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My views on online gaming, and other assorted MMO related dribble that flies from my keyboard.

Author: Ceejay9

Returning to Azeroth - My journey Documented: Weekend #2

Posted by Ceejay9 Monday October 29 2007 at 11:54AM
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And so it comes to pass, another weekend has come and gone, and life continues to move forward! Wow, I really can’t believe that Halloween is in only a couple of days, it seems this year has really flown by. And sadly the one other blog that I always looked forward to reading will be ending, so neschira I wish you well. I will miss reading about your return to EQ1.

Now on to what happened over the weekend. Ugh, let me tell you, I certainly did not get as much done as I hoped. It seems my wife’s computer decided that it was a good time to basically quit it’s job and try freeloading. Long story short, I had to piece a new one together for her, and didn’t finish this until sometime around midnight Saturday.

So, as you can imagine, I didn’t get a lot of time to play over the weekend, although we both certainly took advantage of Sunday!

After training level 32, I headed out to Desolace. This was actually on Friday, her PC decided to die as she was trying to run out there to meet up with me. I went ahead and started grinding on the orc’s at the fortress while waiting for her, but once her computer kicked it, I logged in an effort to perform CPR.

So, Sunday we both log on, and we get her out to Desolace and then it’s off to the races! I had found a quest giving item on the orcs on Friday and so we killed more until one dropped for her. Once done, we headed south and did our Kodo roundups. Yee-Ha! Get along little doggie! This item would be SO worth keeping if we could use it on Tauren mounts and make it run around, lol.

Quickly done, we head into the little horde outpost. (I want to say Ghostrider post but I think I’m getting the marvel comic mixed in here. It has ghost in it, but don’t remember the rest of it. Probably more like Ghostwalker Post.)

We decide to both go for Gelkis alignment, and we turn in our item quest here as well.

Then it’s off to Manaroc coven in an effort to get a blood for her warlock class quest. We = 32, Infernal = 37. Glad I went protection! Actually, as a side note, being protection really did us both a lot of good I think throughout our hunt here. So I have no bad feelings about that change after last night.

Anyway, we down the infernal, she gets her blood, and we are off to killing centaurs! It goes pretty fast really, since together we can round up three or four, and I can hold aggro and live through them beating on me as we kill them all. But near the end, these centaur start to go aggro on you (Whereas they start neutral) and we had some close calls with the wandering patrols. By close calls I mean she died but I didn’t. She might use different terminology, but hey, I’m the one with the rez spell! And yes I had soul stone up, but run away to fight another day and all that. ;-)

So we finish that one up and head up north to knock out some satyr. We had a whole argument over the pronunciation of the word satyr. She says it’s pronounced Sey-ter, I pronounce it Sat-tyr. We just argued as we killed them, throwing in sarcastic remarks here and there. Just bounced over to and see that it’s actually pronounced both ways. LoL, no way to win that argument I guess.

Lots of dead Sat-tyr (Hah, I’m writing it so I can say it anyway I want!) and then it’s off to turn it in. They send us down to shadowprey village, so we run on down there, turn in the gelkis quest on the way and head into the village to get some new quests and turn in current ones.

Of course one of them is to collect ears(Actually we got this at ghostwalker post, but just looked at it once we got here.) Would have been nice to have this DURING the rep quest, as the drop rate is just abysmal for this thing. Need 15 and an uncommon drop. Pfft. Well maybe not uncommon but certainly not common.

Anyway, we grab the quests in shadowprey, then decide to go ahead and grab the meat from the cages now to get the bloodfish for turn in back at ghostwalker. Warlock underwater breathing yay! Then it’s up the beach grab some clam meat out of shells, and then grab the lost treasure quest thingie.

We run out kill like two more lobstermen and get the key, so we run out and kill some naga for the other key real quick. Nice drop rate there!

We head up to talk to Mr. Argent Dawn who wants stuff from the orc fortress, so we run up there, drain a lot of orcish souls, grab the scepter, and then kill the named that we ‘mine?’ out of a crystal. Odd quest that.

Then it’s back to turn it in, grab another one, go kill lots and lots of naga, then to the island, use the keys on the chest, then summon big bad naga feller. He was 38 and it wasn’t a lot of fun. By this time though we were both 33 so we were able to do it, but there was a lot of “resists” on both of our screens.

Swim back to turn that in, then go do the kodo bone quest, which as really terribly annoying. 8 out of 10 bones for her spawned a kodo, and 7 of the 8 were level 38. Took a couple minutes to kill each. Only 5 out of 10 of mine spawned ghost kodo’s and 3 of those were only level 37. So this quest was terribly annoying to do.

Ok, we turned that in, that went to collect the dreaded ears. This took a GOOD LONG while to do. We got our 6 supplies pretty quickly, but the ears are a terrible pain, especially with two people there so we needed 30. She got up to 8 out of 15 ears, when I was at 3 out of 15, and I ended up finishing before her! I laughed, she got angry, life was good.

So we go turn everything in, and we are both just a tad from 34, not bad! We head to ratchet to turn in a couple quests and take the boat to booty bay. After those turn-ins we made 34, yay! Not so bad, but at this point I was dead tired and it was time to log for I had work early in the morning. It was a long day, but we got quite a bit done and I was happy about that. My wife really hates Desolace, but I think it’s a great zone since it has so many quests that you can do while still in the same zone! Like STV I think it’s a zone everyone should always make the maximum use out of it.

Well, we were back in STV, level 34, and logged at the Inn. Hopefully we can maybe get 35 tonight depending on dinner interruptions. ;-) That is my goal though, so let’s see how it goes.


Good luck everyone, and thanks again for reading.