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Cobraguru's Gaming blog and more

I'm CobraGuru, I consider myself a hardcore gamer for more than 25 years now. I like FPS, RTS and mmo's, but also racing and adventure games. I hope you'll enjoy my comments, videos, etc .. Have fun and PLAY :)

Author: CobraGuru

Champions Online, the superhero mmorpg.

Posted by CobraGuru Tuesday May 3 2016 at 7:20AM
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I've made the test recently of Marvel Heroes 2016, that you can see in a blog post here.

I like it very much as it's for me a Diablo like with Marvel universe. I've leveled up several characters to 60 but as I have less time to play, I can't farm and grind enough to finish my toons. Also a great things is that you have one account and your inventory, your currencies are shared with all you heroes. Very helpful when you reached 60 with a new one that you can equip with badges or special gears that you've already looted from you other lvl 60 heroes.

Champions online is more in the mmorpg tradition. It's been edited by Cryptic and Perfect World, with all the issue I've already inform you about considering what they did in Star Trek Online.

Champions online is a superhero mmorpg. The advantage of this game is that you can customize your avatar the way you want. I've seen videos on youtube showing how to recreate the Marvel heroes in it, really astonishing.

I've installed Arc, the platform software from perfect world. Not to use it. Like we say in french about something so complicated, so heavy, it's a gas factory. I've installed it as nowadays, just connecting, launching some games, even if you don't play them, record exp to be exchanged with a good amount for Zen Points in the game you want. So It seems to be long but it takes me 5-10 mn every days.

It's using Arc that for the first time I launched Champions online. I don't use arc usually to launch STO, Neverwinter, and also for CO now.

I've made 2 videos on introduction :


Like you'll see, the game is an rpg, but using a superhero. You have quest, at the moment I am still in the first area, Millenium city, you have some cinematic with voices acting. The skill tree is now common system to all Cryptic games. You have superpowers, vehicles, you can fly or teleport or run with a high speed. Like all Cryptic games, instances that help the game to be not too crowded, also allowing everyone to be on only one server. You'll be able to access pvp, pve queue, alert match at lvl 10.

It's free to play, and also you can subscribe or buy a lifetime if you like the game.

There are probably some limits to it, lack of new content regularly, level limit at 40 at the moment, which surprised me a lot considering most of all other mmo are lvl 60 minimum. But it seems, what I read about it, that there is a new dev team. So wait and see.

In any case, you should try it, as the real good point in Perfect World and Cryptic system is that playing free to play is not a limit to the game. As a free to play you'll have access to everything a subscriber will have, except a shared bank, an amount of character slot reduced, etc. This is a very good point, not like in lots of other mmo that f2p means you have a taste of the game but with lots of limits.


Have fun guys and play :)