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Rantings Of A Madman

No, I'm not "MAD", but I do think more than what I would consider healthy. For that reason I write, I vent, I try to resolve. Well I guess this is a Ranting Of A Madman (ROAM)

Author: Ceredwynn

Youths, Violence, and Games

Posted by Ceredwynn Wednesday April 2 2008 at 10:28PM
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Last Week I was berated, well maybe not "berated", but I was ganged up against by my University friends on how games have this huge impact on society and modern culture. We all can agree on that, but that's not the issue, so let me get to the point. They claim that it's because of that strong influence it has on our culture that makes the violent games another axis for breeding hate and more violence into today's youths. Well I held my ground and I decided to write this over talked about issue, which for all us gamers is an old, old topic not worth discussing, but I'm writing about it anyways...? (contradiction)

The video games are the modern equivalent of the 50-60s Indians vs. Cowboys or the 80-90s Cops & Robbers. Here we have kids forming a gun like shape with their hands or have a plastic replica to shoot down their friends. These actions potentially have an effect on the children before they play, while they are playing and the affects after they played the game. I find that those games are strong forms of acting out violence, but nothing really spawned from those kinds of games. Ask you parents ask your grand parents, because anyone can take anything out of context like I just did and make it seem so vile. People recently have an issue with violence in video games, but are we that naive? Violent games have existed far before video games came along.

Youths at the age of 3-5 shouldn't have developed a heavy care about things like video games it doesn't factor unless the Parent brings it to their home. Also in this age group kids are fairly developed in terms of being able to tell from reality and the virtual world. After all they should be doing quite a bit of pretending and using their imagination with stuff like power rangers. Not saying all kids develop the same but for the average child they should be able to diversify between the two by the age and after 6. Cause what are video games? It's a physical extension of another person(s) creativity and imagination.

In addition Developers and Publishers don't produce games that are graphic for kids that are 10 or under. Those games that come out have certain age group ratings conducted by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (E.S.R.B). The Developers only make certain games with certain content depending on their intended target audience. If the Parents are buying these games regardless then who is at fault? It's the same as parents taking their kids to the 18a+ movies, but that seems to be more accepted in our society.

Video games are no different from a movie, a television show, the news/newspaper, or content on the internet. If you fear the nature of these Medias then take the actions to censor them from your kids and educate them about them. Don't just shield them from it, give them the mental tools to deal with the media and what they will see and experience from them. Cause I believe that we all agree that the terrible things that happens outside your front door (or sometimes indoors) are far more influential than a virtual game.

Basically what I'm trying to say is that video games have a minuscule impact on a violent person's motivation to be violent. If that kid is violent analyze the kid's environment (home/school), how he was raised, the people he/she interacts with, the emotional and physiological stability of that kid. when ever a kid does something terrible and, oh wow, they played Medal of Honor everyone goes wild. People just want a scapegoat for the fact that many of these kind of kids go unnoticed, or ignored and no one wants to take responsibility for not acknowledging the troubled kid and getting him/her some help. this is no different to how people reacted to the kids involved in columbine tragedy listened to Manson and everyone pointed the finger of blame at him. No one is a puppet, Manson didn't guide them and made them do anything that they would've done on their own without his music and video games are on the same the same level.

elondor writes:

I have played violent video games since I was old enough to pick up a controller, I am 26 now and I have never even had the thought of picking up a gun, axe, sword, fire, or whatever you can think of to hurt anyone.

Whatever the idiot protesters want to believe is their choice, but the fact is, people are the way they are because of 2 things, chemical imbalances in their brain, or from child abuse.  There are no other factors.  A kid does not play counter-strike and then go oh cool it would be so nice to shoot up my school.  What does happen is a kid get's picked on, and picked on, and PICKED ON, and PICKED ON until he/she says fuck it I will get picked on no longer.

A kid doesn't play a vampire video game and then go try and drink someone's blood.

To say video games contribute to human violence is just ignorance.


Wed Apr 02 2008 11:34PM Report
sagool writes:

I love this post with all my being - I am in total 120% agreement ! I have blogged about this before on another site (or 2),  I get visibly angry when I have to read / hear this asinine ignorance. It is as bad as someone suing a gas company because their gas can did not say "flammable" on the outside! ...or these people:

"A West Virginia convenience store worker was awarded a whopping $2,699,000 in punitive damages after she injured her back opening a pickle jar, this according to a report in the Charleston Daily Mail."

I classify them all in the same category I like to call The Thompsons (Jack Thompson - look him up if you have to) - which is basically a person who needs to find any reason or person other than themselves, or the responsible party, to take blame for anything they feel is not to the confines of their own ideals. It is ALWAYS YOU - NEVER - them.


Wed Apr 02 2008 11:36PM Report
E1io writes:

 Its too bad the majority of America doesn't think like this.


 Ultimately, what comes down to how violent a child is comes down to parenting.

Thu Apr 03 2008 12:47AM Report
erikk3189 writes:

It's ridiiculous to believe games influence behavior in young adults or anyone for that matter. It's as dumb an idea as parents who shield their kids from certain programs on tv. If anything teach your kids about life and everything thats waiting for them out there instead of bring up wimps who won't know anything and will be easy prey to the many wolves in society.

Thu Apr 03 2008 1:44AM Report
testpilot_bg writes:

I do believe that in some very rare occasions video games influence my behavior ... such as lag in an important raid, electricity failure when I'm working with some programs, when my mouse disconnects for a 0.5 sec. and if the virtual enemy is too strong for me and kills me almost instantly after reloading a saved game. Well, this happens to everyone, I believe, but when a kid grabs a real gun and pointed at the face of it`s teacher and classmates ... the responsibility for this is just on the society and the parents!

I've encountered several articles in a local newspapers in my country which describes that video games sows a violence among young adults, but they all sound pretty funny.

The modern society is trying to escape the responsibility for the growing crimes and corruption and makes an excuse with the video games. Well, that`s not gonna be!

The human nature is violent, the kids are playing soldiers with their toys - guns, swords etc., the movies are full with violent bloody scenes (especially in the last 20 years), so do not expect the video games will be different. They are just a spice addition to our beautiful distopian society.

Thu Apr 03 2008 2:33AM Report
0syris writes:

Awesome post! I agree with you 1000%.

I do wish parent's would start taking some responsibility on their kids actions rather then pointing the finger at whatever medium that their kid seems to be into. Be it music, movies or games. Our society is becoming more and more screwed up by the day and parents are just wanting someone else to blame for them being ignorant parents.

Thu Apr 03 2008 2:36AM Report
Faenwyn writes:

In countries where they don't even have electricity, there are kids toting machine guns! Everywhere that there are parents who raise their children to act in a civilized manner, and for as long as there have been children, it is the same.

Thu Apr 03 2008 3:16AM Report
Myrdek writes:

The main (and only) argument that needs to be pointed out to EVERYONE in the world is this.


CRIMES ARE DOWN! Not up, down! Their the lowest that's ever been recorded in the history of time. They keep lowering!!!

It's the media sensationalism that makes people believe that we live in a violent country but the reality is that theres less murder, less rape, less stealing than theres ever been since they started to record the data. (I think it was in the 50s)


It's really not much of a stretch to say that violent games and movies are actually giving an outlet to people who would otherwise act violent. Other factors could affect the crime rate but we should really have a study on this

Thu Apr 03 2008 9:24AM Report
soulwynd writes:

Right now, I feel like throwing fancy shaped bricks on the house of whoever wrote this blog and blame it on tetris.

Thu Apr 03 2008 2:39PM Report
zergwatch writes:

Don't take things you hear in college seriously. It's a breeding ground for cesspool dwelling liberals living in their own fantasy world who think they have a solution to all of the worlds problems. 

When dead babies start floating down the river, they automatically ban sex, make giving birth illegal and fine those who already have babies instead of looking up the river to fix the actual problem.

Fri Apr 04 2008 2:08PM Report
linadragon writes:

The default problem here is this is all parents that dont want to take blame for their own inaddequacies as a parent. If you buy your 13 year old a 17+ game (rated M) or an Adults Only (18+ AO rated) then you are the one that should be held responsible period

Also if we look at it and I agree here there are usually signs that something is wrong with a kid before they end up shooting up a school etc...  I frankly think we live in a society where we simply need to educate kids properly and let them deal with things as they come across.

There are some parents that are overtly concerned with sheltering their kids and this is what creates problems in society. These kids never learn how to deal properly in the real world.  I've been playing games for give or take 18 years now and no violent tendencies period.

People get frustrated but they are not inheirently violent, at the same time your average person isnt mentally unstable. LOL Sag i wanna know how the hell she injured her back by opening a pickle jar in the first place thats somewhat ridiculous. Also wtf was she opening a pickle jar for on the job????

Lets face it the older generation just doesnt "get it" they didnt grow up with so much tec etc and once our generation takes over things will get better...

Sat Jul 26 2008 4:18PM Report writes:
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