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New Historical MMO idea

It's late and i feel like an gamin idealist, so if you're interested in what i'm saying add your input, i need other opinions. After playing a LOT of both Age of Conan and Medieval II Total war, i'd like to see an MMO Based in the Crusades era. Yea? Nay?

Author: Chrispus

So here it goes. New Historical MMO idea.

Posted by Chrispus Saturday February 7 2009 at 7:25AM
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I just thought of this concept a few days ago, so depending on the reactions and input that i get here, i just may follow through on it. Mind you i have extremely minimal (practically none) game developement experience, so the best thing i could ever do (at this point in time anyway) is just be a concept artist and provide a story, classes, the such.


Lately i've been playing loads of Age of Conan for it's more realistic feel in combat and styles of armor, Because as somewhat of a history buff i enjoy playing things that put me in the shoes of a type of warrior that strongly resembles that of a Roman Legionare, Or a type of mage that resembles an Egyptian priest.

And in addition to my Age of Conan phase, i've been playing a lot of Medieval II total War in preperation for their newest addition to the franchise, Empire Total War. And in playing a lot of Medieval I sometimes find myself wishing that i could play as an assassin in the year 1080 AD, or sometime during the Crusades, an assassin that's been ordered by a Lord of my same faction to quitely take out an important member of the opposing faction(s). Or a Priest or Monk ordered by that same Lord to execute an accused Heretic in the name of the lord that my faction follows.

And all the while small operations like that are taking place, a battle rages in the city of Caen, or the siege of a castle somewhere in the United Kingdom takes place, involving hundreds of soldiers, players and NPC. But let us not forget to make the game solo friendly for not just the special units like assassins, priests and merchants, but for soldiers as well, because a battle is a long tough event that will likely result in your persona's death more than once, so Soldiers will need a place to train.

to do so, these fighting classes may take on assignments from lords, captains, or even do favors for Nobles in their home city.

I'm thinking that a combat system similar to that of Age of Conan would do wonders for a game like this. I apologize if this all seems a little bland, i'm extremely tired, and i had to get the extreme basics down before i forgot about them. I'll continue my work and explain much better tomorrow, but until then, please leave your feedback, asking questions, leaving suggestions, or constructive criticism.

Fail writes:

The idea is interesting, but you would have grat trouble deciding whether to make it realistic or fantasy. If you would choose realism, you would have just knights and assassins as a playable classes, because, being priest in reality aint that fun for having it in MMORPG.   

Sat Feb 07 2009 8:14AM Report
Kainis writes:

Well, depends on the time period. An egyptian or greek priest could indeed be percieved to have "divine powers" in healing and buffs. There ability to solo would be lacking though, unless you could give them an acolyte. Essentially turning them into a pet class for soloing (skill could be nonusable in groups).

Then as for mages, or "magii" you could have the druidic priests which were reknowned for their "sorcery", and knowledge. They were often tutors and advisors to kings all the way up to the Rennaissance. You could also offer a Persian "magus", the historical "fathers" of magic. Though, you would have to make a point that they should only do fire damage, as that was what they were most associated with.

Soldiers could be either a brigandly bodyguard/ barbarian type class (think stereotypical warrior), or the knight class which wouldn't get as much tanking ability as the soldier, but does get herbal healing powers (not nearly as good as a priest's) and a squire that can be used in groups. Call them templars/horsemen/ or something other than the much over-used "paladin".


There are your classes, but much depends on the historical period you are aiming for as to how they operate. If you want it to feel a little familiar to the fantasy crowd, then go ancient greek/egypt/ persia... (greater superstition and therefore "magic" back then) if you want it to appeal to those who would recognize a knight if they saw it, then go for medieval.

Sat Feb 07 2009 10:37AM Report
Quizzical writes:

Where's the game idea?  All I see is storyline stuff.  Storyline ideas are a dime a dozen. 

Sat Feb 07 2009 10:42AM Report
spdkilla writes:

Kinda like and Assasin's Creed MMO......  intresting but i would need to hear a few more details if you have them maybe another blog?

Sat Feb 07 2009 4:59PM Report
spdkilla writes:

After re-reading you ideas i have a few questions:  1 Who would your targets be NPC's or players or both is it a pve or pvp or a combination of those?  2. Could the players do team or group assasinations? (
ie.. tanks/damage dealers assault the door and assasins sneak in the back and take out multiple targets). 3 Maybe have multiple assasinations  take place in different locations at the same time to complete objectives. As i said before it could be interesting. Downside is it would need tons of storylines and plots and thousands of ppl to kill. It would also need to have good reasons and rewards for doing so. What would be the players overall motivation to keep playing?

-- What kind of mechanics would the game have? Would it employ Assasin's Creed/Prince of Persia with MMOrpg gameplay? What would be the incentive for grouping? Would it be instanced?

Sorry lots of questions and no answers or suggestions just trying to get a feel for what the game would be like...

Sat Feb 07 2009 5:20PM Report
dcostello writes:

Besides the vague information, I think that the OP brought up a crictical point that I've been wondering for awhile.  Would players be interested in a more "realistic," historical game.  By "realistic" I mean no magic or healing, and no over-the-top gear...because about 90% (not a real statistic) are fantasy.  I would play a historical game, but I don't know if other people would.

Sat Feb 07 2009 5:57PM Report
ghstwolf writes:

dcostello- I think a "realistic" approach greatly limits the general appeal.  First it limits viable playstyles considerably, taking magic out of the game largely.  Then it gives up the over the top gear, which is often what keeps people playing.  So IMO the real question is what replaces those elements to make/keep it interesting?

Sat Feb 07 2009 8:33PM Report
dcostello writes:

 How about constant clan fights for actual provinces, crusades, etc.  That would keep me more interested than gear.  Besides, I think people could do without magic if the combat system were fun enough, and if there were plenty of classes to take the magic classes' place.

Sun Feb 08 2009 9:19AM Report
Chrispus writes:

What Kainis has described basically summed up my idea of the classes, but I'm pretty intent on making them for the Renaissance, which i think sadly means i would have to add some aspects of fantasy in there. BUT that's not to say that i wouldn't consider going with Ancient Rome/Greece/Egypt.

In terms of going with a Renaissance based game i'd probably go with classes that are as followed...

Healer - Priest, or Monk, or someone who heals by using herbs rather than devine powers. Priests and Monks would, rather than heal, provide other classes with buffs, such as enhancements to ones morale. (I'll go further into morale soon)

Soldier/Tank - Knight, Archer (most effective in sieges in large numbers to launch volleys of arrows into the enemy's army or behind walls) Warrior, who provides DPS, but can't take as much punishment as the knight.

Agent class - Assassin, Spy (most useful during sieges or for spying on an enemy army to alert your leader of the power of the enemy forces, has a few useful attacks but struggles against more than one target) Merchant, (the armorsmith, weaponsmith and architect of an army, very very basic attacks, not smart to attack an armored target, specializes in making equipment, much like SWG's Trader class)

Those are all subject to change. Now to answer SPDkilla's questions to the best of my ability.

1: By targets i'm assuming you mean for assassination and spying, and there will be Both Player and NPC targets, The target must be identified by your king or lord.

2: Can you take part in group assassinations... I'm going to say no just right now because i havn't thought of the assassin's attacks and abilities in depth just yet, but that could change, but as for group assassination attemps with a Spy/soldier and Assassin, perhaps, because the spy or soldier could provide a distraction or something while the assassin makes his move. like you said.

As for game mechanics i would say a mixture between that of Age of Conan and Assassins Creed, Age of Conan's combat system would be pretty ideal for a game like this where the fighting gets intense especially during sieges.

Insentive for groups would be pretty high but not required, for instance, some quests would have far too many enemy's for one person to take on by themselves, for instance, if you were ordered to destroy an enemy camp near one of your settlements, there would just be simply too many enemies for any one person to take on, even for a knight or warrior. And obviously groups during sieges are extremely necessary, but there will also be friendly NPC's assisting in the attack, so you don't need to be in a group, but it would still be highly recomended. Sieges and towns would be instance probably, other than that it's an open world for exploring.

Also i agree with Ghstwolf, "Realistic" is hard to get right in MMO's because well one thing that's been in every mmo is the ability to resurect yourself after death or incapacitation. Obviously if your head gets removed in a duel or you catch an arrow through the heart you're not likely to live on after that, hah. And that's where healing gets tough. The most realistic healer i can think of would be a herbologist of some kind. Realistic gear is a must too, which is why i like Conan so much, the equipment feels realistic compared to every other MMO out there.

I need a good historic MMO, I'm already playing Pirates of the Burning Sea, and that's about as realistic as they come right now.

Mon Feb 09 2009 12:04AM Report
Chrispus writes:

in response to dcostello's other question about guilds and such, That would be one of the biggest aspects of the game, because during the renaissance there was a lot of a fighting, not to mention the Crusades. Basically here's what i'm thinking...

There will be X amount of nations, i'm thinking the most recognizable nations during that era, I.E. England, France, Scotland, Egypt, etc. And in these nations there will be realistic religions, and whatever religion your nation follows, there will be seperate quests and crusades issued by the Pope (who will be an NPC).

Each guild can have a settlement, like guild cities in AOC, and depending on the status of the Settlement, if it's a Castle or a small town, it will have to keep a certain amount of Piety so it's not accused of heracy, but should your guild settlement be accused of being hertic, a Crusade can be launched against your town! But it wouldn't destroy your settlement if you lost, it would just damage it badly, requiring repairs and reconstruction, which costs resources. That's the incentive to keep your piety up. Your city/castle can also be excommunicated, but there are penalty's for being excommunicated.... The only problem with adding crusades and such would be the real life religious conflict. The Renaissance era was pretty Religion driven, which is my biggest conflict with thinking about this game.

Mon Feb 09 2009 12:20AM Report
GamerAeon writes:

Yep, You go Crusades and you start stepping on ALOT of toes...

which is why Medieval Fantasy does well while Historical Medieval era stuff is quietly swept under the rug.

It's pretty much along the lines of trying to get development for a WWII MMO in which the german Nazis have internment camps...

Great on History's footnootes Bad in a game concept as it tends to offend greatly.

And your never gonna get away with a Renaissance themed game that has absolutely no religion to it at all considering that was one of the five focuses of the Renaisssance era was a religious rebirth.

Tue Feb 10 2009 11:11AM Report writes:
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