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Cobraguru's Gaming blog and more

I'm CobraGuru, I consider myself a hardcore gamer for more than 25 years now. I like FPS, RTS and mmo's, but also racing and adventure games. I hope you'll enjoy my comments, videos, etc .. Have fun and PLAY :)

Author: CobraGuru

Marvel Heroes

Posted by CobraGuru Friday March 25 2016 at 7:08PM
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Want to be a hero ? Like to play arpg hack'n slash ? You can try Marvel Heroes free to play.

Here is the trailer


I'm working on a video of gameplay that should come up in a couple days.

I've learned about Marvel heroes on a french tv show about video games. They talked about hack'n slash arpg games and they mentionned Marvel heroes. I decided to try it and loved it. Really cool to play the real marvel heroes, not like DC Universe Online.


I've created The Empire Rising "guild" in it, so feel free to join me :)

Stay tune


Have fun and play :)


Official website :

Star Trek Online: Season 11.5 Coming April 12th!

Posted by CobraGuru Wednesday March 23 2016 at 5:11PM
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Grim Dawn : I've tried it, I've played it and I've liked it

Posted by CobraGuru Monday March 21 2016 at 7:49PM
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Ok my title, in the same way as Veni Vidi Vici, may not be the best ;)

But I wanted really to introduce you to Grim Dawn and make an impact to attract your eyes. ;)

After Diablo II, there was a hole in hack'n slash, action RPG  games. A couple games were released, but none was really impressing players.

Then Diablo 3 finally arrived with it's good and bad side, some issues and deception for lots of players. We had also Path of Exile with its impressive skill tree and its mmo access (you can meet players in village area).

I've played both games and I like them both, even if they are very different.

I also played Van Helsing final cut, the one and only that should be played, recovering the errors made in the 3, combining all that was good in the series.

Then I heard about Grim Dawn and a little bit of those 3 titles are in it. Does it make it the best one ? Probably not, but if you like arpg hack'n slash, you definitively need to try it.

From steam page : Enter an apocalyptic fantasy world where humanity is on the brink of extinction, iron is valued above gold and trust is hard earned. This ARPG features complex character development, hundreds of unique items, crafting and quests with choice & consequence.

Crate Enterainment is former Iron Lore which made Titan Quest long time ago. Grim Dawn was in project for many, many years.

In Grim Dawn, you start with a male or female, always looking the same, classless. You'll choose your class later, at level 2 ; 6 classes are available :

Soldier   Demolitionist   Occultist   Nightblade   Arcanist   Shaman

Some are close of what you can find in other hack'n slash, but the Demolitionist is awesome ;)

I made a couple videos for you to have an idea of the game :


Grim dawn has also lots of questing. While following the main quest, you'll have lots of secondary quests with choice to decide whom will have the result of them. You'll have to choose also the good answer to dialogs.

Quests with Choice and Consequence - You will face tough decisions that leave significant impacts upon the world. Strangers on the road, desperate families and even entire villages may live or perish based on your actions. Currently over 35 quests with 75+ lore notes to be collected.


If you want to fight monsters, zombies, humans also. If you want to craft items, gears, improve your stats, sockets, if you look for a good universe with good music, a good atmosphere, then you'll like Grim Dawn.


And remember, have fun and play :)


PS : For your information : I'm not sponsored by any developpers or editors. I play the game I buy myself and try to be objective in my review. Ok I choose the game I play, so I'm often giving good review, but not always.

Review of Asta

Posted by CobraGuru Sunday March 20 2016 at 11:24AM
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Asta is the latest mmorpg proposed by Webzen. Webzen : the editor of Flyff, MU Online, RappelZ or Age of Wulin, etc ...

Asta is a classic fantasy mmorpg.
You'll find extensive options for both solo and party play, with a flexible dungeon system and a ready-made party and raid finder that allows players to connect and group up in an instant.
Developed by Polygon Games, the game is set in a vast and vibrant world filled with colorful environments and unique characters, with an art direction and storyline inspired by Asian myths and legends.
Choose between 2 factions, 3 races per faction, and a total of 5 distinct classes, and discover intriguing and enthralling storylines and cooperative public quests.

Those were the informations given on Asta's website.


I made 2 videos during the open beta test.

1st part review :

2nd part review :


After enjoying the leveling till level 20, I started to have fears about the game. And I was right.

I've never refused grinding in mmo's, but Asta starts to get boring at some points.

Always doing the same quest style, the open world pvp in last levels kills the pleasure of the game as you can't finish your leveling till max level "quietly". No option yet to be out of pvp. And unbalanced classes that makes the hell to be able to find mobs to kill when you are near mages.

Difficulty of dungeons is intersting, but open "dungeons" places where you have single players quests and are opened to other players, require you to be in group to fight boss.

Imagine you have a bounty quest (secondary profession in game) and you have to collect an object which is located in the area of a boss. You'll never be able to do it alone. Are the devs serious about all of that ? It seems so


On Asta forums, lots of players have complained, and it seems already that servers are emptying regularly.

Univers is nice, cool, colorfull, interesting story, good features those secondary professions, as you can have only 2 crafting professions, you often try to level up those secondary : Treasure Hunter, Bounty Hunter and Fisherman.

If you still want to try the game, be aware that at the moment, there are still a lots of bugs. Webzen is not the developers so they just send back all the information until the dev team make fix.

Other problem, they made NA and EU servers but seems NA is often empty (or people don't chat much) so if you want to make a toon, use Eu server.

I have to say, that I'm disapointed of many things, even if I really enjoyed the universe, the mounts (riding a flying dragon huh!!) and the secondary professions, but this game is far from begin complete and finished for me.


Thanks for reading, have fun, and play :)

IS Star Trek Online undeniably dying ?

Posted by CobraGuru Thursday March 17 2016 at 6:12AM
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Hello everyone. Yes I assume what i'm saying. I love this game, playing it for 4 years now and so many things shows me I'm right, it's really sad. First things, I wasn't really able to log in for a couple weeks, so when I logged in it yesterday, in the afternoon, while there is a monthly event, there was very few players online, and I have proof. I made several screenshot to explain my words. Like you see, only 59 players in the event "The Breach" and 16 players queue for the rest.

In the second one, 14 players queue and 24 in game.

3rd picture : 20 playing and 9 in queue.

4th picture : 12 in queue, 0 playing.

5th picture : 5 in queue, 0 playing. (this last picture include half of the list from the 4th picture also)

6th picture : 6 queue players for pvp maps

and on the last one, the amount of players online in chat channels :


As you can see all in all, there was 103 players inside pve missions, and 62 in queues (considering you can queue up to 3 at the same time, it means we could have only 20-30 players in queue)

The pictures on pvp queues was taken in space Battlezone. There was less than 30 players (I checked all instances) On Defera ground, one of the main ground battlezone, less than 20 players. 

What I mean is that, players may be in game playing episodes, but Cryptic with all it's changes have killed the pve and team play. On a wednesday afternoon less than 200 players on pve queue is really, really bad. 

With it's politics of new tier 6 ships that you have to buy again when you had the tier 5-u, with the limit of dilithium that can be refined every days, with the new race to epic gears that cost a lots of dilithium to be done, the race to DPS if you want to play the Elite or even Advanced difficulties pve queue, there is less and less players playing. 

Since the evolution of difficulties, players have left the pve queue. I like playing episodes, but playing them 3-4 times to get gears when you have several characters is at a point starting to be boring, considering that you can be any classes, any races and the episodes are always the same.  

THIS IS REALLY WHAT HAS KILLED THE INTEREST OF THE GAME. Why make 3 differents classes, Tactical, Engineer and Science, if after the first 2 arcs, all missions are the same whatever classes you are. Worst, even in the pve queue there is only the need of DPS and nothing more. 

Star Trek Online is a free to play (f2p) game since 2012. But since a couple years, probably because of PWE, there is a need to make lots of money ! Ya it's normal for every company to earn money, but first of all, it's not at all in phase with the universe of Star Trek. But there was a sorts of balance between f2p players and contribution players. 

The exchange rate between Dilithium and Zen (the ingame shop money that you buy from your real €£$) was 1 zen for 100 dilithium a couple years ago. 

Since 2 years this rate is increasing regularly, meaning that either there are less players buying zen for real cash, or Cryptic is influencing the rate manually to push people to buy zen. 

Zen is the main currency in game to buy ships, packs, cosmetics, but also to unlock several account or characters features (bank account, ships slots, characters slots, boff slots, doff rosters, etc etc) 

The obvious proof : Like I wrote, Exchange rate was 1-100, it's as of today 1-305. 

In Neverwinter there is the same market exchange system, with Zen (as Neverwinter si also developed by Cryptic) the rate is 1-442 when I write this blog. It was 1-410 more than a year ago. Means the market is pretty stable. 

But not in Star Trek Online, and when you check how many Zen there is on sale, we have an amount close to 200k at the moment. Which is sensible the same amount whenever I'm checking. So if there is still as many players putting money into STO, then why the game is empty ? Strange isn't it ? I much more suspect Cryptic to artificially increase Zen prices to push, oblige f2p players to buy zen, as it becomes now too tough to be able to buy a bank account that cost 1000 zen, means 300k dilithium farming with also one important point, you can only refine 8,5k dilithium a day ! Meanning to get 300k you need 35 days !!!


Cryptic has done good job on some point, but when I see the chat channels empty, the pve queues empty, like I showed you in my pics, and continually the same things, changing the game to always add things to pushes players to grind and pay because grinding has become too heavy, it's the bad road and Cryptic is too deep in it to recognize thay have made mistakes, they didn't listen to the player base, and in the end, the players left.

My friend list is empty 90% of the time, the Fleets and Armada I'm in are empty.

I really like Star Trek Online, but I really want things to change in the good way. If Cryptic / PWE keep going on this way, it won't bring back players that have stopped in those recent years and I'll also play much more less than I used to.


Have fun everyone.


Command & Conquer Renegade. Remember ? It's back thanks to fans

Posted by CobraGuru Wednesday March 16 2016 at 9:49AM
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This franchise, C&C, recall many memories.

I played Tiberium Sun, Red Alert 2 when they came out. I also played a lot Renegade as I've always been a better player of FPS than RTS.

Then recently I've discovered this :

What is Renegade X?

Renegade X is a free Tactical Shooter that aims to brings the Command and Conquer FPS experience to the Unreal Engine 3. Renegade-X is developed by Totem Arts, an independent group of Command and Conquer fans from around the world dedicated to bringing the world of C&C to you, up close and personal.

Players will be able to join up to 40-players and fight for two unique teams - the Global Defense Initiative (GDI), a UN international military force committed to world order and peacekeeping, and the Brotherhood of Nod, a messianic international terrorist network that aims to push humanity into the next stage of human evolution.

Originally set to be remake of Westwood Studios' "Command and Conquer: Renegade", Renegade X has evolved into a spiritual successor to the 2002 classic. Renegade X recreates and modernizes the game's unmatched multiplayer mode.

The objective of the game is to destroy your enemy's base while protecting your own. Players will be able to manage their own economies, choose from over 30 weapons, 15 vehicles, and call in nuclear strikes, Ion Cannons, and airstrikes, and much more. Each team will have a base of operations that composes of several key structures. Each structure has its own purpose.

We believe that this gamemode - "Command & Conquer Mode" - can potentially revolutionize the FPS genre. It is the gem that went unnoticed for many years. Now is the time to uncover it.

The most current multiplayer beta can be found on the downloads page, along with the SDK which can be used to create custom maps and mods.

It's free as it's made by fans so I downloaded it and played it for you ;)

If you like massive FPS with fun, if you like C&C universe, then this one is made for you ;)

Wanna try a good Racing sim game ? read me ;)

Posted by CobraGuru Wednesday March 16 2016 at 3:48AM
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Hello everyone,

I've started to play racing games very long time ago ;)

My first racing car game was Test Drive on Amiga 500. Yes, yes it's very long ago.

Then I played Virtua racing on Megadrive. When I got my playstation, I played the 1st Need for Speed and also Gran Turismo.

Sure, Back then those games were incredible. I've played also GT2 and several NFS.

But then I had a revelation. The 1st one was NFS Porsche (on PC). The accuracy of driving all Porsche models was so great and for the period, in 2000, the graphics were awesome.

The real shock was a mod made by community fans, GTR2002 for F1 2002. It was the premise to Simbin.

Playing GTR 2002 with a steering wheel was the best experience I had on PC at this time.

I've kept playing many racing games since, Toca series (2 and several race driver). I've also kept playing arcade games like all the NFS that cames out, but the sensation I had in GTR2002 driving GT cars, prototypes is something I'll never forget.

I played Forza 3  and recently, I tried P Cars, and I was not at all satisfied. The only one that I got a good feeling is a game not enough know, Assetto Corsa. (Actually, I think I'll make a video of it, even if it's out since december 2014.

I liked TDU and TDU2, I'm playing The Crew (you can find several videos of The Crew with tips, and secret places on my YT or DM channels) but those are arcade games, just to spend a couple hours driving in freeride on open road.

Then I've discovered again (I know the game for nearly 2 years) RaceRoom Racing Experience.

They have made a lot of work on it since the first time I tried the game and I really feel they have improved it.

Yes there are things that some players are complaining about on Steam, but there are always some players unhappy and complaining ;)

RaceRoom is the premier free-to-play racing simulation on PC and home to official race series like DTM, WTCC, and ADAC GT Masters. Enter RaceRoom and enter the world of a professional race car driver. The game is using a shop that sells, unlock  tracks, series and cars.

Real Cars : 25+ Manufacturers
Real tracks : 20+ Around the world
Real drivers Used by professionals

I made a couple videos with my impression. I have to say that I like it, I'm feeling close to the sensation that I had in GTR 2002, even if I'm only using a pad at the moment (don't have a steering wheel). Like I say also, in the video, I have real circuit driving experience on my own cars and also on a competition GT Camaro, and I can feel the experience I have in real in this game.

So as it's free, I think that if you search for a real sensation simulation racing game, you should give it a try.


And remember, have fun and play :)