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The Ambry Zealot

Gaming aficionado, personal trainer, gadget geek.

Author: Christophiza

Trending now: Games that play themselves

Posted by Christophiza Friday May 29 2015 at 7:14AM
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What in the world is going on?

A brief look at what's trending on steam and you'll find two of the most peculiar games. If you haven't heard of these games yet, allow me to introduce AdVenture Capitalist and Clicker Heroes. Both of which are wildly popular free to play games. Now I wouldn't classify either as "pay to win", "pay to advance", and definitely not MMO. There is no skill involved in either game.

To set the stage for you, in AdVenture Capitalist you're faced with a very basic interface where you have the option to invest your hard in dollars in 10 different companies to make even more money. The American dream. This cycle repeats itself again...and again...and again. Oh but I forgot! In the game you can actually hire "Managers" to run the business for you so there is no clicking necessary. 

In Clicker Heroes on the other hand, you have to fight (click) through hordes of stationary monsters. The levels advance by ten and on the tenth level you face a boss. Now similar to AdVenture Capitalist, you can hire mercenaries to do all the fighting (clicking) for you. Even while you're offline! 

Now I'm not going to flame here, in both games MINIMAL clicking is required.


AdVenture Capitalist requires you to continually invest (click) in the companies in order to make your money.

And Clicker Heroes requires you to level up (click) your heroes.


Both games play themselves yet have a staggering audience. Now I want to ask you the question. Why are these games so damn popular!?

No really. I want to know why I've logged an ungodly amount of hours in both of these games.

We seem to have gone from a time when games required an immense amount of thought to progress, to a time where you get an achievement for creating an account. It's because of the sharp decline of difficulty the only game out there with any real substance are the ones which have been around for 5+ years. 


These are dark times...

Posted by Christophiza Tuesday May 26 2015 at 11:54AM
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I don't know why, but the older I get the shorter my attention span is for the games I invest in. In highschool I remember itching to play World of Warcraft every second I was awake.

It wasn't just a game I played, it was a passion.

If you asked me what my skills were back then I would list two things: competitive amateur boxer, and a raid healer in World of Warcraft. I was proud!

Fast forward 7 years.

I have 142 games in my steam library and I've completed a whopping 4. Bleh. I still have the same attitude though. I fanatically follow any game I think will be a winner and when it finally launches I cry inside. A great recent example was Wildstar. From the first trailer I watched I was GLUED to their youtube channel. Each week they announced a new class with gameplay and I literally had goosebumps. This is it. The game to end all sadness. When it finally launched I hit "Endgame" and I just couldn't stand it. Poorly optimized graphics, insanely hard endgame (there's "hard" and then there's "HOLY SH!T WHY!?"), and a silly combat system. I was devastated.

Am I slowly leaning away from video games!? No way. What I found is that online gaming is in a really rough state. Most of these games can't separate themselves from each other and as a result they are unable to grasp any real audience. Obviously this point can be argued but I think if you were to look at the number of players of any recent online game you'd realize that this is generally true.

Now I will never give up hope. I think online games are the future. There is no greater feeling of community then when there are thousands of people together in a virtual world. It has just become evident to me that the "next big thing" in that genre has to completely redefine what an online game is for me to REALLY get into it. Until that time....Well I guess I have 138 games to complete :P.

You've no doubt read this conversation 1000 times before but I just wanted to add my opinion on the matter for my very first post.

My name is Chris and I run my own website. Join my discussion at Thanks for reading!