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Zentia Developer Blog

Thoughts from ChangYou's Zentia Dev. Team about F2P gaming, and living life in the game industry including happenings, experiences, and all other things gamer. To find out more info about Zentia,check out:

Author: ChangYouZ

Zentia ZTV VideoCast - Zentia Goes into Closed Beta!

Posted by ChangYouZ Friday July 16 2010 at 5:24PM
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This week was a big week for Zentia, we went into Closed Beta on July 15th!  If you still have no idea what this humorous, free to play MMO is all about, then you need to check out and see all that this game has to offer.  Zentia is a beautifully rendered MMORPG where players will step into the shoes of one of 22 former immortals who are tasked with ridding the mortal realm of nasty demon creatures in a rigorous quest to earn back immortality.  Zentia features unique characters, 8 classes, hundreds of events, engaging quests, and various mini games if you're just looking for a little leisure.  If you are still looking for a Closed Beta key, check out the Zentia Forums for a list of sites that have keys.
During the week leading up to the beta, the Zentia Forums seemed to take on a life of their own as everyone waited with great anticipation for their chance to get in game and start their journey back to immortality.  Many community members were camping out, conversing with one another about adventures soon to be had and roasting marshmallows by the fire.  Okay, so maybe there weren't marshmallows but hey, I'm trying to paint a picture here!  Needless to say, I'm sure everyone will be glad that the wait is finally over.  Did you miss the camp out? Check out the Zentia Campsite on the forums.

There has already been lots of fun in the press preview, and we are proud to say that we actually have a World First Kill to announce!  At level 22, Untamed solo'd the Ten-Position Illusion, which, for those of you who know what that is, is a pretty big deal.  Check out the play by play of just how he accomplished this feat on the Zentia Forums. For everyone who has no idea what a Ten-Position Illusion is, I'm sure you're asking yourself what this creature is and why it has such a ridiculous name.  Well, you will have to find out for yourself what the monster is all about, but as for the name, I am going to be looking for community feedback to rename these beasts, so please give me new name ideas on the Zentia forums!

This week marks the beginning of the Zentia Twitter contest.  If you want to win a tiger costume to use throughout closed beta, simply @Zentiathegame letting all your followers know that Zentia is in closed beta and  details where to get a beta key.  Not feeling that creative spark?  Check out the Zentia Event Forums  for a Tweet you can copy and paste into Twitter.  Twenty winners will be selected and will receive a code for a Tiger Costume on July twenty-first, so get tweeting!

We are in search of some new questions for our in-game quizzes!  Questions should be Zentia oriented and in the format of one sentence containing 18 words or less.  Now, of course, the motivation - winners will receive a Panda hat from the token shop to use in Open Beta.  Players can win only once, but are encouraged to submit as many questions as they can come up with.  The Panda Hat will ONLY be available through participation in this contest and will not be available in the token shop at the beginning of Open Beta.  Post the questions in the Zentia Events Forum.
Keep on gaming,
Zentia Community Manager

Beta Keys for Beta Pleas

Posted by ChangYouZ Friday July 9 2010 at 3:50PM
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This week Zentia entered the first phase of Closed Beta! Because this was a Press Preview, community keys were very limited, but many fans still got their chance by coming up with a pitch explaining why they deserve to get in on the fun. Fans were asked to watch the YouTube video below, which gave them a quest to acquire the Super Secret Stolen Press Beta Keys.

From there it was totally up to them. They could post a creative comic or picture, make a YouTube video, post on Facebook or Twitter, or anything else that would earn them a Beta Key. We had a lot of amazing entries that showed  the creative abilities of our community.
Check out some of these imaginative Key Pleas that earned a spot in this phase of the beta:
If you still don’t have a Zentia Closed Beta key, there is still time to enter the Beta Keys for Beta Pleas contest.  Just head to this thread in the forums and check out all of the entries and add your own.
Keep on gaming,
Zentia Community Manager

ChangYou at E3

Posted by ChangYouZ Thursday July 8 2010 at 8:12PM
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There is something fantastical about the E3 experience - companies finally allow gamers and industry members alike first time peaks behind the curtains by announcing new projects, displaying never before seen game footage, and even offering the chance to take new titles for a test drive. ChangYou wanted to make its E3 debut memorable and offer gamers, industry members, and especially loyal fans a chance to meet and greet the faces behind the closed doors of the ChangYou(US) offices. For those who couldn't make it in person, ChangYou provided a live E3 webcam so ChangYou fans, and a certain Zentia Community Manager, could take part in all the excitement of our E3 experience from anywhere in the world.
The weeks leading up to E3 can only be described as hectic - Everyone rushing around, working hard, and trying to make sure that everything will be just right for the big event. Throughout the office, talk of comics, landing pages, and hungry immortal sheep could be heard. You may be asking yourself what these three things could possibly have in common? The answer is simple…
Hundreds of sparkling lights, comfy bean bag chairs, game industry personalities, and even an entrancing martial arts performance created the perfect backdrop for the unveiling of the newest addition to the ChangYou family. During E3, we were proud to announce Zentia, our newest free to play MMORPG.  Zentia features a humorous comic book style in 3D, unique characters, and a unique social leveling feature that requires the entire community to work together to open higher level game content. More on Zentia later. For now we will stick with the top three highlights of the ChangYou booth at E3.
Highlight One:
Dream World Cirque. These amazing women created a show to remember using dance, martial arts, and acrobatics, making for an exciting and mesmerizing booth experience.
Highlight Two:
Hot For Words star Marina Orlova’s autograph signing. The beautiful Marina represented ChangYou in a sexy Dragon Oath Cosplay outfit. If you haven’t already, you should check out her video where she talks about Dragon Oath and the word ‘Newbie’.
Highlight Three:
The IPad giveaway. What would you do to get your hands on an iPad? Well, hopefully after this event, the two hardcore fans featured below will still have their hands. This year at E3, ChangYou gave chill lounge visitors the chance to win an iPad by simply sporting one of the stylish ChangYou bracelets. Some people took this offer to the next level.
E3 was a lot of fun this year, and we thank everyone who was a part of creating such a memorable experience, even if you were just tuning in from home!  Stay tuned for more news on Zentia and how to get in on the closed beta which begins July 8th at 4pm PST.
Keep on gaming,
Zentia Community Manager