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Blade Wars Developer Blog

Thoughts from ChangYou's Blade Wars Dev. Team about publishing a F2P game in the West, living the gaming life and the industry in general. To find more info about Blade Wars, go to

Author: ChangYou2

Princess of the Iron Fan

Posted by ChangYou2 Thursday June 3 2010 at 7:31PM
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The most popular event within Blade Wars is undoubtedly the Iron Fan event. It is no wonder that players would be attracted to the event which offers them the most Exp.  of any in Blade Wars. Additionally, Double Exp. is valid for event - so bring some Solar Jades! As an added bonus, the Exp. gained from the Iron Fan event will be multiplied 5x the norm for Saturdays within the first and third week of any month.
Princess Iron Fan from the 1941 animated movie.
For those into history, Princess Iron Fan is a character based in traditional Chinese folklore. In 1941, "Princess Iron Fan" was created and became the first Chinese animated feature film. The story for the movie was liberally adapted from a popular Chinese folk tale Journey to the West . Princess Iron Fan is a beautiful goddess whose giant magical fan is desperately needed to quench the flames that surround a peasant village. When the Monkey King requests the goddess's help to save the village, she refuses him, which results in an epic duel.
How does this relate to Blade Wars?
The vengeful Princess Iron Fan awaits inside an enormous colorful egg in the final stage of the Iron Fan event.  Will you let her hatch?
How did she get there?
Long ago, Emperor Yu sealed some of the most dangerous monsters in a cave. Recently, these monsters have been awakening and are trying to escape due to the weakening of the Nine Tripod Seal. As a hero in Blade Wars, it is your duty to prevent these horrors from terrifying the world again. Every day between 11:30 AM  until 1:30 PM (PST) or from 8:30 PM to10:30 PM (PST) the power of the trapped beasts is the weakest. This is the best time to put them in their place!

Are there any tips to successfully completing the Iron Fan event?


To gain entry, first speak to the Event Officer in either Luo Yang City or Ice Valley. Once inside, your team will need to destroy the monster's eggs within a set time limit, or they will hatch. Remember:  eggs have more HP than hatched monsters, give out more Exp., and they do not fight back.
The difficulty of this event automatically adjusts according to the level of players. Your team should be prepared for ten total stages of increasing difficulty. The first stage begins with three eggs of three different colors. The size and color of the eggs are clues as to which order they should be destroyed in. The final stage will pit you against Princess Iron Fan.
What rewards are available?
In addition to the most Exp. a player can earn from any event in game, completion of the Iron Fan event will grant a Mount Order. Collect 25 Mount Orders and 1.5 million Coins to exchange for a Senior Mount.
I find the history behind Princess Iron Fan fascinating, and hope to get a translated copy of the movie. I know that many of the Blade Wars Closed Beta players have enjoyed this event with me, and I hope we all will for some time to come!
Blade Wars Assistant Producer