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Roleplaying Right

I am an avid player of the MUD, Achaea. If you are looking for a roleplay environment, with politics, combat, sailing, and more included, please consider joining Achaea. Seek me out if you have any questions or want help getting started! - Corbeaux

Author: Corbeau-x

Achaean Housing - a well-armed shack, a stronghold, or a mansion!

Posted by Corbeau-x Sunday September 2 2012 at 3:19PM
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Ever dreamed about owning your own stronghold, fortress, or castle? Perhaps you're more simple-minded, wanting a small little cottage near a lake? What if you could build your own temple to an in-game God that you worship, or build a museum to show off art and sculptures? In Achaea, that is completely possible! 

Where can you build? There are many options. For the most part, many choose to build their dream homes in the subdivisions of the city that they are a citizen of. Subdivisions offer security and protection from outside forces, offer the majority of plots that can be used for housing, and feature various types of land to build upon. Whether you want a grassy plot, or a plot that features flowers or streams, it can be found in the city subdivisions. Plus, the plots are relatively cheap, allowing you to save your gold and credits for more rooms and upgrades for your house.

Achaea also offers out-of-subdivision plots regularly when they host auctions. Win one of these prized plots and you are well on your way to building that secret criminal den that you've dreamed about. Rooms can be built upon ships, as well! Whether you want to build a secret lounge near the ship cabin, or just want somewhere to relax away from your crewmates, the possibilities are endless.

What can you build? You can build the initial rooms and doors, and then add on from there! For instance, you build a room, set the description, and then add a door. You can make it so that only your friends can enter or just yourself. If you're making a more public building, such as a museum or temple, you can allow the door to let everyone in. You can build ground level rooms, then complete them with basements, attics, hallways to other rooms, and more. I've personally seen two 20+ room mansions, a museum, a temple, and a hideout from the creativity of those that play this MUD.

What can you add on? Practically anything that you would like. Achaea offers a wide assortment of furniture to add. Carpets, beds, desks, chests, tables, tapestries, thrones, and more can be bought within game! Items from within game can be brought in too, of course. From the idols found at sea, to the gameboard bought in New Thera, your imagination is the only limit in regards to adding on to your structure. If you want, you can also build gardens, stables, or regeneration rooms for you and your allies.

Have you ever wanted to build anything, for yourself or for an organization? As I mentioned before, there is no limit but your own imagination. The sky is truly the limit in this case, which is another reason MUDs trump regular graphic games. If you are inspired to build, create a character in one of the free to play games from Iron Realms and come join us. Happy building!