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Roleplaying Right

I am an avid player of the MUD, Achaea. If you are looking for a roleplay environment, with politics, combat, sailing, and more included, please consider joining Achaea. Seek me out if you have any questions or want help getting started! - Corbeaux

Author: Corbeau-x

The Animals went in two by two! A quick look at mounts in Achaea.

Posted by Corbeau-x Monday August 13 2012 at 6:26PM
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The animals went in two by two! A quick look at mounts in Achaea.

In many of the MMORPGs we play some classes or professions make use of the ability to summon loyals, creatures of different varieties. These can be invaluable not only for combat, but also serve as an inspiration for roleplay. With this post I'd like to look at the different options outside of the 'class summons' for pets, focusing on the top MUD from IRE, Achaea.

There are two main routes the player can go to get a pet, mount or loyal creature outside of the classes. One can quest or earn a special creature, like the zombie gryphon from the Valho Coast. However, these tend to only remain yours until someone else completes the task. So while a cheap method of earning your special steed and stalwart companion, their loyalty to you is questionable!

Ramping up the cost a bit next you can buy small pets or mounts from different shops and traders around the land. Ranging from the cheapest common pack mules and ponies up to the heavily expensive (but still in gold) blood steeds, tigers, storm bulls, giant tortoises and many many more. The limitation at this stage is the depth of your virtual pocket. While Achaean mounts aren't strictly pets, they are handy. If you are mounted, you take less damage while hunting or in combat, they have some interesting combat applications such as the decimating trample, or being able to spur your creature to mountjump over obstacles assisting in chasing down that elusive bad guy, or allowing a quick escape the gleaming swords of the Paladin horde. Some mounts can even fly, and in the Achaean wilderness where mountainous landscapes can slow down the traveler on foot, a man on a flying horse laughs and skips across the skies.

Finally, we come to the top end of the price range. Depending on what you want you can pay in Mayan Crowns or Credits and possess a steed and companion of near unbeatable calibre. Whether you purchase a legendary Pegasus that does not need to be fed and that will never die (permanently) from the renowned Shop of Wonders, or stretch your imagination and design your very own, one of a kind 'Pet' that can then be mounted, the options for you are pretty limitless.

Sure, many look at the costs and think "Hell no!" But along with combat advantages and travelling enhancements a pet or steed can be used to enhance your roleplay, adding an extra facet of depth to your character and if you have a mind for it, giving you some interesting, tavern-suitable stories to horrify and inspire the wide-eyed and young!

Perhaps you have a desire to own an ebon-coated Pegasus, or to earn one of Valnurana's nightmare steeds. Maybe you want to see what other people have created for themselves. From giant insects, baby leopards, miniature golems to a whole host of creatures, why not log in to Achaea one of the immersive MUDs from Iron Realms and start a character (it's free to play!) You'll soon be seeing pets, mounts, loyal summons and a whole lot more!