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Cobraguru's Gaming blog and more

I'm CobraGuru, I consider myself a hardcore gamer for more than 25 years now. I like FPS, RTS and mmo's, but also racing and adventure games. I hope you'll enjoy my comments, videos, etc .. Have fun and PLAY :)

Author: CobraGuru

Marvel Heroes 2016 3rd Anniversary events

Posted by CobraGuru Monday June 13 2016 at 9:33PM
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Hello all, yes it is already 3 years that Marvel Heroes exist.

I have to admit that I've discovered the game watching a tv video game broadcast in february, and since, I'm playing it regularly.

I'm not the fan of Marvel or superheroes in general, but I really enjoy this game that have mixed the hack'n slash diablo like style with a real mmo immersion and rpg style.

And now it's the 3rd anniversary events, for a month.

Here is the list of every weeks with their different events and bonuses :

6/3 to 6/10
- Midtown Madness All Week!
- Mystic Mayhem
- Cosmic Leveling Boost
- 163% Serverside XP Bonus

6/10 to 6/17
- Cosmic Chaos
- Wealth of King's County Returns - This time, the Maggia have stolen CAKE SLICES!
- 50% bonus XP in Industry City Patrol
- 150% Serverside XP Bonus
- Brood Invasion Danger Room Tournament
- New Anniversary Tournament

6/17 to 6/23
- Operation Omega
- Odin's Bounty
- Omega Leveling Boost
- 172% Serverside XP Bonus All Week!
- Subway Danger Room Tournament

6/23 - 6/30
- ARMOR Incursion
- Cosmic Chaos
- Operation Omega
- 200% Serverside XP Bonus All Week!
- Odin's Bounty - Active everywhere all week!
- NEW Cable Danger Room Tournament - A new Danger Room tournament where you test yourself against one of the most iconic Danger Room scenarios, battling Cable!




Thanks for reading , have fun and play a lot


Star Trek Online 2016 Risa Summer Festival

Posted by CobraGuru Monday June 13 2016 at 9:27PM
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Hello everyone,

Summer is close and STO is already doing it's summer festival from June 9th to July 21st.

As usual, like a couple years already, the summer festival takes places on the planet Risa.

There you'll be able to play the high fly "races" mission to earn Voucher to be exchanged for a nice Heavy Escort T6 :


You'll be able also to play a Powerboard fun race, an artifact hunt, a statue hunt, a competition of sand castle or go on the dancefloor in order to earn Lohlunat Favors to be exchanged for clothes, pets, kit modules or special duty officers.

Enjoy the Summer Festival.

Have fun and play a lot


Ghost in the Shell first assault online : Good, but not the best

Posted by CobraGuru Thursday May 26 2016 at 6:52AM
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Hello everyone,


Ghost in the Shell is one of my favorite universe. I've seen 90% of what has been done in this universe, animation movies, animation series, etc...


When the game online, was announced I was really exited. But after playing it a little bit, I'm not happy at all.


The game is a FPS in the universe of Section 9. You'll play all of the member of the team, after unlocking them. I bought a special pack, so at the moment I have 6 agent unlocked. They all have their own specialty, this is well made. Motoko can use optic camouflage, like in the movies, Batou is a cyborg and has a rocket launcher in the arm, etc ...


But the problem is that there is a taste of pay to win in the back. The more you play, the more you'll level up your account, the more you'll earn experience point to fill in the unlocking of new weapons, chip slots, etc ... But you can also buy new weapons in the market, and upgrade them with new components.


And we are back in the system of "the one that have the biggest and strongest gun win".

Yes it's a FPS, so you need skills, and with my big age now, ;), I don't have reflexes like 10-15 years ago. But when you empty a charger on an enemy and he is still alive, it's kind of frustrating, especially because you know he is higher level than you, and that he has more chipset unlocked, better weapons, etc ...


The game is frustrating if you don't play 10 hours a day, and it's Nexon ways of doing things. The GITS franchise is not well served I think by them.


The game is considered early access on steam. and for me it's just a beta ! there are like 10 maps on 3 playing modes : Demolition (terro vs police), Domination (capture tower) and team deathmatch.


Nothing new, all those modes exist for close to 20 years now in other FPS.


In the end, even if I'm a huge fan of GITS universe, I'm king of frustrated and disappointed by this game. They really could have done something much better.


You can check my videos :


Thank you for reading and remember, have fun and play a lot :)



Champions Online, the superhero mmorpg.

Posted by CobraGuru Tuesday May 3 2016 at 7:20AM
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I've made the test recently of Marvel Heroes 2016, that you can see in a blog post here.

I like it very much as it's for me a Diablo like with Marvel universe. I've leveled up several characters to 60 but as I have less time to play, I can't farm and grind enough to finish my toons. Also a great things is that you have one account and your inventory, your currencies are shared with all you heroes. Very helpful when you reached 60 with a new one that you can equip with badges or special gears that you've already looted from you other lvl 60 heroes.

Champions online is more in the mmorpg tradition. It's been edited by Cryptic and Perfect World, with all the issue I've already inform you about considering what they did in Star Trek Online.

Champions online is a superhero mmorpg. The advantage of this game is that you can customize your avatar the way you want. I've seen videos on youtube showing how to recreate the Marvel heroes in it, really astonishing.

I've installed Arc, the platform software from perfect world. Not to use it. Like we say in french about something so complicated, so heavy, it's a gas factory. I've installed it as nowadays, just connecting, launching some games, even if you don't play them, record exp to be exchanged with a good amount for Zen Points in the game you want. So It seems to be long but it takes me 5-10 mn every days.

It's using Arc that for the first time I launched Champions online. I don't use arc usually to launch STO, Neverwinter, and also for CO now.

I've made 2 videos on introduction :


Like you'll see, the game is an rpg, but using a superhero. You have quest, at the moment I am still in the first area, Millenium city, you have some cinematic with voices acting. The skill tree is now common system to all Cryptic games. You have superpowers, vehicles, you can fly or teleport or run with a high speed. Like all Cryptic games, instances that help the game to be not too crowded, also allowing everyone to be on only one server. You'll be able to access pvp, pve queue, alert match at lvl 10.

It's free to play, and also you can subscribe or buy a lifetime if you like the game.

There are probably some limits to it, lack of new content regularly, level limit at 40 at the moment, which surprised me a lot considering most of all other mmo are lvl 60 minimum. But it seems, what I read about it, that there is a new dev team. So wait and see.

In any case, you should try it, as the real good point in Perfect World and Cryptic system is that playing free to play is not a limit to the game. As a free to play you'll have access to everything a subscriber will have, except a shared bank, an amount of character slot reduced, etc. This is a very good point, not like in lots of other mmo that f2p means you have a taste of the game but with lots of limits.


Have fun guys and play :)

Finally : Marvel Heroes 2016 reviews

Posted by CobraGuru Saturday April 30 2016 at 8:20AM
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Hello all,

After making and uploading my videos reviewing my test of Marvel Heroes 2016, I completely forgot to make my blog's post. :p

I repair my mistake by posting them today :)

1st test part :


2nd test part :


3rd and last test part :


I've kept playing it, and leveling several heroes. I have, now, 2 at 60 and 1 close to 60.

The fact is each heroes have a different play style, a real one, with even on each different play style compared to other players. This is good. The game is active, lots of events, and also if you don't want to pay, you can play it free all the way as you'll gather regularly by playing a lot an ingame money to be able to unlock other heroes, team-up, pets, etc...


If you like Heroes, if you like Marvel universe, then you should really give a try to the game :)


Have fun and play



Star Trek Online season 11.5 is here and well, nothing has changed, almost

Posted by CobraGuru Friday April 22 2016 at 5:08AM
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Following my blog post of March, season 11.5 is live for more than a week now, with lots of changes and nothing that changed.

Wait what ?

The game has new features, that destroyed the pleasure we had. I explain : new skills system revamped !

As usual Cryptic starts something always by the behind door to stab you in the back. They introduce a while ago specialization points to push lvl 60 to keep playing to gather points corresponding to extra levels to add into one primary and one secondary skill tree called "specialization".

Ok those skills tree gives extra bonus, defense, power, etc etc...

But the fact is that now, this system of skill tree has been switched to normal space and ground skills. Paf in our face ! Good job Cryptic.

If you are tactical, you'll be obliged to put 27 points in the tactical departement, even if you don't need some skills, just because now to get the final bonus of the tree, you need 27 points. Which also limits a lot the attribution of points to other area of the tree. before we could select how we would like a skill to work by placing 30-60-90 or 100% points in it.

example of skill tree build can be found here :

I believe Cryptic is doing all this just to make the game playable by everyone, simple, easy, removing the difficulty of making toons, as more toons = more ships sold.

I'm disappointed. I've made an introduction video to season 11.5. You'll see what I've already said, game is dead ! less than 50 players in pve queue.


I've also played the new feature episode. You can check it here, but honestly, it's always the same now, space fight, ground fight, meeting with intrusion, etc etc, and nothing depending the classes you play. That's why I'm wondering what Cryptic expect. Yes it cost money to create content, but do it well, do it correctly, with faction specification and classes specification.


Thanks for reading, have fun guys and remember, play :)


Marvel Heroes

Posted by CobraGuru Friday March 25 2016 at 7:08PM
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Want to be a hero ? Like to play arpg hack'n slash ? You can try Marvel Heroes free to play.

Here is the trailer


I'm working on a video of gameplay that should come up in a couple days.

I've learned about Marvel heroes on a french tv show about video games. They talked about hack'n slash arpg games and they mentionned Marvel heroes. I decided to try it and loved it. Really cool to play the real marvel heroes, not like DC Universe Online.


I've created The Empire Rising "guild" in it, so feel free to join me :)

Stay tune


Have fun and play :)


Official website :

Star Trek Online: Season 11.5 Coming April 12th!

Posted by CobraGuru Wednesday March 23 2016 at 5:11PM
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Grim Dawn : I've tried it, I've played it and I've liked it

Posted by CobraGuru Monday March 21 2016 at 7:49PM
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Ok my title, in the same way as Veni Vidi Vici, may not be the best ;)

But I wanted really to introduce you to Grim Dawn and make an impact to attract your eyes. ;)

After Diablo II, there was a hole in hack'n slash, action RPG  games. A couple games were released, but none was really impressing players.

Then Diablo 3 finally arrived with it's good and bad side, some issues and deception for lots of players. We had also Path of Exile with its impressive skill tree and its mmo access (you can meet players in village area).

I've played both games and I like them both, even if they are very different.

I also played Van Helsing final cut, the one and only that should be played, recovering the errors made in the 3, combining all that was good in the series.

Then I heard about Grim Dawn and a little bit of those 3 titles are in it. Does it make it the best one ? Probably not, but if you like arpg hack'n slash, you definitively need to try it.

From steam page : Enter an apocalyptic fantasy world where humanity is on the brink of extinction, iron is valued above gold and trust is hard earned. This ARPG features complex character development, hundreds of unique items, crafting and quests with choice & consequence.

Crate Enterainment is former Iron Lore which made Titan Quest long time ago. Grim Dawn was in project for many, many years.

In Grim Dawn, you start with a male or female, always looking the same, classless. You'll choose your class later, at level 2 ; 6 classes are available :

Soldier   Demolitionist   Occultist   Nightblade   Arcanist   Shaman

Some are close of what you can find in other hack'n slash, but the Demolitionist is awesome ;)

I made a couple videos for you to have an idea of the game :


Grim dawn has also lots of questing. While following the main quest, you'll have lots of secondary quests with choice to decide whom will have the result of them. You'll have to choose also the good answer to dialogs.

Quests with Choice and Consequence - You will face tough decisions that leave significant impacts upon the world. Strangers on the road, desperate families and even entire villages may live or perish based on your actions. Currently over 35 quests with 75+ lore notes to be collected.


If you want to fight monsters, zombies, humans also. If you want to craft items, gears, improve your stats, sockets, if you look for a good universe with good music, a good atmosphere, then you'll like Grim Dawn.


And remember, have fun and play :)


PS : For your information : I'm not sponsored by any developpers or editors. I play the game I buy myself and try to be objective in my review. Ok I choose the game I play, so I'm often giving good review, but not always.

Review of Asta

Posted by CobraGuru Sunday March 20 2016 at 11:24AM
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Asta is the latest mmorpg proposed by Webzen. Webzen : the editor of Flyff, MU Online, RappelZ or Age of Wulin, etc ...

Asta is a classic fantasy mmorpg.
You'll find extensive options for both solo and party play, with a flexible dungeon system and a ready-made party and raid finder that allows players to connect and group up in an instant.
Developed by Polygon Games, the game is set in a vast and vibrant world filled with colorful environments and unique characters, with an art direction and storyline inspired by Asian myths and legends.
Choose between 2 factions, 3 races per faction, and a total of 5 distinct classes, and discover intriguing and enthralling storylines and cooperative public quests.

Those were the informations given on Asta's website.


I made 2 videos during the open beta test.

1st part review :

2nd part review :


After enjoying the leveling till level 20, I started to have fears about the game. And I was right.

I've never refused grinding in mmo's, but Asta starts to get boring at some points.

Always doing the same quest style, the open world pvp in last levels kills the pleasure of the game as you can't finish your leveling till max level "quietly". No option yet to be out of pvp. And unbalanced classes that makes the hell to be able to find mobs to kill when you are near mages.

Difficulty of dungeons is intersting, but open "dungeons" places where you have single players quests and are opened to other players, require you to be in group to fight boss.

Imagine you have a bounty quest (secondary profession in game) and you have to collect an object which is located in the area of a boss. You'll never be able to do it alone. Are the devs serious about all of that ? It seems so


On Asta forums, lots of players have complained, and it seems already that servers are emptying regularly.

Univers is nice, cool, colorfull, interesting story, good features those secondary professions, as you can have only 2 crafting professions, you often try to level up those secondary : Treasure Hunter, Bounty Hunter and Fisherman.

If you still want to try the game, be aware that at the moment, there are still a lots of bugs. Webzen is not the developers so they just send back all the information until the dev team make fix.

Other problem, they made NA and EU servers but seems NA is often empty (or people don't chat much) so if you want to make a toon, use Eu server.

I have to say, that I'm disapointed of many things, even if I really enjoyed the universe, the mounts (riding a flying dragon huh!!) and the secondary professions, but this game is far from begin complete and finished for me.


Thanks for reading, have fun, and play :)