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Reflections on MMO's

This is just a minor reflection on MMO's in general

Author: Ciano

Dark Fail!

Posted by Ciano Thursday January 15 2009 at 1:57PM
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Darkfall...., it is a game that has been whispered in the shadowy underbelly of the MMO commnity for over 6 years now. Many have speculated that it is a myth and like many myths is simply and old wives tale to scale poor carebears in to going to bed at night. Others speculate that Dark Fall is real and will one day rise up and crush the MMO community under it's evil tread.

Dramatics aside I don't think any MMO to date has ever been quite as controversial as the upcoming game Darkfall. Recently the developer Tasos announced that Jan 22nd will open a trial for several thousand players and they extended the release to the 25th of Febuary. He stated that several systems required testing based on the feedback of beta testors. They also announced that there would be a pre order beta disc. Now, if I remember my history then Darkfall wasn't originally going to be anything other than digital download. My instincts tell me that this delay is because Tasos picked up a last minute publisher and worked out a deal for distribution.  Now I think there is nothing wrong with delaying a game to make sure that it is as polished as it can get. However,  the circumstances of this extension are questionable. They are already beginning to speculate that they will have far more subcribers than they anticipated and want to make room for more people. This is a mistake because it's a sandbox MMO. The death nail for a sandbox MMO is an empty world. If Tasos makes the same mistake as so many other MMO's recently, he will release too many servers and the worlds will be empty. It is much better to NOT have enough capacity and add more as the servers fill, than to spread out the player base too much in the initial release.


Now, Darkfall is the most controversial MMO of our time. The nay sayers believe that it will never release and that we are following vaporware. The elitists claim that it's graphics and systems are sub par and will never attract the numbers to maintain it's success. The carebears decry the full loot system and vow never to even try the game.

Well to that I say on to you "NUTS". If Darkfall releases it will probably be the most polished MMO release in the last 10 years. I think if the systems are all done correctly then it's PVP will be the most polished and well rounded in any MMO is the last few years. It's crafting will be the most expansive and least tedious of any MMO.

If the game doesn't release then they will have all been right. I do think that a game that has been delayed over and over can be nothing but win IF and ONLY IF, it released before the MMO community gets sucked in to another game.

Right now we are in a lull for MMO's. AOC, WAR, even WOW to a certain extent is starting to lose the interests of longtime MMO gamers. IF Darkfall releases before another new game, it stands a good chance of stealing players and retaining them for a while. If another game releases before Darkfall, I think that Darkfall will fail. Players only have so much time and money and most of us won't split it between two MMO's.