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Roleplaying Right

I am an avid player of the MUD, Achaea. If you are looking for a roleplay environment, with politics, combat, sailing, and more included, please consider joining Achaea. Seek me out if you have any questions or want help getting started! - Corbeaux

Author: Corbeau-x

Achaean Series: In-game factions

Posted by Corbeau-x Monday September 3 2012 at 5:09PM
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Since my blog is more or less about Achaea (hint: I want more people to know about us and join up!) and MUDs in general, I figured I'd start a series about certain aspects of the game. Hopefully something from this post or the future posts in this series will pique one or two of you (or more) to give MUDs a shot, and possibly Achaea as well! First, we're going to look at the factions of Achaea.

Factions are important in most games because they give your character a sense of purpose. Without an opposing force, there is no game or story. In Achaea, these factions drive the game, the story, and the roleplaying elements through player and divine-driven content. These factions are represented by player-run cities, orders, and houses, and we'll touch on those organizations later in the series. For now, however, we'll touch on each of the broad factions in games.

There are arguably four main factions in the game, in addition to two smaller ones.

First, there is the faction of Good. They are the virtuous crusaders of the Light and preachers of righteousness. They worship and follow the tenets of the Te'Serra divine and actively seek out all that they find heretical. They actively oppose the factions of Evil and Chaos and seek to preserve Creation through any means. Major classes: Paladin and Priest

Second, there is the faction of Evil. They worship the Twin Lords, seeking to spread dominion over all others through oppression and suffering. They value strength above all else while seeking to purge weakness from themselves and others. They actively oppose the factions of Good, Chaos, and the Forests and work to preserve order. Major classes: Apostate and Infernal

Third, there is the faction of Chaos. They worship the God of Oblivion, Babel, and seek to preach of the impending ruin that all factions will face. They value freedom through true enlightenment and work to stop the forces of Evil, Good, and the Forests from oppressing the populace with false morality and interrupting their Master's work. Major classes: Occultist

Fourth, there is the faction of the Forests. They worship the druidic ways of the woods, as well as the forestal Gods, and seek to preserve and safeguard the forests from all that seek to destroy or abuse it. They actively oppose the forces of Evil and Chaos and work to preserve Creation. Major classes: Sentinel, Druid, and Sylvan

The two lesser factions consist of Darkness and Neutrality, with each being influenced in some ways with the above main factions. In my next post in this series, I'll touch upon the cities that actively represent these factions! If you're interested in playing as a member of one of these factions, create a character in Achaea from Iron Realms and come join us.