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My views on online gaming, and other assorted MMO related dribble that flies from my keyboard.

Author: Ceejay9

Returning to Azeroth - My journey Documented: Day 11

Posted by Ceejay9 Friday October 26 2007 at 9:49AM
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Ok back for day eleven, and welcome. Although there isn’t as much to post today as a meeting at work ran over unexpectedly yesterday and I didn’t get as much time to play as I would have liked.


Ok, so I logged in and my wife was right there with me since I was running behind. We had logged in Gadjetzan inside the inn. It was handy for both rest XP as well as grabbing the flight path. So now it’s off to the races! Well the racetrack at least.


We started with knocking out the basilisks on our list, and moved our way down the right side of the racetrack, taking out turtles and scorpions. After a short trip she needed to get up and check dinner, so I started ninja looting all the car parts! 30 car parts is really an annoying number. If it’s going to be 30 car parts, then make them DAMN WELL stack to 30! Who was the moron that came up with this idea anyway?


“Let’s make it a collect 30 quest, but only let them stack to 20.”

“Hey! Great Idea, and while we’re at it let’s make ALL the quests in this area collect quests!”

“Awesome idea!”


Grumble, grumble. Well, on another note, she was saying something silly, and I figured I’d go ahead and kill her off. But sadly, if you are already casting a spell, casting wisp form on them just breaks when the spell is cast. :/ Oh well, will try again later.


So we get to the little vulture camp with the 6 or 7 of them all hanging around.


“I’m going to pull them.”


 /me runs in.


THROOM! (Bubble goes up)


“Wait, you’re pulling all of them?”

“I said I was pulling THEM.”

“I don’t have any mana!.”

“Then you will die first!”

Lots of aoe’n, potion use, and health stones later. We’re dead. I love being a paladin. Not because I died, but because I died last! Too bad the soulstone had run out only like 2 minutes before.


“Use the soulstone.” She tells me.

“It’s gone.”

“What? When?”

“About a minute before I pulled.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Wanted to find the graveyard.”


Yeah that’s pretty much how the conversation went. We tried it again when she actually had mana, but I was told not o pull more then three at a time. BORING. But hey, dinner wasn’t ready yet and I wanted to eat, so no playing around.


We moved further south and killed all the turtles. ALL of them. Like 30 kills so far in total. Know how many shells I had? Out of only F’n 9. 2! Know how many she had? 6!

WTH! Although, on a more positive side I was winning all the greed rolls on loot. On the plus side for her I found a nice pair of gloves of the eagle. She was happy.


Anyway, more south, more basilisks, more vultures, more turtles, more car parts. I think one of the reasons I liked this zone was that there was so much to do here. Sure it was all the SAME thing, but there was lots of it.


Eventually the dinner bell rang, and we ran up the side of the zone to afk to eat.


Food was good, not great, but good. It filled me up so no complaints. Is it wrong to not like mashed potatoes? Anyway..


So we finished up the rest of the quests, it literally took me another 30 or so turtles to get all the shells I needed. Sigh.


Once we finished we turned them all in, and then it was time for her to go raid on her other server. NP, I’m about done for the night also. I figure we might as well head out to Desolace now, as that is really the next decent place to go with enough quests to keep us busy. So I run out there and grab the bird at the small horde village, and then fly back to Org to train level 32!


I also went ahead and untrained my talent points to start going into the protection tree now. It’s probably about 8 levels early to really be decent in it, but I figured that since I’m always questing with her, things will die fast anyway.


So that was the end of our night. A rather short post for once, and Thanks for reading!