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Zentia Developer Blog

Thoughts from ChangYou's Zentia Dev. Team about F2P gaming, and living life in the game industry including happenings, experiences, and all other things gamer. To find out more info about Zentia,check out:

Author: ChangYouZ

Spring is Alive in Zentia!

Posted by ChangYouZ Thursday April 14 2011 at 7:21PM
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Producer Blog
Spring is Alive in Zentia!
What do you get when you cross tree planting with a permanent Zentia costume sale?  If you answered cheap scarecrows, you probably shouldn’t start your own farm…
Yeah, ok, enough with the ridiculous jokes.  Zentia is hosting a Spring Arbor Day event this week, and during the event, we’re doing something our users have been requesting for a long time – we’re selling permanent outfits!  And not only are we selling them, we’re selling them for cheap!  And not only are the cheap, but they’re cool!
Check out the costumes in the image below – there’s a little something for everyone there.
If you have any interest in getting any of these, make sure to act fast – they’ll be gone from the store come midnight on Sunday night (Monday morning).
One more thing – the first three people who can name these costumes left to right AND post a screenshot of your character in one of the outfits on our forum sale thread will get a free Panda Talisman Cover!
By the way, have you heard the one about the panda, the bunny, and the croc that walked into a bar?  
Yeah, neither have I.
Happy Arbor Day!  Happy Earth Day!  Happy Easter!  Happy Passover!
David Markowitz
Zentia Associate Producer

Culture Corner #9: The Qingming Festival

Posted by ChangYouZ Monday April 11 2011 at 6:46PM
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Welcome to the Culture Corner

Welcome back to the Culture Corner with Tao Jones. If you’re new to the Culture Corner, this is a little column that is your guide to the world. It’s great to be a hero, but if you don’t understand what it is you’re trying to save, then it’s a little harder to appreciate it. That’s what I’m here for. Each column, I’m going to take a part of Chinese culture in our games and explain it in a little more depth.

The Qingming Festival
Now, here’s a piece of Chinese culture that you’ve probably never even heard of. Qingming Festival? What’s that? Well, it’s a Chinese holiday that occurs around April. In 2011, it begins on April 5th, and lasts for three days. During this time, people journey to their ancestor’s graves from all around and offer their respects.

One curious thing about the Qingming Festival is that it actually always takes place concurrently with a second holiday known as the Cold Food Festival. The general gist of the Cold Food Festival is that no one is allowed to light any fires, so all food has to be eaten cold. This may sound like a weird basis for a holiday, and you’d be right. It does, however, have a reason for existing in the first place.

The Cold Food Festival
As the story goes, a long time ago, a man of noble birth named Chong’er found himself in a great deal of trouble. China had not yet been unified yet, so he found himself on the run a lot as the various warring states made life very dangerous. One time, he ran out of food and couldn’t get more, so he began to starve. His advisor and friend, Jiè Zh?tu?, somehow managed to offer him some soup. Grateful that his life was saved, he ate up the soup and recovered his strength, but he was more than a little curious about where his friend got the meat. He asked, and Jie admitted that he cut the meat out of his own thigh to make the soup. Rather than be creeped out and induce vomiting, Chong’er was instead moved by his friend’s loyalty and sacrifice and promised to pay him back someday.

Eventually, Chong’er succeeded his father and became known as Duke Wen. On the day of his ascendance, however, Jie Zhitui could not be found. He had run off, not wanting to get involved with politics and potentially shady characters. Duke Wen was insistent on rewarding his longtime companion, however, and organized a search effort and discovered that Jie was hiding on a mountain. Unable to persuade him to come out, he set fire to the mountain in order to force Jie out. Instead, Jie burned to death, and Duke Wen, consumed with guilt, declared a holiday in memorial of his friend. On this day, the lighting of fires was to be prohibited.

That’s a depressing story, isn’t it? Well, if it makes you feel better, it’s just a story, just like the reasons behind many other old holidays. People eat hot food if they want to, but it’s just in the spirit of the holiday to eat it cold, and how much cooking these days involves actual fire, anyway?

Intentionally, anyway.

With that out of the way, let's get to discussion the actual Qingming Festival in our forums, right over here.

Zentia 2.0 Changes

Posted by ChangYouZ Friday April 1 2011 at 3:08AM
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As you may have heard, we’ve made a big announcement today regarding our upcoming major update for Zentia.  Zentia 2.0 will feature all new graphics designed to streamline gameplay and improve performance!  I’m here to discuss some of these changes.  You can also see actual video footage of the changes along with our team discussing them in a special edition of ZTV!
1)PC models: The player character models have been given a unique new look!  I’m pretty certain you won’t find any other F2P MMO with characters like these!  You haven’t seen mind-numbingly cute until you’ve seen these new models.
2)Combat: We’ve gone back to combat’s roots and changed the moves to reflect a more martial arts take on combat.  It’s simple, straight forward, and exciting!  You can really feel the contact of your character’s feet and hands against those devilish weasels.  Afterall, what’s an Asian themed MMORPG without martial arts moves?
3)Mount system: Like flying ostriches?  How about flying an ostrich while battling a knight riding a vulture while a pterodactyl soars in to chomp on your head sending you to a fiery death in a pool of lava below?  Sound amazing?  It’s all in there!
4)PvP system: This is the best change yet!  We have simplified PvP so anyone can join in!  No more complaints about overpowered guilds or cheating.  PvP battles from now on will be even more simple and straightforward than the combat system and yet more epic than we could ever have imagined!  And we can imagine quite a lot…
That’s all for now.  Zentia 2.0 will arrive as soon as we’re done blowing your minds with all of these amazing changes.  Check out the video and then come to our forums to discuss!
David Markowitz
Zentia Associate Producer