid breath, whereas a red-colored dragon breathes fire. These benefits alone make dragon a tempting goal. However, as I mentioned before, players are also given a whole new class called dragoncraft that feature a variety of new skills.

Once a player has dragonformed, and transformed into a dragon, their former skills are closed off and they use dragon skill abilities. Don't worry, though, as dragons can use the ability of lesser form any time they want and use their former class skills. What are some examples of dragon skills? Well, dragons can gut players with their claws, or knock down foes with their tails. They can use an ability called "pierce the veil", allowing the dragon to fly off into the land of dragons. They can use their breathstream to take out enemies, or simply chomp down on them.

Becoming a dragon is a milestone that is well respected in Achaea. Whether someone prefers hunting or combat, the dragon class makes both extremely viable. If you're interested in taking up the challenge, and becoming a renowned greater dragon, create a character in Achaea from Iron Realms and come join us!