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Zentia Developer Blog

Thoughts from ChangYou's Zentia Dev. Team about F2P gaming, and living life in the game industry including happenings, experiences, and all other things gamer. To find out more info about Zentia,check out:

Author: ChangYouZ

Culture Corner #001

Posted by ChangYouZ Wednesday September 1 2010 at 11:34AM
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    Welcome to the Culture Corner

Hello, everyone! Welcome to a new feature on our site, the Culture Corner. This is Tao Jones, speaking to you from the wonderful offices of ChangYou. What is the Culture Corner? Well, it’s a weekly column designed to help explain bits and pieces of our games. You’re all smart enough to figure most of it out by context, but the games can’t exactly go out of their way to explain everything anytime anything culturally Chinese pops up. If you’re playing the game, you want to play the game, not stop and do 15 minutes of reading. This is where you can find out a little more about the ideas and concepts that tend to pop up in games.



Let’s start with Taoism. It plays a huge part in our newest game, Zentia. The player characters are Taoists. The skill trainers are Taoists. Some of the quest givers are Taoists. The guys that pop up out of nowhere to help you are Taoists. Some of the enemies are Taoists. And I’m pretty sure that even a few of the animals are Taoists. The point is, you can’t throw a baozi in the world of Zentia without hitting at least three Taoists. It’d be nice to have a better idea of what it is, wouldn’t it?

Taoism (pronounced “Dowism.” It’s sometimes spelled Daoism too.) is a Chinese system of belief. It’s easy to call it a religion, but the truth of the matter is a little bit trickier than that. Some people consider it to be a philosophy. It’s really up to interpretation. The central point of Taoism is the belief in a central unifying force that runs through everything that exists. If you’ve seen Star Wars, think of it as the Force. If you haven’t seen Star Wars, either stop lying, or make a YouTube video about it.

This concept that runs through everything is called the Tao (or the Dao). It means something like way, or path. However, according to Taoism, the Tao can’t be explained in words. In fact, that is the very first sentence of the Dao De Jing, the most important text in Taoism. Words are all I have, so there you have it, people. Taoism explained. I’ll see you all next time.

Just kidding. I’ve only got so much space on the blog, but I’ve got a lot more space to talk on the forums. Click here for the full version and learn more about Taoism.