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Mein raging blog on everything mmo related and more.

My mission is simple, to group up and pwnd midget marshmellow ninjas and beat their mothers with a crowbar... This isn't Kansas anymore.

Author: Coldrain_13

Do you guys think it is wise for Bioware to talk about their Story system?

Posted by Coldrain_13 Saturday June 13 2009 at 3:30AM
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We’ve heard Bioware talk about their story system for quite awhile. To be frank, that has been most talked about subject relating TOR. As we know there are a lot of mmos out there, the market is saturated from Fantasy to sci-fi, and 2D and 3D. One alone would be swamped from taking a visit to the game list. Anyways I have taken us off topic so let’s get back on topic. Do you guys think it is wise for them to talk about probably the most important feature in TOR, and what sets it apart from all the other WoW clones? I think it’s better to talk more about some other features for a bit and keep the juicy details on the story system for a later time.

Let me know what you think.

Why I think Bioware should re-consider their stance on non-combat classes.

Posted by Coldrain_13 Wednesday June 10 2009 at 9:16PM
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Bioware has long stated that there will be no non-combat classes. If someone can find me a interview or some piece of VALID info that saids otherwise than please comment here, or pm me the said info.

If my memory is correct, and if my summary of their statement was "doesn't make the player feel heroic." This is my shorten, might be correct summary of one of their interviews. I can see why they think since this will a be heavy, heroic, action filled story. Guess there is no room for dancers to entertain the weary travler on his travels. I bet you guys already know what i'm about to say. But first let me remind you, behind every army is a supplier of goods.

One thing I felt SWG did deliver on was it's crafting system and the 4 trader classes that delt with various parts of the trade. For example for those who nevered play any version of the game, if you wanted a set of armour you didn't spammed "looking for trader to craft UBER l337 @4m0ur!" No, instead you stated you were looking for a armoursmith, do we know anything of their crafting and remaining classes? No, we don't...yet

So let me move onto another non-combat class that impacted the game. Entertainer, these are important for many, many reasons. In older versions of the game, they could heal fatigue. And more important they could re-design your character as you saw fit. That's right, no longer being stuck with a toon you didn't think out their looks. Their moves improved various stats and etc.

I know I am using a lot of swg to back up any point I have. But don't mistake that with my main objective, to prove that without people behind the scenes even the mighty hero will fall.

So this is my first blog ever.

Posted by Coldrain_13 Wednesday June 10 2009 at 7:33PM
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And feel as with anything that is a first, an introduction is needed. I am a video game fanatic since the early 90s. I remember watching my brother play Zelda for the NES and thinking to myself, "wow that is totally awesome"! I have watched the Video Game Industry grow up from being a small scene of social rejects and outcasts, to exploding into full bloom. I love any type of games, from action to rts.Of course, rpgs have always been my favorite. I grew up in the great state of North Carolina and love the calming peace that blows from the coast. The rolling green mountains, and the southern atmosphere.

I also would like to reflect on my very first mmo....SWG. I know some are now going this dude is a epic failing swg pre-cu fanboi. I'll admit the game during pre-cu and even the cu had a better vibe to it. Was it perfect? Hell no, I remember at launch not being able to log-in due to extended downtime and the bugs were just horrid. But something in that game i'll always love....the Bounty Hunter. I remember being so stoked when my friend told me of the class, the ability to hunt players, being a "bamf "as he put it. My first character was a brawler. I thought who would beat someone with their fist like Jackie Chan....and then came the asswhooping of a lifetime when I bashed on some dude's rl wife and told her my e-peen was bigger. I still get a chuckle out of that. I think any game that gave people as much freedom in regards to classes and oh man was their housing system was and still is above everyone else's, even to this day. I even think NGE brought some nice aspects (oh noes I said it, i'll start preparing for the flames now). One thing lacking in SWG was.....CONTENT! I mean it's cool I could fly a ship, but they never expanded upon JTL. Did NGE make things easier, hell yes. Did they piss off a lot of ppl, YUS! Do they stil piss ppl off? Ofc, it's SOE. However fucked up a move it was, they did bring more in terms of content. However, the damage was done, gg nubs!

I think the updates for swg are long overdue, the guild system was so poorly designed for most of the years it was truly a sad feature. Heroics copied the line of WoW, and now the battlegrounds are a nice add-on. But, like I said...long overdue and too WoWsy. I think at the end of it all, we learned what not to do and what worked for a MMO as a direct side effect of this game. *cough* TCG *cough*

I know many have said this before, but I honestly loved that game. there is always something about your first mmo that makes you proud of it. and want to watch it burn too.

Think this will cover my first post. Think i'll go into my love for music and more of my mmo history and rant a bit on the lack of something to sink my teeth into for the past couple of months in my next blog entry. Surely no one will read this, but it is a great release from loggin into ur vent server and insulting a guildie for the lulz. I'll think i'll write about my guild's antics, truly funny stuff. And a worthy read.